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U.G. MAN / CHARM Some Secret LP from Wajlemac - Toyko hardcore! BUY LP:$7.80
U.X. VILEHEADS First 7" from Deranged - Debut 7" by ex- DS-13, REGULATIONS, VICIOUS and other great Swedish hardcore bands. BUY 7":$5.25
UH-OH Underneath the Stupid Sun 7" from Repulsion BUY 7":$2.70
UKE OF SPACES So Far on the Way CD from Corleone BUY CD:$8.40
UKEBOX Ukebox 7" from Starcleaner - A 3 piece ukelele punk band from Philly! BUY 7":$2.70
ULTRA DOLPHINS Alien Baby LP from Rorschach Records BUY LP:$10.50
ULTRATUMBADOS Requiem para una Decada 7" from Todo Destruido BUY 7":$4.00
UMLAUT Havoc Wreakers LP from Combat Rock - Everyone from Catharsis doing Finnish thrash?!?!?! BUY LP:$6.50
UNDER AL KRITIK Insomnia 7" from Sorry State Records BUY 7":$3.75
UNDER PRESSURE Black Bile LP from Fashionable Idiots BUY LP:$9.10
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND Shirt from Recess Records - Green American Apparel shirts with black ink; weird bird design! Size: S only! BUY Shirt:$12.00
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND Bird Roughs LP/CD from Recess Records - Back in stock on vinyl! Folks from Toys That Kill! Here is what Jersey Beat said about this one."You can put this album on and think you were listening to Toys That Kill or FYP and that is not a bad thing at all (considering they have some of the same members.) With that TTK/FYP sound, The Underground Railroad To Candyland blast out 12 outstanding tracks. ?(Suey) Ex- Fat Kid Blues? was the track that fully grabbed my attention and set this band aside in my mind from TTK/FYP. With call and respond choruses, chanting verses and a slight country/ folksy twang, this album envelops you and keeps you wanting more and more. ? No way!, Miss U.S.A.!? which has become my favorite track on this album, even has a Dick Dale surf rock feel to it explored through the main guitar riff. However after these 12 songs finished, I scrambled to my CD?s and pulled out all the great TTK/FYP albums I?ve collected over the years. This album will definitely be one I will be glad to come across while looking through my collection in the years to come." BUY LP:$7.50
BUY CD:$8.00
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UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND Bird Roughs Cassette from People's Republic of Rock'n'Roll BUY Cassette:$5.60
UNDERGROUND RAILROAD TO CANDYLAND Knows Your Sins LP/CD from Recess Records - Band members were starting to believe that this album was cursed. Two college tries at recording, only to fail with flying colors. Files were shredded, tears were shed and too much was said. Half the songs were either ditched or found a home with one of the family bands (Toys That Kill, Stoned At Heart, Stoned At Heart, Thatís Incredible, Audacity). Some were reworked and some new ones surfaced, which, fortunately, gave the project an awesome breath of fresh air. Hence: Knows Your Sins, URTC's sophmore album, recorded at the band's own Clown Sound studio. Some said URTCís first record, Bird Roughs, could've fit in an unorthodox surf film. If thats the case, Knows Your Sins will be fitting in a surf horror film, if that genre even exists. LP comes with free download! BUY LP:$9.00
BUY CD:$8.00
UNDERTOW Everything 2xLP from Indecision BUY 2xLP:$16.50
UNFUN Caroline 7" from Dead Broke BUY 7":$4.75
UNFUN Shallow Graves 7" from Drunken Sailor BUY 7":$5.25
UNFUN Sick Outside View LP from Fast Crowd - Now on BLACK/WHITE split-colored vinyl, with screenprinted covers! Gnarly pop punk from Vancouver. It's the Jammer! East Bay pop punk ran over by Neurosis. I know that sounds weird, but these guys are weird. From the first time I heard a demo of this band I was hooked. Every once in awhile there is a record that kind of makes everything OK for a little while. Off With Their Heads "Hospitals", Bent Outta Shape's "Stray Dog Town", Gordon Gano's Army's S/T LP. Although this record sounds nothing like them, it's my new "makes everything better". Don't let the name fool you into thinking that it has anything to do with what this band sounds like. Don't be dumb. Get this record! Oh yeah, and their nuts! They get hot outside of Canada and rarely wear clothes while on tour. BUY LP:$8.00
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UNFUN / DESPITE EVERYTHING Split 7" from ADD Records BUY 7":$4.25
UNFUN / MUHAMMAD ALI split 7" from ADD Records BUY 7":$4.25
UNFUN / STYMIE 7" from ADD Records BUY 7":$3.50
UNITAS Porch Life (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea - Includes folks from Discount & Hot Water Music. LP out of stock
BUY CD:$0.99
UNITAS Us vs. Them Shirt from No Idea - 'Us vs. Them' design: Red ink on black. Size: L only! BUY Shirt:$4.99
UNITY You Are One CD from Indecision BUY CD:$4.70
UNIVERSE Passenger CD from Harlan Records - Folks from Soophie Nun Squad/Tem Eyos Ki/Good Luck! BUY CD:$6.30
UNLEARN Unlearn 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
UNLOVABLES Crush, Boyfriend, Heartbreak CD from Whoa Oh BUY CD:$8.40
UNLOVABLES Heartsickle LP/CD from Crafty Records/Whoa Oh - Fast & fun girl-fronted pop punk from Brooklyn! BUY LP:$9.10
BUY CD:$8.40
