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ECTOPLASMEctoplasm from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Raging hardcore punk from Gainesville. No d-beats here, more along the lines of Crude SS, Varukers, Kaaos and UK82 bands. Some mid-tempo pounders and some awesome fast songs. Distorted everything. Hardcore punk. 2nd ep on Distort Reality sometime later.
Available in our NEW STORE!

BRAIN KILLERDemo from Vinyl Rites/Deranged
Available in our NEW STORE!

Boston hardcore comparable to the driving power of DEATHREAT and BASTARD. Noise, distortion, punk.
BRAIN KILLERThird EP from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

CHURCH WHIPPsychedelic Nightmare from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Heavy metallic d-beat, mixing Broken Bones, Discharge, Venom and other classics. Features all of Divisions switching some instruments up and adding D. Vassalotti (of previous Vinyl Rites fame) on drums. Members pedigree also include all great Tampa bands of the last few years, Cult Ritual, Horrid Cross, etc. All copies on black vinyl with large Crass-style poster cover.
D. VASSALOTTIBook of Ghosts from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

David has been cutting his teeth for 10 years in various bands around the Tampa area. Most recently he's been half of MERCHANDISE and a quarter of NEON BLUD, before that he was one of the primary song writers in CULT RITUAL, and all this time he has had 5+ other projects on deck. Very rarely do we drop the ex-members card at VINYL RITES, but having that kind of musical pedigree is pretty unbeatable. His first solo LP is wildly different from the aforementioned groups, although it shares some of the bedroom sensibilities that MERCHANDISE espouses so well. Luckily for all of us, great song writing transcends genre and with BOOK OF GHOSTS he explores more of the Creation Records and 4AD back catalog. His musical hombre ZZ compares it to FELT and TRANS era NEIL YOUNG. It seamlessly goes from intensely personal singer-songwriter numbers to huge and lush shoe-gazing darkness, from NEW ORDER pop to THIS MORTAL COIL downers. Not only our favorite release on VINYL RITES yet, but it's also the most hauntingly beautiful recordings we've heard in years.
DARK LIONDemo from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

In the wake of the the newest middle east conflict in 2002, Dark Lion erupted in Pensacola, FL, a poor Navy town. Dark Lion's lyrics and live show were so full of contempt and violence, so full of the frantic energy that they felt at the time. With the war, siblings joining the army, people in jail all the time and the basic, deep hatred you feel when you are young as the backdrop, they wrote 6 songs of no-wave meets riot grrl punk, but I'm not sure they had any interest in genre. The demo went basically unheard, sold on cassette and CD-R on their one and only tour, despite being a completely uncompromising, original and dangerous punk recording. Few bands are as representative of a time in the way Dark Lion were, Born Against and Bikini Kill come to mind. Musically they are somewhere between Teenage Jesus and Nog Watt, but all their own. RIP Dark Lion, long live Dark Lion.
DEAD FRIENDSDead Friends from Vinyl Rites/Plan-It-X
Available in our NEW STORE!

The definitive statement so far from DF, culling influence from early Revolution Summer bands and mixing it with a strong affinity for 90's acts like BORN AGAINST and HAIL MARY. A wall of noise with some melody buried somewhere deep down. (Folks from Religious As Fuck/Assholeparade!)

Download: Guh Guh MP3
DIET COKEHEADSNasal from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

It is incredibly rare in a city like Gainesville, which has such a strong musical reputation, that a young band does something so utterly perfect and their own that everyone loses their mind when they hear it. Our best new export, somewhere between early SONIC YOUTH, riot grrl and Steve Albini.
DIET COKEHEADSOcular from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

The A side, "M. Dumptruck", is a heavy nod to fellow Floridians HARRY PUSSY, with harsh noise, a heavy dance beat and the debut of drummer Vivienne Rohan's incredible vocals. The B side, "Gay Goters", is a six minute guitar driven dirge similar to DAZZLING KILLMEN and other noise rocking punk. More extreme, harsher, rawer and more violent then the previous recordings, this is the best Cokeheads offering yet.
FOREIGN OBJECTSNo Sensation from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Foreign Objects blast through eight songs of upbeat punk, somewhere between Dangerhouse, '77 pogo, riot grrl and early post-punk. They get compared to Wire and Bikini Kill a lot, I hear more Electric Deads and X. Members of AMPERE and LIBYANS.
HELLKONTROLLWanker War EP from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

