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دانلود آهنگ جدیددانلود آهنگ جدید | وطن موزیکدانلود با لینک مستفیمدانلود فیلمدانلود با لینک مستفیمدانلود فیلم

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CRUSADESThe Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In from Razorcake Records/It's Alive
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To call the Ottawa punk scene incestual makes it sound too wholesome. At this point, a band family tree would be impossible. They've crossed the line into band forest territory; new sprouts feeding off the old growth. It's a successful ecosystem inhabited by amazing musicians. At the end of the day, those people and their bands are releasing the most high quality records, per capita, in the entire world. The newest germination is Crusades' debut full-length, The Sun Is Down and the Night Is Riding In. In my eyes, all punk worth a damn is somewhat anti-Christian, but Crusades take it to a new level. They combine their disdain for organized religion with melodies four voices deep. Crusades own the night, enlisting the unholy powers of unlikely allies like The Chinese Telephones, From Ashes Rise, and Alice Cooper. Comes in gatefold, reverse board cover, with a download code. (Ex-members/members of The Sedatives, The Creeps, Steve Adamyk Band, and much much more.) Here's a nice review: "If you're not already familiar with Ottawa, ON's Crusades from their promising first demo/seven-inch, you most likely know one or more of the handful of other bands the members inhabit(ed). Separately, they're responsible for some of the city's best bands (Year Zero, the Creeps, the Sedatives, Buried Inside) and together they've formed a whole new beast that takes pieces of the vast influences and fierce delivery of their other outfits. Ostensibly a heavier pop-punk band, but with darker thematic intentions and occasional metal inclinations (see "Remedy"), Crusades also dabble in some dark Jesus and Mary Chain-type pop on "Serpentine," and even touch upon Who territory with a moody acoustic finish on closer "Termites." They please lots of palates and do so in an incredibly smart, seasoned way. On its surface, this debut is brash and deeply melodic; underneath, it's a narrative of a "spiritual voyage" exploring religion and atheism. You can listen to it one way or the other or both and find it a charged and satisfying full experience." - Exclaim

LENGUAS LARGASRazorcake Sister Series from Razorcake Records
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In the desert, the most dramatic time of the day is sunset. If youre lucky, things will start to cool off. Lenguas Largas are that moment of relief where you no longer feel like youre at war with the sun. Even if its just for a couple hours. Psyche, smoothly smoky guitars, valleys and vista, and that whipping drone. Those with an appreciation for the crying ghost of Roky Erickson and the bright-and-dark-and-humble genius of the Resonars will find themselves in unwavering hands.

MIND SPIDERSRazorcake Sister Series from Razorcake Records
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What happens when the term post-punk is used descriptively and not just as an elitist badge to differentiate oneself with punk? Well, you could easily and accurately be describing the machinist, introspective music of the Mind Spiders. No one ever asked the toaster what it wanted for breakfast, or complimented the turbine generator on its beautiful humming. The Mind Spiders music is right underneath your nose, and still light years off into the distance. Let the synths swallow you whole.
ARRIVALSRazorcake Sister Series from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

Over two years in the making, how can we put this into words besides fuckin hooray!? One of our all-time favorite bands. This record is one half of a set, other half belonging to Gainesville's Grabass Charlestons. You can buy both 7"s separately, but picking up both is highly advisable. The Arrivals do three original songs are on par with anything theyve ever released, plus a ripped-into version of Grabasss Ask Mark Twain.
BLOOD BUDDIESBlood Buddies from Razorcake Records
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Blood Buddies is a mercurial two-piece punk band from Los Angeles. With just guitar and drums they produce a soundtrack befitting a wizard battle. Managing both clarity and weight in their dark and driving style, they know when to slow things down and when to break it open. Direct and angry, the vocals scream with haunting melodies and pensive retreats to head banging choruses. They’ll pull you out of the Bronze Age and show you how to forge steel.
DAN PADILLAAs the Ox Plows from It's Alive/Razorcake Records/Dirt Cult
Available in our NEW STORE!

Dan Padilla is Gene Doney, Davey Quinn, J Wang, and Matty. They live in San Diego, California and formed in 2005. Davey and J. are also in Tiltwheel. Genes in Sunnyside. Mattys in Madison Bloodbath. There is little (if anything at all) that I can say about music that Todd Taylor can't say better. So sparing you my feeble effort, please read what my man had to say over at "In every town or city with a DIY punk scene, theres always a small core of people who continually get shit done. For going on two decades, members of Dan Padilla have been setting up and running shows, recording, helping touring bands with food, floors, and friendship. Theyve been all-around DIY ambassadors. They also all like to drink. A lot. Like after this case and the next case, we only have three cases and a couple 750s. Were running low drinking. This isnt boasting, competitive drinking. Often, its not fun drinking. Lets face it. If youre over thirty, have moved out of your parents house, and come to realize that anarchy! means no bridges, public libraries, streets, or fire departments, idealisms a much harder pill to swallow; especially when youre looking at it through possible liver damage. But the dudes in Dan Padilla have fought hard to remain ethical, moral, and honest well after more vocal members of the DIY punk community have moved on to the comfort and status quo they once claimed to despise and swore theyd burn to the ground. Dan Padilla just wants some public space and the freedom to play what theyve created and the cops can still go fuck themselves. Itd be pretty hard to find four other guys whose musical self- depreciation matches their talent for rough-hewn, yet melodic music. And lets make sure were all wearing the same watches: Dudes in this band preceded the existence of Hot Water Music, so roll any bandwagons back into the barn. Dan Padilla play punk that could be soul. It could also be country. Its versatile. It doesnt contradict the spirit of either Naked Raygun or Otis Redding while embracing both in completely inobvious ways. Its gruff-voiced, cuddly underbelly, hard-earned DIY punk with secret, catchy-yet-twisted, and drought-hardened guitar lines that scrape the listener like running through a dense thicket of chaparral. Burritofornia will ever be in their debt and probably wont ever know it..." - Todd Taylor
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDEIt Wasn't Made For Us from Recess/Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

