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ARMY OF PONCH / YOUNG LIVERSLive at The Atlantic Vol. 1 from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Two live songs from each band, recorded live at The Atlantic in downtown Gainesville, FL! **WE HAVE 3 DIFFERENT KINDS OF COLORED VINYL!
AVERKIOUThe New Imperative from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Nearing the end of 2011, Averkiou entered Black Bear Studios with producer Ryan Williams. The band went to work recording the best music of their career. After weeks of toiling over a small mountain of overdrive pedals and every reverb you can imagine, four songs were chosen to be "The New Imperative" EP. When I listen to this record I feel like what I assume guitarist Jay Shuster feels like most of the time--like I'm barefoot, a little stoned, spinning around in circles with a guitar around my neck and a big dumb grin on my face. It's a good feeling. "The New Imperative" revisits some of the band's familiar sounds, a wash of warm guitar fuzz pouring just over Matt Brink's charismatic, reverb-drenched vocals and Brad Purvis' relentless beats. It'll bring that same smile to your face with its sharp sense of melody and style, while pummeling your bowels into submission with utter heaviness. There is something about this that feels "new" though. Somehow this EP feels more cohesive than their previous efforts, like a band that has hit their stride. In 2011 the band suffered some growing pains, losing two members and gaining a new one. It seems they have come out the other side stronger than ever. It's almost as if the band wanted to let everyone know that they are indeed at the top of their game. **Colored vinyl! "Averkiou--pronounced ave-er-queue--are five dudes from Gainesville, Florida, playing toe-tapping steamroller stoner jams...before you start saying thats a stupid name you cant spell or pronounce so fuck them, they named the band after Gene and Nicole Averkiou, a brother-sister duo who are very much tight as shit, and naming your band after tight siblings who you're friends with is gold genius." -VICE Magazine
AVERKIOUWasted and High from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Two shoegazy, stoner-pop anthems from Gainesville's Averkiou. Comes with a download card that includes the two songs on the 7" and a bonus acoustic track!

"Theyre like the atmospherics of Slowdive filtered through the enthusiasm of your younger cousins first pop-punk band, and as a result the whole thing has a happy smoothness that makes it perfect ecstasy accompaniment for people who like music instead of techno." -VICE Magazine

For folks who like: Swervedriver/Ride/Pale Saints/My Bloody Valentine/etc...

On CLEAR or BABY BLUE vinyl!

1. Wasted and High
2. No One's Holding A Gun To Your Head

Download: Wasted & High MP3
CHRIS WOLLARD & THE SHIP THIEVESAnybody Else b/w Left To Lose from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

CITY OF SHIPSLook What God Did to Us from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

City of Ships 10-song monumental debut full length. Intense and atmospheric, melodic and heavy. Available on colored vinyl. Comes with a download card! "Amidst the ocean of droney post-rock, post-hardcore clones, there are only a couple bands that catch my attention. City of Ships had me hooked from beginning to end." - Razorcake "This takes me back to a time of discovering exciting new sounds in the underground scene that really blew minds, from Kerosene 454 to Ethel Meserve " bands unhindered by genre and expressing endless enthusiasm for just playing great music. City of Ships are hard to describe and easy to enjoy, both great things." - Exclaim Magazine On CLEAR w/MAROON HAZE or WHITE vinyl!

Download: March of the Slaves MP3
CITY OF SHIPSMinor World from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

The force that is City of Ships bring us their sophomore LP. The monstrous guitars and thundering rhythm section are still there but this time the band brings even more texture, even bigger atmospheres. Don't worry though, they will still rip your head off when they need to. These ten tracks shine through Andrew Schnieder's skillful production. The Jernigan brothers (plus Rob) prove once again that they are a force to be reckoned with. Digital download included! **1st pressing is 500 copies on 210 gram black vinyl
CITY OF SHIPS"Three Mile Bridge/South Laurel" from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

