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P.S. ELIOT Introverted Romance in Our Troubled Minds LP from Salinas - Back in stock!! P.S. Eliot's full-length is a mix of pop-punk and indie-rock just barely fuzzed out enough to give these songs a fresh dynamic. This Birmingham, Alabama's four-piece's vocals are strong and guitar hooks are in all the right places. BUY LP:$10.00
P.S. ELIOT Sadie LP from Salinas - P.S. Eliot's second LP brings 13 more songs of pop-punk with a slightly stronger 90's indie-rock influence. Now split between Birmingham, Al and New York City this quartet still has the strong female-vocals and guitar hooks of their first LP, with stronger drumming and bass that retains the fuzz while adding to the songs. BUY LP:$10.00
PAINT IT BLACK Amnesia 7" from Bridge Nine BUY 7":$5.25
PAINT IT BLACK CVA CD from Jade Tree - Folks from Lifetime, Good Riddance, & Kid Dynamite! BUY CD:$11.50
PAINT IT BLACK NEW! Invisible 7" from No Idea - "This new record has been in the works for what feels like a long time. So long, in fact, that it seems like a lot of people, us included, stopped believing it was really going to happen. The challenges of geography, too many bands and tours, and other more mundane aspects of adult life, all conspired to delay and discourage us. But here we are, despite these obstacles, with a new record and a renewed sense of purpose. And in a way, that's what these new songs, and this band, are really all about. This music, and the culture and community that surround it, don't really have an expiration date, even though the larger world around us would have us believe that these are childish things, to be put aside as we become responsible, productive citizens. Now, that is obviously bullshit of the highest order. But this isn't about avoiding adulthood; it's about redesigning it so that it doesn't clash so violently with our most deeply held beliefs. It's about the compromises we refuse to make, but also about the subtle negotiations between ideals/aspirations & day-to-day pragmatics. It’s about figuring out how to keep making noise even when life quiets down. Yes, it's about parenthood, but it's also about deliberately resisting corrupt mainstream value systems, even (especially) when they're bombarding you from all sides. It's about brutal, devastating loss. More than ever, it's about alienation and outrage. We can't wait to share it with you." BUY 7":$5.00
PAINT IT BLACK New Lexicon LP/CD from Rivalry/Jade Tree LP out of stock
BUY CD:$11.50
PAINT IT BLACK Paradise CD from Jade Tree BUY CD:$11.50
PAINT IT BLACK Surrender 7" from Fat Wreck Chords - Four songs! BUY 7":$5.00
PAINTBOX Relicts LP from Prank - Collecting PAINTBOX's four 7" releases- their debut 7" EP, "DOOR / PROVIDED RAILROAD" 7", "CRY OF THE SHEEPS" and "BACK REPORTER" FLEXI with tracks from tribute records to both POISON IDEA and JAPANESE legend GHOUL, "RELICTS" is as much of an overview of PAINTBOX progression as a litmus of their insane skill at combining diverse music ideas within the framework of "Burning Spirits" styled hardcore. Licensed from and available in Japan From HG FACT. BUY LP:$8.25
PAINTBOX Singing Shouting Crying LP from Prank - Blasting, energetic rocking hardcore from Tokyo, the debut LP by Tokyo, Japan's PAINTBOX is a stunning blend of traditional "burning spirits" Japanese hardcore mixed with melodic pop and driving hard rock influences, fueled by raging guitar leads, a rampaging rhythm section and husky, tough sung vocals. Original issued on the HG FACT label, It is issued for the first time in the U.S. on vinyl. The Prank Records version features different artwork, a translated lyric sheet, a different A/B side breakdown and improved mastering from a now-deleted vinyl pressing on Canada's Ugly Pop records. Guitarist Chelsea was instrumental to the creation of "burning spirits" sound as a member of 1980's legends DEATHSIDE, but forged new ground with Paintbox with its infectious, upbeat energy. BUY LP:$7.50
PAINTBOX Trip, Trance & Traveling 2xLP from Prank - The third LP from Tokyo's PAINTBOX! Almost ten years in the making, & finally available on vinyl. Combining the ferocity of Japanese hardcore with influences from across the music spectrum-Classic rock, J-Pop, Psychedelia and more- this double LP is an almost 70 minute journey through a myriad of emotions and soundscapes that stretches the concept of a hardcore LP to its limit in a way only Japanese legends PAINTBOX could. Comes in a heavy weight tip-on Stoughton sleeve with fold-out lyric sheet with English translations. Licensed from and available in Japan From HG FACT. BUY 2xLP:$14.00
PALATKA End of Irony Button from No Idea - Full color button with the cover art from the 'End of Ironing' LP! Yeeeooowww!! BUY Button:$0.75
PALATKA The End of Irony LP from No Idea - One- sided, an etched B-side & an all-star Gainesville cast! LP out of stock
