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WAGNER, WIL (The Smith Street Band) NEW! Laika LP from Poison City - With The Smith Street Band wrapping up a huge year of national and international touring in support of their acclaimed 'Sunshine & Technology' album, charismatic and prolific frontman Wil Wagner took some time out late in 2012, heading to Tasmania to lay down a new batch of acoustic material with producer and Poison City label mate Lincoln Le Fevre. Much like his song writing for The Smith Street Band, Wagner's new solo work reveals an undeniable talent for penning beautifully crafted sing-a-longs and charmingly personal tales of friendship, touring, heartbreak and growing up in the sprawling metropolis he calls home. BUY LP:$11.00
WAIFLE And the Blood Will Come Down Like a Curtain CD from Magic Bullet BUY CD:$5.60
WAIFLE The Music Stops, the Man Dies CD from Magic Bullet BUY CD:$5.60
WAIFLE / ANASAZI 5" from Magic Bullet 5" out of stock
WAIFLE / PG. 99 Do You Need... CD from Magic Bullet BUY CD:$7.00
WAIT Say It, Come True CD from Harlan - With Nate/Eli/Maralie/Mark from Soophie Nun Squad/Tem Eyos Ki, and Erin Tobey from Mt.Gigantic/Abe Froman. Sounds kinda like Cornelius/The Van Pelt/Former Members of Alfonsin, and comes with a big illustrated booklet. BUY CD:$5.60
WAITS, TOM Alice LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
WAITS, TOM Bad As Me LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$21.50
WAITS, TOM Blood Money LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
WAITS, TOM Glitter and Doom (Live) 2xLP from Epitaph BUY 2xLP:$23.25
WAITS, TOM Mule Variations LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$19.50
WAITS, TOM Real Gone LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$19.50
WALLS The Future Is Wide Open LP from Iron Lung Records - The paranoia and unease of one man is hard to measure physically. WALLS has done this sonically so that the more timid people out there don't have to get their hands quite so dirty. They will still have to do the work though. There is always the work.'The Future Is Wide Open' is a sarcastic bite out of society's apple. And what a rotten apple indeed. Bursting with angst and tension, this album is a relentless hardcore punk/noise rock demon-sound. There is no release from the future. The gates are shut. BUY LP:$10.50
WANTON LOOKS The Wanton Looks LP from Whoa! Records BUY LP:$11.25
WAR ON WOMEN NEW! Improvised Weapons 10" from Exotic Fever BUY 10":$9.50
WARCRY Deprogram LP/CD from Feral Ward - Members of Tragedy, From Ashes Rise, Hellschock, Remains of The Day? BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$10.00
WARCRY Not So Distant Future CD from Feral Ward BUY CD:$10.25
WARDOGS Spread the Disease 7" from Solidarity Recordings BUY 7":$4.20
WARHEAD This World of Confusion / Acceleration 7" from Feral Ward - Kyoto's WARHEAD are back after 7 years of no recordings. This time around they bring us two tracks of mega distorted hardcore with the angriest voice in hardcore. Teamed this time with Framtid's guitarist Jacky for full effect they reach a level of extreme power few bands have. Expect no less than another dose of WARHEAD's trademark insanity. BUY 7":$7.50
WARKRIME Get Loose LP/CD from No Way Records BUY LP:$8.75
BUY CD:$5.90
WARKRIME Tighten Up 7" from No Way Records BUY 7":$3.75
WARWOLF Warwolf (SALE PRICE!) 7" from Level Plane BUY 7":$1.99
WASTED TIME Futility LP from Grave Mistake BUY LP:$10.25
WASTED TIME No Shore 7" from Grave Mistake BUY 7":$3.75
WASTELAND Wasteland LP from Clean Plate BUY LP:$12.75
WASTELANDER I.C.B.M. 7" from Bermuda Mohawk BUY 7":$3.85
WATCH IT BURN / ALTAIRA 7" from Accident Prone BUY 7":$3.10
WATSON Chasing 500 CD from A.D.D. - Brighten up your day with songs about cancer, death, alcoholism, and self hatred. You can actually hear the vein in Dave Decker's forehead throb in the recording. We're talking intense dude. With members and ex members of Clairmel, Vaginasore Jr, and the Dukes Of Hillsborough. Recorded by Rob Mc Gregor. Artwork by Keith Rosson. BUY CD:$6.30
WATSON Killing Momentum CD from A.D.D. - Have you ever met dudes that the cleanest thing in their lives was their motorcycle? Looked like total fuckin' dirtbags, smelled bad, ill-fitting clothes, but what they rode was immaculate and was perfectly tuned? I have no idea what the grooming habits of the dudes in Watson look are, but they sure make some pretty, ballsy music. I can't help imagine that they ignore all the extraneous parts of their lives- shit like what toothpaste to use or ever thinking about buying shoes if the ones they're wearing don't have holes-into making intricately fitting songs so listenable. Contain: Richie, Paul, and Dave from Clairmel and Jeff from the The Dukes. BUY CD:$5.60