City of Ships rip through two new songs on this 7". It's heavy. It's dynamic. It's gritty yet precise, a giant wall of layered guitars and raging drums. It's a little technical and a lot melodic. It's really good. Includes a download code that gets you a bonus track in the form of the band covering M83's "Don't Save Us From The Flames." "Pulling fragments of drone metal, post-punk and hardcore to craft what is almost a Pixies-ish identity crisis that's far more enigmatic, layered and engaging than its influences, this is the what one expects something to sound like when people use that emotive punk tag. Go figure, it takes some metal dudes to actually achieve it." -Exclaim! "I don't wanna say "metal" or "sophisticated," because both of those terms denote a certain lack of visceral punk-rock catharsis, and City of Ships still has that shit in spades. It's just more layered, more dynamic, and a bit more note-y; guitar textures rise and fall, giving a more subtle shape to the shadows in the dark before they just freaking crank it up and come for you. And watch out - they're going to get you." -REAX "enough mosh for the inebriated adrenaline junkies and enough technicality for the complexity-fed heavy music hipsters."
COLISEUM / BURNING LOVELive at the Atlantic Volume Four from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

This recording documents a humid Florida night near the beginning of a Coliseum and Burning Love cross-continental summer tour, expertly captured by the Atlantic / Sound Study recording team. Coliseum's side was mixed by audio wizard and frequent collaborator J Robbins while the Burning Love side was prepared by Ryan Williams. To top it all off, we enlisted Dexterity Press to craft stunning letterpressed packaging to make this a truly special release. Available in RED or GREEN vinyl with matching color jacket. Digital download included!
LIQUID LIMBSDichotomy from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Colossal, blown-out guitars, pummeling drumbeats and all the melody you've come to expect from Gainesville's Power-duo.
LIQUID LIMBSOrquid from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

With only two members, Gainesville's Liquid Limbs is one of the loudest experimental bands to play catchy, hook-laden heaviness that you'll ever hear. Drawing comparisons to bands from Torche and Big Business to Yes and Judas Priest, Liquid Limbs' Debut Album "Orquid" must be heard to be understood. Two colors of vinyl! Includes a CD copy of the album.
MAUSER / POST TEENSSplit Flexi from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

We got together with our pals Post Teens and those lovable punks Mauser to make this split flexi in celebration of FEST 11. Post Teens contributed a brand new track, "Strapped In", while Mauser turned in their brutal cover of bombanfall's "Mot En Stralande Framtid." Two short little bursts of fury on one flexible record. Artwork was crafted by Mauser's always tasteful and eloquent Adrian Rierson. One time pressing of 500 on translucent red flexis.
OFF WiTH THEIR HEADSLive at the Atlantic Vol. 2 from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

OWTH doing what they do best! Two live tracks recorded at the Atlantic in downtown Gainesville, FL. Artwork by Horsebites (!

Limited, hand-numbered vinyl, WHITE or GREEN!

1. I Am You
2. Go On Git Now
POST TEENSPost Teens from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Highly anticipated first studio recordings from Gainesville's Post Teens featuring members of Assholeparade, Torche, Averkiou and Dead Friends. Six blown-out, insanely catchy jams that are guaranteed to burrow their way into your brain. For fans of Garage rock/Punk/Marked Men/High Tension Wires/Dirtnap stuff/etc!
SOUND STUDY RECORDINGSWalrus from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Sizes: YL, S, M, L, XL!
THE FUTURE NOWHangman/The Runaway from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Gainesville's The Future Now return with a triumphant follow-up to last year's "Hazy Orange Sunday" with two songs that delve further into 90's alt-rock worship while adding a jarring heaviness to their sound. On the A side, "Hangman" navigates the shadows between "Bleach" and "Nevermind" with a thick, aggressive lead, while the B side offers a mellower and melodic number reminiscent of Dinosaur Jr or The Lemonheads.
THE FUTURE NOWHazy Orange Sunday from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

Driven by fuzzy, distorted guitars and masterful three-part harmonies, "Hazy Orange Sunday" harkens back to the early 90s, when grungy rock and roll ruled the airwaves. RIFYL: Nirvana, Mudhoney, Foo Fighters
V/A - LIVE AT THE ATLANTIC VOL. 3 (FEST EDITION) from Sound Study Recordings
Available in our NEW STORE!

13 bands recorded live at The Atlantic in Gainesville during Fest 7! Screenprinted covers, art by Horsebites, limited to 350 copies!! With LaSalle, Gatorface, Used Kids, Tiltwheel, Comadre, Cutman, Building the State, In Defence, Fin Fang Foom, City of Ships, Static Radio, Suicide Note, & Ruiner!

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