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PALE ANGELS NEW! Primal Play LP from Kiss Of Death - Primal Play is the first album from grungey transatlantic punks Pale Angels. With inspirations ranging from the Ramones to the sounds of 90s Seattle, Primal Play is an album that uses simplicity as a jumping point to get weird. It's a little Husker Du in parts, a sorta pop vibe with heaps of extra fuzz, and it took life this year between three friends separated by an ocean. The members are Mike Santostefano from New Jersey, Mikey Erg from Queens, NY, and Jamie Morrison from Swansea, Wales, recorded at Vacation Island Studios in Brooklyn, NY with Ben Greenberg of noisy Brooklyn band The Men. BUY LP:$11.00
PAMA INTERNATIONAL Float Like a Butterfly CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
PANGEA Killer Dreams 7" from Lauren Records BUY 7":$4.25
PANGEA Living Dummy CD from Lauren Records BUY CD:$8.50
PANTHRO U.K. UNITED 13 Sound of a Gun (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea LP out of stock
BUY CD:$0.99
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PAPER + PLASTICK PRESENTS: PERFECT TEETH ISSUE ZERO (Comic Book) NEW! Zine from Paper + Plastick BUY Zine:$4.25
PAPER + PLASTICK PRESENTS: STORY/SONG ISSUE ONE (Comic Book) NEW! Zine from Paper + Plastick - A story based on "Chasing Rainbows" by No Use For A Name. BUY Zine:$4.25
PAPER + PLASTICK PRESENTS: STORY/SONG ISSUE TWO (Comic Book) NEW! Zine from Paper + Plastick - A story based on "6' 10"" by Flatfoot 56. BUY Zine:$4.25
PAPER + PLASTICK PRESENTS: THE PHONE CALL (Comic Book) NEW! Zine from Paper + Plastick - “The Phone Call” was written by Vinnie Fiorello (Paper + Plastick/Less Than Jake), scripted by Matt Anderson and illustrated by Bart King. It is an original story, based on real events, that follows a drunken 20-something in a journey to answer life’s most pertinent question – “What exactly happened last night?” Fiorello says the graphic novel is, at times, a dark look into who people really are when they sober up and start asking the tough questions. BUY Zine:$4.25
PAPER ARMS Days Above Ground CD from Poison City - Produced by WALTER SCHREIFELS (Rival Schools/ Gorilla Biscuits/ Quicksand) PAPER ARMS debut album reveals a quality of song writing and production more akin to a band who has been doing the rounds for the past decade - rather than the past 18 months! Melding intricate Fugazi/ Jawbox-esque rhythms and driving anthemic punk-rock, Australia's PAPER ARMS are sure to speak to fans of Small Brown Bike, Fugazi and Rival Schools. BUY CD:$9.10
PAPER ARMS The Smoke Will Clear LP from Poison City - It's been a long 3 years between albums for Paper Arms. The Adelaide band was due to record in September 2011, but 4 months earlier singer/lyricist Josh Mann's marriage ended. "I never thought something like a break up would make me want to stop writing music, but that's how it felt for a long time." Said Josh. "The last thing I wanted to do after something so negative was write a big, depressing, 'woe is me' album and drag everyone else down too. So I had to take some time, clear my head, and write a record that was honest, but looking forward. I feel like that's what we've done." Recorded by Jimmy Balderston at Capitol Sounds Studio and mixed by Brian McTernan (Strike Anywhere, Hot Water Music, Polar Bear Club) at Salad Days Studio, 'The Smoke Will Clear' is somehow heavier, yet more melodic than 'Days Above Ground' boasting 13 tracks of energetic heartfelt anthems. BUY LP:$11.25
PAPERMOONS Honesty 7" from Team Science BUY 7":$4.20
PAPERMOONS New Tales CD from Team Science BUY CD:$7.35
PARASITES NEW! Non-Stop Power Pop Volume One LP from Eccentric Pop BUY LP:$15.75
PARASITES Solitary LP/CD from Kid Tested Records BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$10.50
PARASOL Crush Season 7" from Puzzle Pieces - Living in Boston for several years, the city certainly expanded my horizons, but there was always something that was missing. That something was Parasol. Their breed of positivity and wimpiness brings an energy that has been long absent in the Boston scene. Parasol sound like they might be more at home in the current New York girl/queer punk scene with their infectious and sincere blend of indie rock and pop punk. Their hooks come just in time for the beginning of spring and summer. Lyrically, Parasol drops a dose of reality into their youthful idealism, keeping it genuinely pop and to staying in my head day after day. The Crush Season 7" brings a mastered version of the band's demo to vinyl. BUY 7":$5.00
PARK, MARK North Hangook Falling LP from Asian Man BUY LP:$11.00
PARLAMENTARISK SODOMI Regnskog 7" from 625 Productions BUY 7":$5.20
PARTISANS Police Story 7" from Ugly Pop BUY 7":$7.50
PARTY GARBAGE 7" from Super Secret BUY 7":$2.80
PARTY OF HELICOPTERS Party of Helicopters CD from Stickfigure BUY CD:$5.85
PAUL BARIBEAU NEW! Grand Ledge LP from No Idea BUY LP:$10