God Equals Genocide is back at doing what they do best: playing occasionally-frilly, fun-as-hell DIY punk. Take the nausea felt from the poisoned tip of the modern world poking you constantly in the side, but dont give into it. Inoculate yourself with joyful bouncing, with songs that dont flinch from truths ugly and beautiful; never veering from the idea of having a good time in spite of it all. RIYL: Ramshackle faith in barely working tour vehicles. Shivery shakiness in songs. Basses with two strings. Clothing with patches and stains that dont come out in the wash. Black Rainbow. Julie Andrews early catalog through Mary Poppins. The first five seconds of the Minutemens Corona.
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDELife of Doubt from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

Life of Doubt is God Equals Genocides second release and its a natural progression from their This World Is Wearin Me Down 7EP (also released by Razorcake). Think of the cheerful intensity of the Bananas mixed with the good-natured troublemaking and restlessness of Allergic To Bullshit and This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb, and youre in the right spot.
GOD EQUALS GENOCIDERattled Minds from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

"We released the first God Equals Genocide 7, This World Is Wearing Me Down, in 2007. It was a decision that I gave a lot of thought. Daryl, the bassist for GEG, works at Razorcake. Hes since become a director. From several steps away, it reeked of nepotism. From up close, its pure awesome. Fuckit; I really like GEG. Theyre one of my favorite bands. Theyre local. I know their ethics and practices match up with mine and with Razorcakes. Why be a dick and not release their debut, the Life of Doubt 7, a split 7 with Shang-a-Lang, then the It Wasnt Made for Us 7? Why not release their debut full-length LP, Rattled Minds, and do something stupid/genius with the vinyl version? Rattled Minds sounds like worlds falling apart, while worlds are being created. Sort of like life. Imperfect, beautiful, disappointing, fractured, irreducible, wonderful life. Theyre a punk band. With melody. With shambolic, effervescent spirit. LP includes a bonus EP from their alterego group, Dumbag Daryl & the GEG Bags. Todd Taylor"
GRABASS CHARLESTONSRazorcake Sister Series from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

Over two years in the making, how can we put this into words besides fuckin hooray!? One of our all-time favorite bands. This record is one half of a set, other half belonging to Chicago's The Arrivals. You can buy these 7"s separately, but picking up both is highly advisable. Grabass play three blazing originals and a cover of the Arrivals -1. On the Arrivals 7" they do a Grabass cover.
HEX DISPENSERSRazorcake Sister Series from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

The Hex Dispensers may be obsessed with the dark shadows of the underworld, but they're far from trapped by these interests. Their lyrics speak truths on the most relatable levels, and, at times, are not restricted by reality. While their music sears out of your speakers like an egg cracked onto a Texan sidewalk in the middle of summer, the sizzling and eventual burning is transformed into hauntingly beautiful male and female harmonies. This record features 2 originals and a Young Offenders cover. Includes download code!
KILLER DREAMER1,000 Years of Servitude from Razorcake Records/45 RPM Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

Non-stop, killer, weird punk that lies somewhere between Toys That Kill, SSD, and the Dead Milkmen. These guys have been slugging it out for years in the DIY scene leaving a vibrant, raging catalog of songs in their wake. Hand screened covers done in the bands garage.
PINE HILL HAINTSBlack Casket from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

Recorded in the Cali Mucho studio in San Pedro, CA in February of 2010, The Pine Hill Haints offer four more sincerely haunting tunes that once again display the amazing musicianship that they've become known for. Deeply rooted in lessons learned and histories re-visited, this band continues to travel the country playing to diverse audiences and creating authentic, bone- chilling traditional country/folk music for those willing to reject the limitations and boundaries of "scenes" and genres.
Available in our NEW STORE!

Shang-A-Lang: Bare bones honesty punk from hot, dry Las Cruces, New Mexico. Expect shambling melodies that wont get out of your head for weeks; lets all get miserable together for the best times of our lives type of songs. Shang-A-Lang hits the afterburners on three tracks. One original, one Hickey cover, and one God Equals Genocide tune. God Equals Genocide: Newhall, Californias purveyors of slop punk blast through three tracks of Quixote-inspired travel plans. Damaged dreams are what theyre swinging all around them in an attempt to somehow make it more beautiful. Yeah, the worlds pretty screwed up right now, but there are little flowers poking up from the cracks in the pavement. Two originalsone flat-out ragerand a Shang-A-Lang cover. For fans of: Music. Well, good music. DIY punk music. Bananas. Fleshies. Black Rainbow. Future Virgins. Midnight beer thievery in Texas.
TILTWHEELBattle Hymns For the Recluse Youth from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

Battle Hymns isnt, technically, an album, although its a full- length record. Its a collection of much of Tiltwheels earliest songs that were on comps and splits, all in one handy slab. This record was first released in 1996 by Liquid Meat and has been increasingly hard to find over the years. We thought itd be a good idea to make this great record available again.
YOUNG OFFENDERSRazorcake Sister Series from Razorcake Records
Available in our NEW STORE!

At first glance, the Young Offenders can easily be mistaken for a pack of reckless sods who seem hell-bent on nothing more than beer and a close shave. But on further inspection, you can find them to be a vital cornucopia of endearing personalities and regional accents who have harvested their favorite aspects of post-punk, power pop, and early hardcore to create a sound that is unmistakably their own. This records features 3 originals and a Hex Dispensers cover. Includes download code!

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