WAX PHANTOM Don't Fool With a Phantom CDR CD from Dead Broke Rekerds BUY CD:$3.85
WAX PHANTOM / CRIMINAL CULTURE 7" from Kiss Of Death BUY 7":$3.75
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WAXAHATCHEE NEW! American Weekend LP/CD from Don Giovanni - Katie Crutchfield from P.S. Eliot's solo debut. The kind of record you want to keep all to yourself and tell the whole world about at the same time. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.00
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WAXAHATCHEE NEW! Cerulean Salt LP/CD from Don Govanni Records - On her second full-length record as Waxahatchee, former P.S. Eliot singer Katie Crutchfield's compelling hyper-personal poetry is continuously crushing. Cerulean Salt follows last January's American Weekend - - a collection of minimal acoustic-guitar pop written and recorded in a week at her family's Birmingham home. On this new record, Crutchfield's songs continue to be marked by her sharp, hooky songwriting; her striking voice and lyrics that simultaneously seem hyper-personal yet relentlessly relatable, teetering between endearingly nostaglic and depressingly dark. But whereas before the thematic focus of her songcraft was on break ups and passive-aggressive crushing, this record reflects on her family and Alabama upbringing. And whereas American Weekend was mostly just Crutchfield and her guitar, Cerulean Salt is occassionally amped up, with a full band and higher-fi production. At times, Cerulean Salt creeps closer to the sound of PS Eliot: moody, 90s-inspired rock backed by Keith Spencer and Swearin' guitarist Kyle Gilbridge on drums and bass. The full band means fleshed-out fuzzy lead guitars on "Coast to Coast", its poppy hook almost masking its dark lyrics. Big distorted guitars and deep steady drums mark songs like "Misery over Dispute" and "Waiting". There's plenty of American Weekend's instrospection and minimalism to be found, though. "Blue Pt. II" is stripped down, Crutchfield and her sister Alison (of Swearin') singing in harmony with deadpan vox. She's still an open booking, musing on self-doubt versus self-reliance, transience versus permanence. "Peace and Quiet" ebbs and flows from moody, minimal verses to a sing-song chorus. "Swan Dive" tackles nostalgia, transience, indifference, regret - over the a minimal strum of an electric-guitar, the picking at a chirpy riff and the double-time tapping of a muted drum. The album closes with a haunting acoustic-guitar reflection on "You're Damaged", possibly the best Waxahatchee song to date. **On BLUE vinyl! Includes download code. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.50
WAXWING For Madmen Only CD from Second Nature BUY CD:$13.10
WAYWORD SONS / SAM LOWRY (SALE PRICE!) 7" from Suburban Home BUY 7":$1.99
WE ARE THE UNION Great Leaps Forward LP from Paper + Plastick - Instead of following typical ska punk conventions, WATU takes a harder-nosed approach to the genre. With influences ranging from Philadelphia/New Jersey favorites Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, and bands like Slapstick and This is a Standoff, they rage with the best of them while still retaining a heightened sense of melody. Their love for fast music, horns and their incredibly short attention spans are a simple explanation for why WATU sound the way they do. BUY LP:$9.00
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WE ARE THE UNION You Can't Hide the Sun LP/CD from Paper + Plastick BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$6.25
WE CAME AS ROMANS To Plant a Seed LP from Equal Vision BUY LP:$14.75
WEAKERTHANS Fallow LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$17.00
WEAKERTHANS Left and Leaving 2xLP from Epitaph BUY 2xLP:$21.50
WEAKERTHANS Reconstruction Site LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
WEAKERTHANS Watermark CDep from Sub City - Three songs total; includes two live tracks and a video for 'Watermark'. BUY CDep:$5.25
WEASEL, BEN Fidatevi CD from Panic Button BUY CD:$7.00
WEATHERBOX Follow the Rattle of the Afghan Guitar LP from Youth Conspiracy - On red vinyl; includes download code! BUY LP:$12.75
WEDDING PRESENT Valentina LP from This Will Be Our Summer/Happy Happy Birthday To Me BUY LP:$12.75
WEDNESDAYS Fury CD from Arkam BUY CD:$6.75
WEDNESDAYS Invisible Youth (SALE PRICE ON CD!) LP/CD from Arkam/Thorp BUY LP:$8.10
BUY CD:$4.99
WEDNESDAYS Live in an Alabama Prison 7" from Arkam BUY 7":$2.70