PAUL BARIBEAU OMFG (Cream American Apparel) Shirt from Paul Baribeau - Brown ink on Cream American Apparel shirts. Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
PAUL BARIBEAU NEW! Paul Baribeau LP from no idea BUY LP:$10
PAUL BARIBEAU Square (Charcoal Tultex brand) Shirt from Paul Baribeau - White ink on Charcoal Grey Tultex brand shirts. Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
PAVEMENT Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (120 Gram) LP from Matador BUY LP:$14.75
PAVEMENT Slanted & Enchanted (120 Gram) LP from Matador BUY LP:$14.75
PEABODYS The Future Will Kill You (SALE PRICE!) 7" from Mutant Pop BUY 7":$1.99
PEAR OF THE WEST Passed Out the Wasted CD from Snuffy Smile BUY CD:$7.50
PEDALS ON OUR PIRATE SHIPS A Place To Stay CD from Say-10 Records BUY CD:$7.00
PEDRO THE LION Achilles Heel LP from Jade Tree - Re-issued, re-mastered; includes download code! BUY LP:$12.75
PEDRO THE LION Control LP from Jade Tree - Re-issued, re-mastered; includes download code! BUY LP:$12.75
PEDRO THE LION It's Hard To Find A Friend LP from Jade Tree - Re-issued, re-mastered; includes download code! BUY LP:$12.75
PEDRO THE LION The Only Reason I Feel Secure LP from Jade Tree - Re-issued, re-mastered; includes download code! BUY LP:$12.75
PEDRO THE LION Winners Never Quit LP from Jade Tree - Re-issued, re-mastered; includes download code! BUY LP:$12.75
PEER PRECIOUS Bless This Mess LP from Dirt Cult BUY LP:$8.75
PEGASUSES XL Electro Agitators CD from Ernest Jenning Record Co. BUY CD:$7.00
PEGASUSES XL The Antiphon LP from Asbestos Records - Lead singers from Bomb the Music Industry! & We Vs. the Shark... BUY LP:$9.10
PEGASUSES XL The Antiphon CD from Ernest Jenning Record Co. BUY CD:$7.00
PELICAN Ataraxia/Taraxis LP from Southern Lord BUY LP:$12.00
PELIGRO SOCIAL No Religion LP/CD from Tank Crime/No Options LP out of stock
BUY CD:$10.00
PENTIMENTO Pentimento LP from Paper + Plastick BUY LP:$10.00
PERMANENT MAKEUP The Void... It Creeps CD from New Granada BUY CD:$7.00
PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS I Want You 7" from Trouble In Mind BUY 7":$5.25
PERSONAL AND THE PIZZAS Raw Pie LP from 1-2-3-4-Go! - FOR FANS OF: The Ramones, The Stooges, chains, leather, brass knuckles, cruising, bruising and petty larceny. 1-2-3-4 Go!'s first foray in to the New Jersey badlands. This isn't muscle bound fake tan guido shit. This is the real New Jersey. Pizza eating, beer drinking, chain wielding guido thug rock. Too fuckin' real to be fake! The LP features newly mastered (some actually mastered for the first time) versions of the songs from their sold out singles and comp tracks (on labels like Rob's House, Burger, Bubbledumb, Florida's Dying, Windian etc) plus studio versions of "$7.99 For Love" and "Pepperoni Eyes". As a band, the Pizzas don't add up right. Probably due to the fact none of them graduated high school. They bend and meld uber familiar elements of bands like The Ramones and The Stooges in ways that most other bands fail miserably at. The shit doesn't make sense. After a few chains across the face I've learned to stop questioning it. (**includes download code!) LP out of stock
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PESD (POST EXTREME STRESS DISORDER) Politikarepoizonekurvae LP from Prank - Powerfully colliding stripped down hardcore with an updated version of the offbeat cold wave / new wave fusion of classic 80?s Polish punk, PESD (POST EXTREME STRESS DISORDER) pull no punches in harsh vocal attack, pounding rhythms and searing hook-laden rockin? hardcore riffs. The fast tracks tear with inventiveness and all-out furor of the best of International hardcore records, then keyboards and early industrial sound effects come out in the mid-tempo songs to cast the record in a dark, near-gothic light, while still retaining the aggressive urgency and mood. An inventive and powerful collaboration project between the guitarist of Poland?s legendary POST REGIMENT and the singer of the equally legendary TRAGEDIA, ?POLITIKAREPOIZONEKURVAE? was originally released in 2005 on CD on Poland?s Trujaca Fala label. This was so glued to the Prank Record?s office stereo and is one of our absolute favorite records of the last few years, we decided to press it stateside. The U.S. version has been re-mastered at Fantasy by George Horn and comes in deluxe packaging. Limited to 1,000 copies with 500 on Orange vinyl! BUY LP:$8.00
PET SYMMETRY Two Songs About Cars. Two Songs With Long Titles. 7" from Asian Man BUY 7":$4.75
PG. 99 Document #8 LP from Robotic Empire BUY LP:$14.25
PG. 99 Singles LP from Robotic Empire BUY LP:$14.25
PHARMAKON NEW! Abandon LP from Sacred Bones BUY LP:$14.75
PHENOMENAUTS Adventures in the Third Dimension Zine+7" from Silver Sprocket - A comic book + a 7"... BUY Zine+7":$9.75
PHENOMENAUTS For All Mankind CD from Silver Sprocket BUY CD:$9.00
PHOENIX FOUNDATION No Love Lost LP from Stonehenge/Passing Bells BUY LP:$12.00
