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COUNTY LINE ROADThe Birth of Hank Malloy from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

A 3-piece old time string band from San Diego/L.A. They feature members of Tiltwheel, Dan Padilla and Madison Bloodbath.
DRUNKEN BOAT / DAN PADILLA from Fast Crowd/Must Yearn Records
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Two songs from each band.
FUCKBOYZWill You Still Love Me Tomorrow from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

This is a collection of all of the Fuckboyz releases, along with a bunch of previously unreleased tracks. It covers a pretty wide range of styles, which might be hard for some people at first, but stick with it because it's the range that makes it impressive and keeps it fresh after repeated listens. If you don't find yourself singing along to “Rock'n'Roll Problem,” there's seriously something wrong with you. Oh, and for the record, Fuckboyz is the band that went on to become Hickey. Do you like Hickey? Then you need this. If you don't like Hickey, you're probably stupid and don't like jokes.
HOT NEW MEXICANSWah... from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

The Hot New Mexicans prove that indie rock has just been in the wrong hands. Boring, boring hands. It's nice to hear punk rockers unafraid to stretch their musical tastes without completely smothering that initial, unmistakable fire.
HOT NEW MEXICANSWell... Um... Er... Uh... from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

Hot New Mexicans sound almost straight-up like a band from the late 60s, early 70s who appreciated The Beatles as much as Credence Clearwater Revival, Tom Petty, and Elvis Costello. So while this has few outward trappings of punk's celebratory, it's made by and directed to the disenfranchised. Comes in hand-screened, die cut, covers.

Download: Self Loathing Fool MP3
KING FRIDAYMarried Alive from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

"King Friday picks up right where Fay Wray left off. Or do they? I think King Friday was a band first. Who cares? This album is the bee's balls. 14 great songs from some of the originators of Florida's underground punk scene. These are some of the dudes that started it all. Songs about... well... drinking, girls, and other stupid stuff old people shouldn't be singing about. It's absolutely wonderful. If you play guitar, I bet track 8 makes you sad with the realization that you will never write such tasteful guitar licks." - J. Wang
LEFTY LOOSIE100 Miles an Hour! from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

Obscenely poppy and fast punk from Milwaukee. These girls (and boy) can churn 'em out. Lost somewhere in the vast lands between power pop and punk. All punchy, all good.
Available in our NEW STORE!

American underground pop punk rock, with hints of a fond liking of tradition country, Merle Haggard, etc. One original and one cover of each others songs. Both bands formed in basements and underground punk houses in the U.S. The title track of the first song,” A Song About Hope, And The Current Lack Thereof", should give you an Idea of what these songs are about: depression, alcoholism, poverty, and a disappointment in the U.S. government. These are truly heartfelt songs that would stand up to the best of anything out there. If you like American Idol, then this is probably not for you.
Available in our NEW STORE!

Regular Size People Fight are a fast aggressive intelligent post punk band from Tampa Florida with ties to the early Tampa Post Punk scene. The band features members of The Dukes of Hillsborough, Tim Version, and Watson to name a few. Smart lyrics and clever guitar riffs that will make you want to crack open a cold one and sing along.
SHANG-A-LANGSad Magic from Fast Crowd/Dead Broke
Available in our NEW STORE!

Clever pop punk from the Deserts of New Mexico. You ever been down? I bet they wrote a song that sounds exactly like the way you felt at that moment. Take the recordings of Sexy and Weird Love Makers, and feelings of summertime that never grow old, put them in a blender and that kinda gets you close to the sounds of Shang-A-Lang. This band will have you convinced that being depressed is probably the most fun thing you can do and can turn any frown up side down. Depriving yourself from these tunes is just sad, but these songs can make you happy again

Download: Best Intentions MP3
SHANG-A-LANGWaiting For the End from Dead Broke/No Breaks/Dirt Cult/Fast Crowd/Silver Sprocket/Let's Pretend/Dr
Available in our NEW STORE!

UNFUNSick Outside View from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

Now on BLACK/WHITE split-colored vinyl, with screenprinted covers! Gnarly pop punk from Vancouver. It's the Jammer! East Bay pop punk ran over by Neurosis. I know that sounds weird, but these guys are weird. From the first time I heard a demo of this band I was hooked. Every once in awhile there is a record that kind of makes everything OK for a little while. Off With Their Heads "Hospitals", Bent Outta Shape's "Stray Dog Town", Gordon Gano's Army's S/T LP. Although this record sounds nothing like them, it's my new "makes everything better". Don't let the name fool you into thinking that it has anything to do with what this band sounds like. Don't be dumb. Get this record! Oh yeah, and their nuts! They get hot outside of Canada and rarely wear clothes while on tour.
V/A - 4-WAY SPLIT #1 from FAST CROWD (Dude Jams, Shang-A-Lang, Gordon Gano's Army, Dan Padilla) from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

Underground pop-punk from four different bands that we bet you will flip this record over and listen to it five times before putting it away. One song from each artist. Dude Jams is one dude, a Dave Grohl of the underground punk scene if you will. Shang-A-Lang is taking over the deserts of the Southwest with their wonderfully catchy songs about life. Gordon Gano's Army would hold a candle to the best of Gen X mixed with This Bike Is A Pipe Bomb. Dan Padilla brings another song of human rights.
V/A - 4-WAY SPLIT #2 from FAST CROWD (Radon, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Vaginasore Jr. & King Friday) from Fast Crowd
Available in our NEW STORE!

With: Radon, This Bike is a Pipe Bomb, Vaginasore Jr. & King Friday "Radon leads off the record with a catchy song about traveling, good times, and living simple. Second up is the Kings of American Folk Punk, This Bike is A Pipe Bomb. First up on Side B is Vaginasore Jr. They feature members of Clairmel and The Tim Version. Very catchy pop punk with clever lyrics. Last on the record is King Friday featuring Jeff London, vocalist from the critically underrated band, Fay Wray. I believe King Friday actually existed before Fay Wray, but Im not sure. I know they have a really old 7 and also have a song on the No Idea comp The Edible Napkin. Along with this song, they recorded a full length that will also be coming out soon. Amazing stuff." - J. / Fast Crowd Comes with a 2-color screen printed cover, on Blue-Green Seafoam colored vinyl!

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