WEEKEND DADS Weekend Dads 7" from It's Alive - Weekend Dads get their jam on in the land that lies somewhere between the classic four-chord down-stroking pop punk of yesteryear and the shout-it-out-loud super-charged anthems of today's modern pop punkers. They've taken two subgenres that have been done to death and put them together in a style that bridges the gap between the sugary sweet and hopelessly bleak. Their debut release is by no means a reinvention of the wheel, but more like a ride through a neighborhood you've been to a thousand times before, only this time you're taking the side streets and alleyways you always overlooked. The best shit is always in places you least expect to find it... places like Moncton, New Brunswick! Includes download code! BUY 7":$4.00
WEEKEND NACHOS Black Earth 7" from A389 Records BUY 7":$7.00
WEEKEND NACHOS Punish and Destroy LP from Cowabunga BUY LP:$8.75
WEEKEND NACHOS Two Things At Once LP from Cowabunga Records - Compiles both out of print 7", re-mastered! BUY LP:$8.75
WEEKEND NACHOS Unforgivable CD from Relapse BUY CD:$7.30
WEEKEND NACHOS / LACK OF INTEREST Split 7" from Deep Six BUY 7":$5.00
WEISS, ALLISON NEW! Say What You Mean LP from No Sleep BUY LP:$13.00
WELSH, KEITH 9:35 a.m. 7" from Think Tank BUY 7":$2.70
WESTBOUND TRAIN Come and Get It 7" from Paper + Plastick BUY 7":$3.75
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WESTON NEW! This Is My Voice and This Is My Heart - Live At Maxwell's LP from Black Shirt Music - For the first time in almost a decade, the Pennsylvania pop punk quartet releases a new album. The album was recorded live at Maxwell's in Hoboken, NJ and is filled with 14 songs that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. While the album consists of their greatest tunes from "A Real Life Story of Teenage Rebellion" and "Got Beat Up", it includes one brand new song - "Pucker Up Baby". These records are from the first pressing of 400 and on solid pink vinyl! All copies include a digital download of the entire album plus an additional 4 tracks for a total of 18 songs. BUY LP:$14.75
WE'RE ALL BROKEN Ambrosia 7" from Koi Records/Engineer - Fresh off touring with Minus The Bear and Thursday, We.re All Broken seem ready for it all. A constant touring band with a heavy grassroots work ethic, chances are you've seen them already. Dense Melodic Rock, for fans of FAILURE, HOT WATER MUSIC, DEAD SEASON. 500 press of brown/green spatter vinyl with special gatefold cover. BUY 7":$2.70
WHALEN, KATHARINE Madly Love CD from Five Head Entertainment BUY CD:$11.00
WHARF RATS Wharf Rats 7" from No Sleep Records BUY 7":$6.25
WHATEVER BRAINS Whatever Brains LP from Sorry State BUY LP:$13.00
WHAT'S EATING GILBERT Cheap Shots 7" from Bridge Nine BUY 7":$5.75
WHAT'S EATING GILBERT The Nashville Session 7" from Paper + Plastick - The solo project of New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. BUY 7":$5.25
WHISKEY & CO. Be Mine (SALE PRICE!) Shirt from No Idea - Silver & black ink on dark blue! Size: YL only! BUY Shirt:$5.00
WHISKEY & CO. Leaving the Nightlife LP/CD from No Idea - ** New Pressing 04/2009 on colored vinyl + Download Code!! ** The new WHISKEY & Co. album picks up two years after their first, weaving barstomping tales of debauchery with a heartachingly beautiful sense of longing and romantic impasse. Kim Helm's vocals show a marked growth, hearkening diverse whispers in between the breaths, including glimmers of Lucinda Williams and Natalie Merchant. BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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WHISKEY & CO. Nightlife cover (portrait by Laura Predny) Shirt from Laura Predny Sizes: YL, S only! BUY Shirt:$12.00
WHISKEY & CO. Porch (portrait by Laura Predny) Shirt from Laura Predny Sizes: YL, S, M, L, XL! BUY Shirt:$12.00
WHISKEY & CO. Rust Colors LP/CD from No Idea - Bittersweet, melancholy tales of failed relationships, liquor, and vice - but through it all the raised pint of camaraderie and a spark of hope. Whiskey & Co.'s third album shows a band in fine form, confident, and still playing far beyond their bar tab suggests is reasonable. The dust and rust follows throughout but under it all is a shine waiting to be discovered. BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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WHISKEY & CO. Rust Colors Record Label (SALE PRICE!) Shirt from No Idea - Black & silver ink on white shirts! Sizes: S, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $6, and size XXXL for $7!) BUY Shirt:$5.00
WHISKEY & CO. Southbound Train (SALE PRICE!) Shirt from No Idea - Grey & gold ink on black! Shirt out of stock
WHISKEY & CO. Whiskey & Co. LP LP from No Idea - ** Download Code! ** We are proud to announce the timely and forthright VINYL PRESSING of the first album by WHISKEY & Co. Hell yeah! Put on your drinkin' boots and rock out like it's 2003! Celebrate the post-alt-country explosion, Gainesville style! Whooo!! BUY LP:$8.00