PHOENIX FOUNDATION These Days CD from Newest Industry BUY CD:$7.80
PHOENIX FOUNDATION We Need to Make Some Changes CDep from Newest Industry - THE PHOENIX FOUNDATION hail from Turku, Finland and play rough yet catchy melodic punk rock - total rockage in the spirit of HUSKER DU, LEATHERFACE, MANIFESTO JUKEBOX and HDQ. The band also shares a member with the amazing Finnish hardcore punk band THE STAKEOUT (Six Weeks Records, Deranged Records). Six new songs! BUY CDep:$7.50
PICASTRO Metal Cares (SALE PRICE!) CD from Polyvinyl BUY CD:$4.99
PIEDMONT CHARISMA Piedmont Charisma CD from Slave BUY CD:$7.80
PIG DESTROYER Terrifyer CD from Relapse BUY CD:$13.00
PIG HEART TRANSPLANT Weapon / Gut Pleasures 7" from Iron Lung Records BUY 7":$5.75
PIGS Illuminati House Party LP from Sugar Mountain BUY LP:$8.00
PINBACK Information Retrieved LP/CD from Temporary Residence Limited BUY LP:$14.00
BUY CD:$12.25
PINE HILL HAINTS Black Casket 7" from Razorcake Records - Recorded in the Cali Mucho studio in San Pedro, CA in February of 2010, The Pine Hill Haints offer four more sincerely haunting tunes that once again display the amazing musicianship that they've become known for. Deeply rooted in lessons learned and histories re-visited, this band continues to travel the country playing to diverse audiences and creating authentic, bone- chilling traditional country/folk music for those willing to reject the limitations and boundaries of "scenes" and genres. BUY 7":$3.50
PINE HILL HAINTS Evening Star LP/CD from Arkam BUY LP:$8.50
BUY CD:$7.00
PINE HILL HAINTS Ghost Dance LP/CD from K Records BUY LP:$11.25
CD out of stock
PINE HILL HAINTS God, the Devil, and the Two By the Gate LP from Arkam BUY LP:$8.50
PINE HILL HAINTS Riding the Long Southern Train Blues 7" from Arkam Records - Four songs; comes inside a handmade zine called "Spidder"! BUY 7":$5.60
PINE HILL HAINTS Those Who Wander CD from Arkam BUY CD:$6.75
PINE HILL HAINTS Welcome to the Midnight Opry LP/CD from K Records BUY LP:$14.00
CD out of stock
PINE HILL HAINTS "Tales of Crime (Part 1)" b/w "Tales of Crime (Part 2)" 7" from K Records BUY 7":$5.00
PINEBENDER The High Price of Living Too Long CD from Lovitt BUY CD:$8.65
PINEBENDER Working Nine to Wolf CD from Lovitt BUY CD:$9.60
PINES OF ROME A Catholic Western CD from Corleone BUY CD:$5.20
PINES OF ROME On All Fours CD from Corleone BUY CD:$5.20
PINK HOUSES Pink Houses CD from Minor Records - Ryan Woods (Defiance, Ohio) & friends from Bloomington! BUY CD:$5.00
PINK HOUSES Pink Houses LP from Mandible Records BUY LP:$8.50
PINK LINCOLNS Back From the Pink Room LP from Jailhouse! Records BUY LP:$11.50
PINK RAZORS First Degree 7" from Rorschach Records BUY 7":$3.15
PINK RAZORS Leave Alive LP/CD from Houseplant Records/No Idea - In the wake of great change for punk-pop purveyors PINK RAZORS, their second album "Leave Alive" reflects the band's transformations. The band's penchant for hooks, crunch, and speed remain intact here but are given more room to breathe, resulting in longer, more developed pop constructions that explore different tempos. Early listeners cite a more pop-punk SUPERCHUNK, or a cleaner SCARED OF CHAKA. This first release since adding new member Erin Tobey was recorded just before she and principal songwriter, Jeff Grant, left their Richmond, VA home base for the smaller town of Bloomington, IN. With drummer Adam Monroe hopping around the US between seasonal forest service jobs and bassist Justin Owen still in Richmond, the band's rare opportunities to meet up for shows, recording, or writing seem only more significant now. Amidst this turbulence, the band grabbed the reins of their fate by releasing the LP version of this sophomore full-length on their own upstart, Houseplant Records (after time as the black sheep on Robotic Empire, and a follow-up 7" on Rorschach). And now No Idea has released the CD! BUY LP:$9.25
BUY CD:$7.00
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PINK RAZORS Pink Razors Button from No Idea BUY Button:$0.75
PINSTRIPE Astronomy CD from Garbage Czar BUY CD:$5.85
PIPSQUEAK Fowl Hymns LP from Rumbletowne - Members of Snuggle, Oroku, acoustic punk: cello & guitar… BUY LP:$10.00
PISSED JEANS Honeys LP from Sub Pop BUY LP:$13.75
PIST Ideas are Bulletproof LP/CD from Havoc - Re-issued! Originally released in 1995. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.00
PIST Input Equals Output Vol. 1 LP from Havoc BUY LP:$10.00
PIST Input Equals Output Vol. 1 & Vol. 2 CD from Havoc BUY CD:$8.00
PIST Input Equals Output Vol. 2 LP from Havoc BUY LP:$10.00
PITY PARTY / VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL NEW! Split 7" from Underground Communique BUY 7":$4.25
PIXIES Bossanova LP/CD from 4AD BUY LP:$12.50
BUY CD:$10.00
PIXIES Come On Pilgrim 12" from 4AD BUY 12":$10.25
PIXIES Doolittle LP/CD from 4AD BUY LP:$12.50
BUY CD:$10.00
PIXIES Surfer Rosa LP/CD from 4AD BUY LP:$12.50
BUY CD:$10.00
PIXIES Trompe Le Monde LP/CD from 4AD BUY LP:$12.50