UNNATURAL HELPERS Unnatural Helpers LP from 1-2-3-4-Go! - Vinyl release of their first self released album with bonus tracks, following their debut "Cracked Love and Other Drugs" on Hardly Art. Rob Vertigo stared directly in to a photograph of Dean Whitmore for 3 full days and wrote this about what you can expect. Somehow Dean has wrung out of his ADD riddled wet-lobes more catchy tracks than one would think imaginable. Seemingly hundreds since his first foray into 4-track. But catchy don't mean just simple or clean. There's a history of Pacific NW grime, grit and a snarling wry wit caked under his fingernails. Just because his calloused hands bleat out garage perfection doesn't mean something clattery, weird or dark isn't gonna' be around the bend. Angular knee-jerk rock, Fuzz-muffed and Muddled-ga-runge, overcast punkish gloom, heavy stoner chug, Sonics soulful belting, Redd Kross speed and sugar crunched pop. The whole fawking caboodle is on the table. And this carry-on contains HITS. Someday hopefully this eclectic Helpers catalog will be remembered and/or regarded as important as the works of elder-punks Rob Vasquez (who?! Go learn something kids...it's HISTORY), Kurt Bloch or even Fred Cole. If we know what's best. This is the type of music-stuff that rings loudly in HATE's flannel-wrapped Buddy Bradley's brain, if that old dweeb even listens to R&R anymore. BUY LP:$9.00
UNSEEN FORCE In Search of the Truth CD from Grave Mistake BUY CD:$8.00
UNSTEADY Double or Nothing CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
UnWed Made Of 7" from No Idea BUY 7":$5
UnWed Made Of CDep from No Idea BUY CDep:$12
UNWELCOME GUESTS Don't Go Swimming LP/CD from Kiss of Death BUY LP:$8.25
BUY CD:$7.50
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UNWELCOME GUESTS The Painter 7" from Art of the Underground/Dirt Cult BUY 7":$3.50
UNWELCOME GUESTS / 255's 7" from Kiss Of Death BUY 7":$3.75
UNWELCOME GUESTS / ORPHAN CHOIR 7" from Salinas - "Two cold-weather bands: Orphan Choir of Windsor, Ontraio (Canaduh!) and Unwelcome Guests from Buffalo, NY both play melodic punk with just a hint of alt-country, as is evidenced by the harmonica and steel-guitar on this record." BUY 7":$3.50
UNWOUND Unwound 7" from Gravity BUY 7":$5.75
UP FOR NOTHING NEW! In Trance 7" from It's Alive - Brooklyn's Up For Nothing have been around for 10 years, but from their style and sound you might think it was closer to 20. They play it fast, melodiic, anthemic and overflowing with positivity much like the bands coming out of New York back then. But their passion and energy keep it fresh and focused on what's going on today not just in the greater New York area, but far beyond as well. Mixing the best of NY past and underground pop punk present, Up For Nothing come up with some of the catchiest and instantly memorable hooks of any band playing today. Singing along with the choruses on your first listen is a huge testament to the power of a band's hook. Up For Nothing will succeed in doing just that. In Trance was recorded by Pete Steinkopf (Bouncing Souls), produced by Ernie Parada (Token Entry, Black Train Jack, Grey Area) and mastered by Stephen Egerton (Descendents, ALL). I don't usually make a point of listing non-band credits when introducing a new record, but with guys like these with such incredible credentials behind them, I can't resist. BUY 7":$4.25
UPHOLLOW Jackets For the Trip CD+DVD from Hill Billy Stew BUY CD+DVD:$9.50
URBAN BLIGHT 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
USED KIDS Hoovercraft 7" from Salinas - Danny + Nato (Modern Machines) with Mikey Ergs! and Kate from Cheeky! BUY 7":$3.50
USED KIDS Yeah No (SALE PRICE!) LP from Salinas - Unabashed rock'n'roll from Brooklyn with Midwestern DNA. Husky vocals (a la Husker Du), catchy songwriting, and thoughtful guitars. Reminiscent of early Jam, or in more recent history, the celebratory feel of the Exploding Hearts. If wailing guitar solos were a more widely recognized currency, times would not be so desperate. Folks from MODERN MACHINES / CHEEKY / THE ERGS! BUY LP:$3.99
USUALS On the Lover's Circuit (SALE PRICE!) CD from No Idea - Twelve fun pop-ska songs from these lively Gainesville locals! BUY CD:$1.99
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USUALS Usuals (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea - Lively, old-school SKA with rad female vocals! LP out of stock
BUY CD:$1.99
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UTSUMI, YOKO Yoko Utsumi CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
UWHARRIA Fury in the Foothills CD from Slave - Folks from Oi Polloi/Blownapart Bastards/Divide & Conquer... 'Eco-Grind'? BUY CD:$5.20
UX VILEHEADS Hardcore XI LP from Sorry State BUY LP:$11.75
UZI RASH Coreless Roll Can-Liner LP from 1-2-3-4-Go! - End times art damage anti-rock. The rhythm of The Monks played by a bloodied miscreant who looks to Dan Van Vliet, Ed Sanders and Nikki Sudden for spiritual guidance and advice on mental health issues. Oft described as "weird" or "fucked". The Golden Dawn is here. Comes with download code. First pressing limited to only 500 copies. BUY LP:$10.00
UZI RASH I Saw You 7" from 1-2-3-4-Go! - Three new Uzi Rash recordings that could be three different bands but for the thread of dement used to keep them together. Uzi Rash is the current garbage recycler from Max, formerly of Seattle's The Trashies. Put this on and If you aren't weird, get weird. You're already on the rubbish heap and don't know it. This 7" is extremely limited and not long for this world. BUY 7":$4.25