WHISKEY & CO. Whiskey & Co. CD from No Idea - WHISKEY & Co. traverse the American southern musical landscape, reveling in the broad scenery of classic country music, the rich blend of current alternative country standouts, and Americana in general. They combine classic "outlaw country" influences such as Gram Parsons, David Allen Coe, and Emmylou Harris, while keeping the punk rock attitude alive. Kindred spirits include Rumbleseat, Lucero, and Uncle Tupelo. Within WHISKEY & Co. is a dark past, relayed through their lyrics as a troubled present and a clouded future, steeped in a strong understanding of small town claustrophobia, alcohol and drug addiction, the loss of love, and, ultimately, the compelling desire for escape and redemption. TRIVIA: features members of BURNMAN and ASSHOLE PARADE, though that?s a different blend o' noise, feller! BUY CD:$7.00
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WHISKEY SUNDAY Maldecido CD CD from 1-2-3-4-Go! - Dover makes Frankie Stubbs sound like a velvet throated crooner. It's tough, it's melodic, it's into science fiction and there's a duet with Annie from This Is My Fist on it. What more could you ask for? This record is a little less Naked Raygun-sounding than their debut but still amazing. My favorite band from San Jose. BUY CD:$7.00
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WHISKEY SUNDAY Maldecido EP 7" from 1-2-3-4-Go! - 4 song companion to the Maldecido full length. Three previously unreleased songs including an Animals cover and an alternate version of "Laughing Academies" featuring vocals from Annie from This Is My Fist and a sweet guitar solo that wasn't on the album version. BUY 7":$2.75
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WHISKEY TRENCH Television LP/CD from Kiss of Death - Whiskey Trench's "Television" is a feisty mid-tempo punk album in the time-honored Naked Raygun / Jawbreaker tradition. This French Canadian foursome takes some interesting twists and turns on the new album that one might not expect. The track "Vicious Sore" features definite moments of Screeching Weasel-esque vocals and standout track "Lifelong Sentence" sounds as if it could have easily been a part of Social Distortions earlier punker records. Interspersed between the catchy raging anthems are a couple of excellent instrumental tracks that bring to mind early rockers The Kinks. Lyrically it is introspective, musically the foundation is built tight. BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$7.75
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WHITE FLAG S is For Space 2xLP from Gasatanka BUY 2xLP:$21.75
WHITE LUNG Atlanta 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
WHITE LUNG NEW! It's the Evil LP/CD from Deranged BUY LP:$12.25
BUY CD:$9.25
WHITE LUNG Magazines 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$4.75
WHITE LUNG NEW! Sorry LP from Deranged BUY LP:$14.50
WHITE LUNG / NU SENSAE Clown Life 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
WHITE MURDER Harold's Place/Tell All 7" from White Murder BUY 7":$4.25
WHITE MURDER Safety In Numbers/Real Tough Chicks 7" from White Murder BUY 7":$4.25
WHITE NIGHT Immortal LP from Dead Broke Rekerds BUY LP:$9.80
WHITE NIGHT NEW! Prophets of Templum LP from Recess Records/45 RPM Records - Being buddies from right around the bend,I've known me some White Night for many years now. I must admit that they had me scratching my head trying to figure out their aim. I think, with this recording, they found it. It's one weird ass bullseye! I'm super happy and proud to release this gem! Some songs would fit supremely on the Beach Blvd compilation, and i'm not just saying that based on geography. Although that can be argued. A lil' Sparks comparison never hurt anyone neither. Descendents ride the wild and I Don't Wanna Grow up comes to mind too. Fuck, even Steely Dan!! If being aimless leads to this then piss on aim. Split release with 45rpm records (two labels. same block!) (Ex- Adolescents, Drinkers Purgatory, Shred Savage & Pterodactdudes.) BUY LP:$10.00
WHITE SHIT White Shi'ite 10" from Wantage BUY 10":$9.10
WHITE WALLS White Walls LP from Poison City - Blasting out of the suburbs as if it was the early 90's Melbourne's White Walls dish up their first full length dose of shoegaze, sonic mayhem and tone obsessed indie-rock. Recent likened to pioneers Dinosaur Jr, Sonic Youth or more recent groups like Whirr and Milk Music. BUY LP:$11.25
WHITE WALLS / DEEP HEAT NEW! Split 7" from Poison City - In celebration of international Record Store Day 2013, Poison City paired up two of the most electrifying bands to emerge recently from Melbourne's underground punk/ indie scene. Doomgaze trio WHITE WALLS and angsty garage punks DEEP HEAT have both dished up 2 brand new tracks for a limited edition Split 7" release. BUY 7":$5.75