BUY CD:$10.00
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Fuck With Fire LP/CD from No Idea BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Mercy LP/CD from No Idea/Abacus - On RED VINYL, 150 pressed on this color! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$10.00
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PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Skull Shirt from No Idea - Discharge ink on black! Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Skull shirt (SALE PRICE!) Shirt from No Idea Sizes: YM, YL only! BUY Shirt:$5.00
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Snake Shirt from No Idea - Black print on charcoal grey! Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Snake shirt (SALE PRICE!) Shirt from No Idea Sizes: YM, YL only! BUY Shirt:$5.00
PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Spearheading the Sin Movement (SALE PRICE!) 7"/CDep from No Idea - Three blazing rock tunes! Hair flying, guitars swinging, thunder in the night forever!!! 7" out of stock
BUY CDep:$0.99
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PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS Up in Them Guts LP/CD from No Idea - Denver, Colorado's PLANES burn off the fuel of their past in a white hot fury! "Up in Them Guts" is huge, compelling, and immediate. PLANES have taken their exploration further, darker, and harder, while remaining unflinchingly honest. Twin guitars peel off shards of sound, devilish and bold. Inebriated on heat and sweat, this is rockandfuckingroll in a pure sense, distilled from equal parts wonder and apprehension. No pasteurization! No punches pulled! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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PLANES MISTAKEN FOR STARS We Ride to Fight! The First Four Years (SALE PRICE!) 2xLP/CD from No Idea - SALE PRICE ON CD!! PMFS has pounded the road (and the road has pounded back) for a decade, never relenting, never giving up an inch taken. We find here: a rusty lockbox, full to bursting with incriminating details, blood and hair samples, and photographic evidence culled from their first four years as a band. Are they Hoodlums? Are they Mountain Men? Do they have your back for life? Perhaps all of the above. PLANES lives in the seconds between a swing and a hit. Join them in the fight! Contained within are 24 songs, including the entire self titled album, Knife in the Marathon album, Spearheading the Sin Movement EP, Fucking Fight EP, four Black Flag covers, plus assorted comp songs and extras. BUY 2xLP:$12.00
BUY CD:$3.99
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PLASTIC CROSS Grayscale Rainbows LP from Don Giovanni - New hardcore band out of New Brunswick, NJ band fronted by Craig from the Degenerics and Kamikaze. Also features Fid from The Measure (SA) and Kamikaze on guitar. A limited edition of 300 on PINK vinyl! BUY LP:$10.00
PLASTIC MASTERY Before the Fall CD from Twentyseven Records BUY CD:$7.80
PLATES Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 54 7" from Art Of The Underground - Leftovers from the AOTU Singles Club! Very few in stock; songs are: "Catholic Guilt" b/w "Lineage". BUY 7":$5.00
PLOW UNITED Act Like It b/w Little Bit Of Hatred 7" from Kiss Of Death BUY 7":$4.25
PLOW UNITED Sleepwalk: A Retrospective 2xLP/CD from Paper + Plastick - Paper + Plastick Records is proud to announce the release of influential pop-punk band PLOW UNITED’s collection Sleepwalk: A Retrospective. This 34-track release features the band’s three full-length releases, the self-titled debut (Creep, 1995), Goodnight Sellout (Creep, 1996), and the posthumous Narcolepsy (Creep, 1998), plus songs from various compilations or singles the band released, including the unreleased instrumental “Monte.” BUY 2xLP:$12.00
BUY CD:$7.75
POCKET BOMB Intentions CD from Brightskull BUY CD:$4.05
POGUES If I Should Fall From Grace With God (180 Gram) LP from Rhino Records BUY LP:$20.00
POLAR BEAR CLUB Chasing Hamburg LP from Bridge Nine BUY LP:$11.25
POLAR BEAR CLUB Clash Battle Guilt Pride LP/CD from Bridge Nine BUY LP:$11.50
BUY CD:$11.00
POLAR BEAR CLUB NEW! Live At The Montage LP from Bridge Nine BUY LP:$11.50
POLAR BEAR CLUB Sometimes Things Just Disappear LP from Bridge Nine BUY LP:$13.25
POLAR BEAR CLUB The Redder, the Better LP from Bridge Nine BUY LP:$9.75
POLAR BEAR CLUB The View, the Life 7" from Bridge Nine BUY 7":$5.25
POLICY OF THREE An Anthology 2xCD from Ebullition - 17 studio tracks & 6 extra live songs! BUY 2xCD:$10.50
POLISKITZO Dulce del Systema 7" from Todo Destruido BUY 7":$5.25
POLITE SLEEPER Seens LP from Sabotage Records BUY LP:$9.25
POLLUTION Smut LP from C6 Recordings BUY LP:$10.50
POLYSICS Hey Bob, My Friend CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
POP. 1280 The Horror LP from Sacred Bones BUY LP:$14.25
PORTRAITS OF PAST Discography CD from Ebullition BUY CD:$7.50