The second pressing of Vinyl Rites house favorite, Wanker War. Intense, violent and uncompromising noise punk with super fast drumming and a thick recording. Decipherable songs under walls of noise, not unlike greats FRIGORA and GLOOM, but with a bleaker and more apocalyptic outlook.
MAUSEREnd of the Line from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

MAUSERIsolation from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Massive speed fueled punk madness from Gainesville, FL! Influenced by Japanese killers FRAMTID, Mauser is drum-focused and driving, with simple and brutal punk riffs covered in distortion. On their first ep, END OF THE LINE, they played a couple mid-tempo rockers, but this is mostly straight forward hardcore punk noise! They set themselves aside from most of the crappy noise punk coming out of the US by actually being able to write great songs and having an incredibly clear, powerful and harsh recording.
MEHKAGO N.T.Mehkago N.T. from Vinyl Rites/Soy/Makeshift Origami
Available in our NEW STORE!

Heavy, churning d-beat from members of TORCHE and SHITSTORM. These songs are about as hard as John Joseph.
NAZI DUSTWretched Hour from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Certain cities make for incubators of specific kinds of music and Tampa, like Detroit, makes for ugly music. NAZI DUST is a hardcore punk band pulling from the nastier moments of 80's Boston hardcore, mostly SIEGE and SSD. Their recording is raw, their drums are pounding, their guitar and bass are buzzsaws of treble and distortion and the vocals are spit with an unreal amount of venom. Violent music from young men in a violent city.
NEON PISSClose the Door/Burn from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Two new songs of dark and melodic punk done right. Like later gloomy Damned mixed with good early Damned, some Wipers, and tons of texture and layers to the songs. Their LP on Deranged was one of our favorites from last year and while this record is similar, the guitars are slightly cleaner while the whole recording is a little rawer. It feels nostalgic while being new, and I couldn�t be more excited to have a hand in this one.
RAW MEATRaw Meat from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Blazing and thick hardcore reminiscent of NY legends of old like LIFE'S BLOOD mixed with the members previous bands, NOMOS and RIVAL MOB. Hardcore.
Available in our NEW STORE!

Gainesville's RAF explode with a blast of fast, furious, gnarly hardcore thrash! Six songs in just under 4.5 minutes! Members of ASSHOLEPARADE, SAVAGE BREWTALITY, and DEAD FRIENDS. (Upcoming RAF stuff: split LP with AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER) Miami's MNT crush all in their path with two tracks of heavy hardcore brutality. Fast, crusty, angry... akin to early HIS HERO IS GONE, DOOM, DETESTATION. (Previous MNT stuff: "Human Extinction" 7", "S/T" LP/CD on Vinyl Rites and S.O.Y.) Colored vinyl!

Click here for more details!
SHITSTORMParanoid Existence from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Extreme aggression captured on tape. Pounding, machine gun drumming, total wall of noise riffing and blown out vocals from members of TORCHE and MEHKAGO NT. A collection of work limited to 300.
ST. DADSt. Dad from Vinyl Rites/Moon Machination/16oh
Available in our NEW STORE!

Finally, the idiot genius that is the ST. DAD long player is unleashed on this stupid fucking world. These vocals are the snottiest, most crazed thing put to tape in a long time. The songs are always on the brink of falling apart, like all good early punk and hardcore was. It sounds like THE CRUCIFUCKS recorded in a bedroom if the bedroom was in a cave. No poser shit here, just 4 legit weirdos that couldn't even scan their photos in for the layout correctly. The band has been broken up for a while but all 3 labels involved (Moon Machination, 16oh, and Vinyl Rites) knew it had to become part of our reality. You're welcome, world, you probably didn't ask for it.
V/A - ORAL FIXATIONS Audio Zine from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

2 hours of harrowing, eclectic and bizarre stories from punks gathered across a couple years and many state lines.
VOLCANIC SLUTBlasphemaster from Vinyl Rites
Available in our NEW STORE!

Raw, violent thrash from members of Horrid Cross and Nazi Dust. 300 copies.

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