WHITE WARDS Waste My Time 7" from Iron Lung Records - Hailing from Olympia WA, this hungry quartet hands out 6 of the meanest sound-fights that city has ever swallowed. Heavy, fast and intriguing all at the same time (not an easy feat in our opinion). Sonically they land somewhere between the Face The Music era TAR BABIES and DEVOID OF FAITH. Flip, repeat, flip, repeat, We love this record. BUY 7":$5.25
WHITE WHALE No Solace 7" from One Percent Press BUY 7":$3.50
WHITE WHALE / MALLWALKERS Split 7" from One Percent Press BUY 7":$3.50
WHITE WIRES Pretty Girl b/w Goodbye Girl 7" from Trouble In Mind BUY 7":$5.25
WHITE WIRES NEW! White Wires I LP from Douchemaster BUY LP:$12.75
WHITE WIRES WWII LP/CD from Dirtnap - "Ottawa, Ontario is exploding with good bands, easily one of our favorite musical hotbeds in North America at the moment, and we here at Dirtnap knew we had to get in on the action, before the action got in on us. (whatever the hell THAT means) What better way to start than with THE WHITE WIRES WWII, a sun- soaked Garage-Pop gem that will satisfy anyone's sweet tooth. Simple, spare, haunting, instantly memorable pop songs that’ll leave you glad to be alive. When White Wires released their debut LP on singer/guitarist Ian Manhire’s Going Gaga (VERY quickly becoming one of our favorite record labels on the planet) Records in 2009, EVERYONE we played it for here in Portland completely flipped out, and we were quickly pestering the band to let us reissue it. Alas, Douchemaster Records beat us to the punch on THAT one, but here we’ve been given a 2nd crack at ‘em. Ian from White Wires refers to WWII as the band’s “Dirtnap” album, in that it’s a little more (for lack of a better term) “punk” and a little less (for lack of a better term) “garage” than their debut. The tones are a little brighter, the tempos a little faster, the songs a little (if this is possible) catchier than WWI." - Ken/Dirtnap BUY LP:$10.00
CD out of stock
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WHITE WIRES NEW! WWIII LP/CD from Dirtnap - Here it is, the 3rd album from Ottawa Ontario's White Wires, and it's their best one yet! We're not just saying that, either! Much like other recent Dirtnap releases like Mean Jeans On Mars, and Something Fierce's Don't Be So Cruel, WWWIII finds an older, more established band turning in a slightly more "mature" album. They've turned down the irony and turned up the sincerity. Gone (for the most part) are the stupid (in the best possible sense) built-in-punchline party songs that were all over their first 2 albums. In their place is confident, heart-felt pop that's just about the catchiest thing you've ever heard. This is a rock solid album that really hits a stride as it goes along. One thing we've always admired about this band is how each of their albums are very distinct from one another, but are unmistakably, undeniably The White Wires. The first record was the "garage" album, the 2nd was the "punk" album, this one is the pop masterpiece. Get ready. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
WHITE WOODS NEW! Big Talking 7" from Suicide Squeeze BUY 7":$5.00
WHITE YORK CDep from White York - Soulful punk rock from the Nickel City... BUY CDep:$2.10
WHITE YORK Changing the Wheel 7" from Feral Kid BUY 7":$2.70
WHITEFORD, JENNIFER Grrrl - A Novel Paperback Book from Gorsky Press BUY Paperback Book:$8.50
WHITMORE, WILLIAM ELLIOTT Song of the Blackbird CD from Southern BUY CD:$8.00
WIDE ANGLES Smile More LP from Dead Broke BUY LP:$11.00
WILD CHILD Demo 7" from Rock Bottom BUY 7":$4.75
WILD CHILD Wild Child 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.75
WILD MOTH Mourning Glow 7" from Asian Man - Thoughtful and sludgy post-punk with a heavy dose of melodicism. Wild Moth truly embody the DIY aesthetic and have energized San Francisco's flourishing punk scene. Comes with a download code that includes 2 bonus tracks. This record is limited to a one-time pressing of 500 copies! Assorted colored vinyl. BUY 7":$4.75
WILD YAKS 10 Ships (Don't Die Yet!) CD from Ernest Jenning Record Co. BUY CD:$7.00
WILD, THE Dreams Are Maps LP/CD from Asian Man BUY LP:$11.00
BUY CD:$8.00
WILD, THE Set Ourselves Free LP/CD from Asian Man BUY LP:$11.00
BUY CD:$8.00
WILD, THE The Collection CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
WILKES, J.D. NEW! Kitchen Tapes 7" from Arkam Records BUY 7":$4.25
WIMPS Repeat Cassette from 1-2-3-4-Go! - Limited to 250 copies! Wimps are a Seattle 3-piece that inject jaunty, neurotic punk songs with well-crafted crack-pop sensibilities. The sardonic wits of guitarist Rachel Ratner (Butts) and bassist Matt Nyce (Meth Teeth) lyrically twist otherwise common day-to-day woes into shout-sung call-and-response stabs that champion boredom, laziness, social anxieties, and hangovers, with wiry riffs and subterranean basslines propelled by the punchy, measured rhythms of drummer Dave Ramm (The Intelligence). BUY Cassette:$5.50