POST TEENS Post Teens 7" from Sound Study Recordings - Highly anticipated first studio recordings from Gainesville's Post Teens featuring members of Assholeparade, Torche, Averkiou and Dead Friends. Six blown-out, insanely catchy jams that are guaranteed to burrow their way into your brain. For fans of Garage rock/Punk/Marked Men/High Tension Wires/Dirtnap stuff/etc! BUY 7":$4.00
POST TEENS NEW! The Heat 7" from No Idea - First press on purple vinyl. "This is a rip roaring mini-feast of truly fuzzed up garage punk, mixed with the tiniest bits of melodic fury thrown in to make this a huge beast of a release."- Alternative Press Featuring members of pummeling grind, indie and hard rock acts Averkiou, Asshole Parade, Torche and Shitstorm, Post Teens offer a unique and fast paced, fuzzed-out assault ala The Mummies, Marked Men, Atomic Suplex, The Spits, The Reatards and more. BUY 7":$3.75
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POST TEENS / BIG EYES NEW! split 7" from No Idea BUY 7":$5
POSTAL SERVICE NEW! Give Up Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition 3xLP from Sub Pop BUY 3xLP:$32.00
POTBOILER Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 14 7" from Art of the Underground - Leftovers from the AOTU Singles Club! Very few in stock, one per person please! Songs are: "56th and Grove" b/w "Self Pity For Dummies". BUY 7":$5.00
POTBOILER Izzy Alcantara 7" from Salinas - Brooklyn via New Paltz party-punk that is actually quite complex and kind of dark under a closer inspection. Equally perfect for a rowdy basement show, or a lonesome night of record therapy. BUY 7":$3.50
POTBOILER Rolling Boil Cassette from Tapes Not Bombs - Eleven songs! BUY Cassette:$4.25
POTBOILER NEW! Rolling Boil LP from Salinas - 11-song discography from a band whose members went on to be in Get Bent and Thousandaires. Lovely LP jackets! BUY LP:$10.00
POTENTIAL JOHNS, THE The Potential Johns 7" from Dirtnap - Solo pop explorations courtesy of Jeff Burke of The Marked Men! 2 tracks of lo fi pop genius, recorded on the eve of Jeff's moving to Japan. While retaining the catchiness and energy of past efforts, the songwriting here takes a turn for the reflective and bittersweet, and the tempos are slowed down a bit from the break-neck pace of your typical Marked Men song. Still rocks like crazy, though. All copies come with a download code! BUY 7":$3.75
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POTSHOT A-Go-Go CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
POTSHOT Dance To the Potshot Record CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
POTSHOT Freedom & Responsibility 7" from Asian Man BUY 7":$4.75
POTSHOT Pots & Shots CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
POTSHOT 'Til I Die CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
POTTHAST, DAN Sweets & Meats CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
POTTY MOUTH Sun Damage 12" from Puzzle Pieces BUY 12":$8.50
POWELL, NATE Sounds of Your Name Large Paperback Book from Microcosm - "Sounds of Your Name" is 330 pages, and collects both Soft Skull books plus some new stuff and tons of other Frankenbones/Schwa Sound era comics! BUY Large Paperback Book:$16.80
POWELL, NATE Swallow Me Whole Hardcover Book from Top Shelf - A beautiful 216-page graphic novel! BUY Hardcover Book:$17.00
PRAY FOR DEATH All Our Heroes... CD from Never Give Up BUY CD:$4.20
PREGNANCY SCARES Pregnancy Scares 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
PRETTY BOY THORSON & LIL HAPPINESS I Ain't Gonna Beg b/w Running Back 7" from ADD Records BUY 7":$4.25
PRETTY BOY THORSON & LIL' HAPPINESS I Can't Get High 7" from ADD Records BUY 7":$4.25
PRETTY BOY THORSON & THE FALLING ANGELS / CORTEZ THE KILLER 7" from A.D.D. - Hello Minnesota! Two bands, two songs apiece. Pretty Boy Thorson continues to rebuild the house that has laid vacant by the likes of, uhm, non-shitty rock'n'roll that's all sparky and not wanky. Think if rockabilly wasn't so "skinhead retirement program" and more fuck-yeah, stripped-down, meat and callous, Hank Williams Sr. rock. Their second song, "Can't Find the Lord" is a Cranford Nix cover. Cranford died of an overdose at 33, but lives on at 33 1/3. Cortez The Killer, let's be honest, dudes, recorded their two offerings on a shitty four track. But would you rather have a Yngwie Malmsteen-sounding "good" or the "60s, Top Of The Tops-style" scorchers that Cortez The Killer play and are catchy as fuck? A little rough around the edges; just like we like it. Dave Disorder personally silk-screened all 500 covers by himself, by hand (not by robot), on his kitchen table. Each one is different and quality is dependant on how stoned Dave was. BUY 7":$3.50