WINEPRESS Complete Recordings LP from Underground Communique BUY LP:$10.00
WINGNUT DISHWASHER'S UNION CD from Plan-It-X/Rock-It - 10 songs; also includes a 12-track compilation audio zine! BUY CD:$3.00
WINSLOWS Didn't Do That Cassette from People's Republic of Rock'n'Roll BUY Cassette:$5.60
WIPERS Is This Real LP from Jackpot Records - Re-mastered, originally released in 1980... BUY LP:$15.75
WIPERS Out Takes LP from Jackpot Records - Featuring 13 rare and unreleased cuts, “Out Takes” collects unheard songs, demo recordings, and alternate mixes. Handpicked by Greg Sage, the songs date from 1979-1983, the same years as their landmark first three LPs. BUY LP:$15.75
WIPERS Over the Edge LP from Jackpot Records - Re-mastered, originally released in 1983... BUY LP:$15.75
WIPERS Silver Sail LP from Jackpot Records BUY LP:$15.75
WIPERS The Herd LP from Jackpot Records BUY LP:$15.75
WIPERS Youth of America LP from Jackpot Records - Re-mastered, originally released in 1981... BUY LP:$15.75
WITCH HUNT Blood-Red States LP/CD from Witch Hunt BUY LP:$8.40
BUY CD:$7.00
WITCHES Forever LP/CD from Bakery Outlet - Punk by allegiance and attitude, pop by virtue of their wistful melodicism, Witches are a band borne of singularly American originality. Cara Beth Satalino is a New York-born chanteuse with a rougher than typical edge. Michael Clancy, a fellow Yankee, is a self-taught drummer of natural ability and feel. Jared Gandy, veteran of Athens groups with both DIY punk and Elephant Six Collective pedigree alike, rounds out the band's lineup on bass guitar. The band takes touches of the Breeders' feminine boldness, Des Ark's brusque emotional stance, and the wide-open, true rock n' roll worldliness of Midwestern punk idols the Replacements. BUY LP:$9.00
BUY CD:$8.50
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WITCHES Witches 7" from Salinas/Mandible Records - The debut record from the Athens, GA based band. Three songs of haunting indie-punk with wonderfully loud guitars reminiscent of the louder moments of the Neil Young catalogue. The beautiful female vocals tie the tight rhythm section and the meandering guitar. BUY 7":$3.75
WITCHES / HONKY HORN & BAD MOUTH 7" from Dead Broke Rekerds BUY 7":$4.20
WITCHES WITH DICKS American Railroads 7" from Kiss of Death - Take really gruff post-punk vocals and pair it with good and simple pop-punk arrangements and you get Witches With Dicks and deserve to have their records added to the collections of anybody into bands such as Screeching Weasel and Dillinger Four. American Railroads is the follow up to the band's first full-length Manual. It's certainly a suitable follow up and one that will leave any fan of their previous work happy. Their songs are short, hard and poppy enough to maintain any accessibility necessary to allow the listener to become hooked at first listen. They sing about breakups and singing about anarchy, stopping often for moments of reflection and self-criticism. Most bands are ready to blow up but this band will probably implode. 7" out of stock
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WITCHES WITH DICKS Manual LP/CD from Kiss of Death - Witches With Dicks sounds like a band named on a dare and they probably were. Nevertheless, they have a better chance of upping the ante for punk rock in 2007 then any of their cautiously named counterparts. The intelligent yet snotty anthems on their debut album, Manual, should silence any doubt. Loosely influenced by bands like Screeching Weasel, The Replacements, Jawbreaker, and The Lemonheads, they have scratched their own niche in the Boston punk scene with the help of other local bands/friends such as Ringers, Conversions, and Lock And Key. LP out of stock
BUY CD:$7.75
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WOLF BRIGADE A D-Beat Odyssey LP from Havoc BUY LP:$10.00
WOLF BRIGADE Progression/Regression LP/CD from Havoc - It's a picture disc! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.00
WOLVES SImulation 10" from Clean Plate - Limited to 300! Includes a full-color 7 x 7 booklet! BUY 10":$19.50
WOLVES AND THE RADIO Wolves and the Radio CD from Anchorless BUY CD:$10.00
WONDER YEARS Suburbia I've Given You All and Now I'm Nothing LP from No Sleep Records - Colored vinyl! BUY LP:$21.25
WORD SALAD Death March 2000 CD from Prank - A total eardrum detonation, hyperactive hardcore force. WORD SALAD present a frantic explosion of spastic metallic hardcore, boiling with off time oddball complexity reminiscent of ACCUSED or SEPTIC DEATH or any of the late '80's "speedcore" greats. Ten tracks of frustration and anger and the darker moments of incomprehension in those feelings, this is not one for the timid. Recorded by Dan Rathbun at Polymorph Studios in Oakland, the CD includes their two Prank 7's, plus an extra track. Band members currently play in WATCH THEM DIE. BUY CD:$7.50