PRETTY BOY THORSON AND FRIENDS Howling! 7" from A.D.D. - Being that our generation of DIY punk is being seriously dismissed, go ahead and call bullshit if you want, but Jesse Thorson is turning into our generation’s David Allan Coe. Outlaw misery. Life misery. Full-bottle comfort. Empty-bottle misery. Transmission-just-dropped-out-half-way-across-the- country, no-money music. Beside Jesse’s verifiable renegade stance are expertly crafted songs—some would call them old country and not be entirely wrong—that are told through the hungry eyes of someone who is seeking more than this life has been able to offer. Four songs with a rotating cast of Minnesota rogues. If there was any justice in this world—and there’s not— Jesse would be sharing the charts with Merle and Johnny. Instead, we can all share a bottle and start kicking things aside as this little fucker spins around. BUY 7":$3.50
PRETTY BOY THORSON AND THE FALLING ANGELS Let's Go Home CD from ADD Records - A discography of sorts that compiles most of the vinyl singles, 3 unreleased tracks, and a recording of "Luckiest Man Alive" at the Tampa Punkhouse. All of the tracks have been remastered and mixed for this release. BUY CD:$7.00
PRETTY BOY THORSON AND THE FALLING ANGELS / DAN PADILLA 7" from Fast Crowd - American underground pop punk rock, with hints of a fond liking of tradition country, Merle Haggard, etc. One original and one cover of each others songs. Both bands formed in basements and underground punk houses in the U.S. The title track of the first song,” A Song About Hope, And The Current Lack Thereof", should give you an Idea of what these songs are about: depression, alcoholism, poverty, and a disappointment in the U.S. government. These are truly heartfelt songs that would stand up to the best of anything out there. If you like American Idol, then this is probably not for you. BUY 7":$3.50
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PRETTY BOY THORSON AND THE SLOW DEATH / THE STRAIT A'S 7" from Kiss of Death - It’s Minneapolis meets Minneapolis on this 6 song split 7” full of catchy pop punk. If you like “Ohhhs,” “Ahhhs,” and dueling male/female vocals then the 4 tracks of fast-paced Ramones style pop punk that THE STRAIT A’S bring to this split are going to be right up your alley. Complete with songs about brainless friends and revenge on an ex, this stuff is just pissed enough to avoid sounding too sugary. PRETTY BOY THORSON & THE SLOW DEATH brings a similar Lookout Records styled approach to their first of their tracks. It’s just as catchy but with a more deliberate pace and a gruffer vocal approach. They close out the record with a cover of “Ray of Sunshine” by short-lived Berkeley based band GO SAILOR. BUY 7":$3.75
PRETTY BULLSHIT / FUCK DETECTOR Split Cassette from Dig My Grave BUY Cassette:$4.25
PRETTY BULLSHIT / WARM NEEDLES Split 7" from Dig My Grave BUY 7":$4.25
PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES Elan Vital (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from Matador LP out of stock
BUY CD:$4.99
PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES The New Romance (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from Matador LP out of stock
BUY CD:$7.99
PRETTYBOY THORSON & THE FALLING ANGELS Ain't It Funny... LP/CD from SxE Cat Records/Redemption Value - Described as somewhere between the Angry Samoans & Merle Haggard? NOT alt-country! BUY LP:$8.40
BUY CD:$8.40
PRETTYBOY THORSON & THE FALLING ANGELS Take It Easy CD from A.D.D. - Just as it takes a certain amount of nuts to be lounging on a lavender sparkle Sportster while retaining a sneer, Pretty Boy Thorson play instruments that have been pussified by too many coffee house dickweeds. And they reclaim them into songs that pounce. If you call this folk-punk, use the rear door, hippie. Music made to lose your voice singing along to. BUY CD:$8.40
PRIDEMORE, BROOK A Brighter Light CD from Crafty - 13 songs in a very nice 6-panel recycled cardboard package! BUY CD:$8.50
PRIDEMORE, BROOK First Name/Last Name CD from Crafty Records BUY CD:$9.10
PRIDEMORE, BROOK Metal & Wood CD from Crafty Records BUY CD:$9.10
PRIDESWALLOWER 7" from Brightskull - Members of Kodan Armada/In Tongues play feedback-soaked grunge/hardcore. Two color screenprinting inside and out! BUY 7":$3.15
PRIMARY Army of Helaman 7" from Asian Man - Four punk rockers who grew up in the Mormon church transform the children's hymns of their youth into raw Dischord-style hardcore. BUY 7":$4.75
PRINCESS THUNDERSTORM / ELECTRIC DAMN Woodfin Confidential LP from Family Night - Princess T. = Queerwulf survivors. E.D. = Asheville stoner jams. For fans of Queerwulf and weed! BUY LP:$8.40
PROHIBITION Sorry For the Inconvenience 7" from Repulsion BUY 7":$2.80
PROPAGANDHI Failed States LP/CD from Epitaph LP out of stock
BUY CD:$14.50
PROPAGANDHI How to Clean a Couple of Things 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$3.25
PROPAGANDHI How to Clean Everything LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords - What a great record! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$6.75
PROPAGANDHI Less Talk, More Rock LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$6.75