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WORD SALAD Electric Funeral 7" from Prank BUY 7":$3.00
WORD SALAD Specimen 7" from Prank BUY 7":$3.00
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH Cease To Exist DVD from Prank - **THIS DVD IS REGION-FREE** Metallic punk hammered out with raw hardcore fury, World Burns To Death's "Cease to Exist" is the companion piece to their recent "Totalitarian Sodomy" LP. This DVD combines the audio from the LP with additional sounds and syncing it with live video from their appearance and performance of the LP tracks at the 924 Gilman Prank Records ten year anniversary show in 2005 as well as Texas live shows. Shot with multiple camera angles and extensively edited and altered over the last two years, the live footage is combined with collage and found elements. The DVD further underlines the stark and brutal vision of the band's lyrics, with a visual aesthetic akin to the early 80's UK industrial scene, a la Whitehouse, Nurse With Wound, etc... as well as the bombastic energy of classic punk videos... it is gritty, grainy, kinetic, monochromatic, and sure to leave a lasting impression seared into one's psyche. "Totalitarian Sodomy" was a stark treatise on the sensless repetition of historical genocide, and with that, this DVD is not for the weak stomached. Always pushing barriers with their outlandish and severe record covers, this visually falls in line artistically on that point. The DVD is initially limited to 1,000 copies in a deluxe hard-bound leathette DVD case with foil stamped exterior. BUY DVD:$12.00
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH Human Meat Tossed to the Dogs of War 7" from Prank - Re-pressed on new CLEAR VINYL! Blasting thrash ferocity out of Austin, Texas, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH are a vicious band featuring members of SEVERED HEAD OF STATE and SCORCHED EARTH POLICY. Ram-charging a raw Japanese punk influenced sound, an intense punk declaration against the insanity of war. BUY 7":$3.25
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH The Art of Self-Destruction 7" from Prank - On RED vinyl! 7" out of stock
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH The Graveyard of Utopia LP from Prank - Searing guitars, a thundering and rapid fire drum pound, and harsh vocals spitting forth a brutal vision: this third LP from Austin, Texas's WORLD BURNS TO DEATH further evolves and refines their trademark sound as dark, ramcharging ultra-punk comes full circle... Here is the speed and severity of their debut 45's AND the refinement, heaviness and precision of their two previous landmark albums on Hardcore Holocaust Records. "The Graveyard Of Utopia" was tracked initially in Tokyo, Japan after the WB2D 2007 Japanese tour at the legendary OUR HOUSE studios (where a majority of the classic Tokyo hardcore records have been recorded since the 1980's), with final recording tweaks and mixing done at THE BUBBLE in Austin (who have recorded everything from BUILT TO SPILL and THE MEAT PUPPETS to SIGNAL LOST's 'Prosthetic Screams"). The result is the band's strongest offering to date. Studio time in Tokyo allowed for guest appearances from luminaries from the Japanese Punk scene - with backing vocals from Ishiya FORWARD and Iizawa BASTARD/JUDGEMENT, as well as guest guitar solos from Souichi FORWARD and Keiro AKUTARE and Chelsea DEATHSIDE/PAINTBOX. Studio time in Austin allowed for backing vocals from Ashley SIGNAL LOST. While WB2D's lyrics have always been caged in historical reference, the theme of this LP is rooted in the failures, disasters and massacres of the Soviet State apparatus. This is a split release between Prank and Japanese label HG FACT, with them handling the CD version and Prank releasing the vinyl. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH are currently preparing for their first tour of Europe, hitting four major punk festivals across Continental Europe and Scandinavia in a whirlwind two weeks. Making punk happen indeed! (HEAVY WEIGHT LP SLEEVES + 12 PAGE BOOKLET) BUY LP:$9.00
WORLD BURNS TO DEATH / SLANG 7" from Prank - Marking the 2010 summer U.S. tour of Austin, Texas’s WORLD BURNS TO DEATH and Sapporo, Japan’s veteran hardcore band SLANG, this EP combines two guitar driven blasts of hardcore fury. SLANG have existed for over twenty years, evolving between classic Japanese fast hardcore and downbeat NYHC influences. Their track “ Our Grey Earth” rampages on SLANG’s own path, incorporating the evolution of influences into a fast assault of hardcore that winds to a devastating guitar driven breakdown. WORLD BURNS TO DEATH similarly continue to evolve from caustic bursts of corrosive thrashing to a tempered attack stitched by a melodic guitar riff and glued solid with torrential drum bashing, volatile guitar blasts and harsh vocals, ensuring their track “ Babylon Endures” continues their trademark sheer intensity. BUY 7":$3.50
WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY International Smashism LP from The Company With The Golden Arm BUY LP:$8.00
WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY Me v. Angry Mob LP/CD from The Company With The Golden Arm BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$7.00
WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY The Anarchy & the Ecstasy CD from Chunksaah BUY CD:$11.25
WORLD INFERNO FRIENDSHIP SOCIETY World/Inferno Presents: Vox Inferne 7" from Team Science BUY 7":$3.85
WORLDS (3" x 4") Sticker from Worlds BUY Sticker:$0.75
WORLDS Screenprinted Patch Patch from Worlds - Red ink on a black or grey patch! Patch out of stock
WORLDS Unforeseen Paths Cassette from Financial Ruin - Numbered edition of 200; comes in a little cardboard box with a sticker & a patch! BUY Cassette:$6.00
WORMBURNER Wormburner 7" from Salinas - Wormburner is a four piece pop-punk band from Grand Rapids, MI who take a few cues from the gruffness of their other projects (North Lincoln, Traffic and Weather), but instead of power-chords their guitar work is firmly rooted in the melodic sides of bands like Potboiler, or maybe even Braid. BUY 7":$4.25
WORMBURNER Wormburner LP/CD from Tapes Not Bombs - LP is limited to 200! Folks from North Lincoln, Shores & Swearin. BUY LP:$12.75
BUY CD:$4.25
WORN IN RED Banshees LP/CD from No Idea - On RED, WHITE, or RASPBERRY vinyl! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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WORN IN RED In The Offing LP/CD from No Idea - Worn In Red hail from the long-standing promised land of thick, blistering hardcore; Virginia. They share hometowns in both Richmond and Charlottesville, drinking deep from a rich history of since-fallen bands like Sleepytime Trio, Hoover, Four Hundred Years, Maximillian Colby, Action Patrol, and Frodus, while also paying tribute to contemporary titans Planes Mistaken For Stars, Glass and Ashes, and Hot Water Music. "Considering how nice these guys are, they sure do yell a lot. They feel like family. Their songs gnawed their way into my brain over the last year, and being involved in this record was not an option: it became an imperative. They will break down the walls, then stay after to sweep up. LP includes download code. CD does not include download code. Go figure!" - Var BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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WORN IN RED / MOUTHBREATHER 7" from Rorschach Records - On RED vinyl! BUY 7":$3.75
WORN IN RED / OK PILOT / ATTACK! VIPERS! Split 7" from Yo Yo Records BUY 7":$5.00
WORRIERS Arrows (Heather Grey Tultex brand) Shirt from No Idea - On heather grey Tultex brand shirts! Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
WORRIERS Past Lives 7" from No Idea - Folks from The Measure [sa], Night Birds, & Hunchback. Three songs; includes a download code! Here's a nice review! "First off, three-song EPs are the best. Quick, easy, and in the case of New Jersey’s Worriers, totally enjoyable. Featuring members of Night Birds and the Measure [SA], Worriers tread the lighter side of the punk path, with pop hooks and sing-along choruses. Fans of both Night Birds’ raw garage punk/hardcore and the Measure [SA]’s speedier, gruffer punk will find even more melody to latch onto, but without as much immediate punch. Instead, we get a slow burn that sounds inspired by folk-punkers the Weakerthans (fittingly, one song is called “Deconstruction Site”) with sweet female vocals by Lauren Denitzio that swoon in their off-key awkwardness, much in the same vein as John K. Samson. The nonchalant opening riff of “Promise Me (You'll Never Say That In Front Of My Friends)” is particularly charming. Another great thing about super-short EPs is they keep us interested for a potential full-length or, even better, subsequent EPs. It’s good to hear Worriers are sticking with it—and will hopefully deliver more stellar pop-punk songs soon." - Alternative Press BUY 7":$3.75
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WORTHWHILE WAY Love Coffee and a Tune. 7" from Eager Beaver - It's a Japanese import! BUY 7":$5.75
WORTHWHILE WAY NEW! Love Is All LP from ADD Records BUY LP:$10.00
WORTHWHILE WAY Worthwhile Way CDep from Eager Beaver BUY CDep:$5.75
WORTHWHILE WAY / PRETTY BOY THORSON & THE FALLING ANGELS 7" from Eager Beaver - Two songs from each band! 7" out of stock