PROPAGANDHI Potemkin City Limits 2xLP/CD from G-7 Welcoming Committee/Fat Wreck Chords 2xLP out of stock
BUY CD:$6.75
PROPAGANDHI Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$6.75
PROTAGONIST States 7" from Paper + Plastick BUY 7":$4.75
PROTAGONIST The Chronicle CD from Paper + Plastick BUY CD:$8.25
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PROTEENS / GRAND PRIXX Wicked Split 7" from Whoa Oh BUY 7":$1.40
PROTESS / SIGNAL LOST 7" from Prank - Explosive 4 track split EP between two female vocalled hardcore bands, Sapporo, Japan's PROTESS and Austin, Texas's SIGNAL LOST. PROTESS have existed for ten years with various tracks released on venerable Japanese hardcore labels such as DAN DOH and MCR. This is their first release in three years and first US release, mixing a furious hardcore attack with long compositions of textured, expansive melodies. SIGNAL LOST, featuring members of bands as diverse as J CHURCH, SEVERED HEAD OF STATE, TERROR MANAGEMENT THEORY and DEATHREAT, deliver their fastest hardcore blasting yet, followed by one of their trademark unique anthems similar to the tracks on their 2007 "Prosthetic Screams" LP; somewhere vaguely in the direction of bleak 80's New Wave, post punk and dark-edged rock like the WIPERS, yet forging its own path. Artwork by Lydia Crumbley, who did the artwork for SIGNAL LOST's debut LP "Children of the Wasteland". Split release with Japanese Label HG FACT. Limited to 1,000! BUY 7":$3.75
PSYCHED TO DIE Scatter Brained 7" from Dirtnap - Four songs! A companion piece to the recently released Year One CD (they were supposed to be released at the same time, but, you know......) BUY 7":$3.75
PSYCHED TO DIE Sterile Walls 7" from Grave Mistake BUY 7":$3.75
PSYCHED TO DIE Year One CD from Dirtnap - Psyched To Die practically qualify as a New Jersey punk all-star band, being composed of ex-members of The Ergs, For Science, Hunchback and a bunch more. Forget all that, though, this sounds nothing like any of those bands. (Mikey Erg is nothing if not versatile!) Starting off as a straightforward DC-meets early Touch And Go hardcore band with lyrics about as uplifting as the name would suggest, Psyched To Die's newer material slows it down just a bit and explores the area where punk and early hardcore intersect, kind of a cross between Dangerhouse and early Orange County hardcore. (if the song title "OCD Life" is not a Rikk Angew nod, it should be!) Happy-fun-time music this ain't. This is fast, dirty, bleak and negative, but still pretty darn catchy. This CD compiles the as-yet-unreleased Dirtnap 7" (patience!), the Sterile Walls 7" released on Grave Mistake/Firestarter, the 8 song demo (some of their best stuff in our humble opinion!) and may or may not include a hidden bonus track. You'll just have to buy it and find out! BUY CD:$7.00
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PSYCHIC ILLS / MOON DUO Zoned b/w Take Me With You 7" from Sacred Bones BUY 7":$5.00
PTERODACDUDES / SHRED SAVAGE 7" from Small Pool BUY 7":$4.20
PUD I Was a Teenage Rancor (SALE PRICE!) 7" from Recess Records - The debut from these heros of the ghost bands. for all da kids who demand more.ffo kcuf. released in 1995 BUY 7":$1.99
PUD The One on the Wall is a Trout (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from Recess Records - Everybodies most favorite underrated yobs answer the question "what did happen to me in day camp?". Imagine shane macgowan singing for sham 69 but wishing he was in the E street band? STOP IGNORING PUD!!! released in 1997 LP out of stock
BUY CD:$4.99
PULLEY Time Insensitive Material LP from When's Lunch BUY LP:$10.25
PULLING TEETH Funerary CD from Firestarter BUY CD:$7.50
PULSES Little Brothers 10" from Dirtnap BUY 10":$10.00
PULSES The Pulses LP from Dirtnap BUY LP:$10.00
PUNCH Nothing Lasts 7" from 625 Productions BUY 7":$6.00
PUNCH Punch (1st) LP from 625 Productions BUY LP:$13.00
PUNCH AND PIE Paperback Book from Gorsky Press - Chock full of great short stories from Todd Taylor, Sean Carswell, Travis Fristoe, Felizon Vidad, Madeleine Baran, Wred Fright and more! BUY Paperback Book:$8.50
PUNCH IN THE FACE At War With Everybody LP from Lengua Armada BUY LP:$12.00
PUNG State of the Youth 6" from No Idea - Now out of print, very few in stock! Get a copy of this "classic" while you still can!! 6" out of stock
PUNKIN PIE Broke Truck Good Luck Song CD from Plan-It-X - Ex-Rosa; pop punk from TX & IN! BUY CD:$5.75
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PURITY CONTROL Adjusting 7" from Purity Control BUY 7":$5.00
PURITY CONTROL NEW! Coping 7" from High Anxiety/No Idea - Limited to 550 copies! White vinyl (Limited to 150) available while it lasts! "Toronto's Purity Control come out of the gate charging with Coping, their first vinyl offering. Six tracks of abrasive, low-fi grind for creeps, mixed and mastered by Will Killingsworth (Ampere/Orchid)." --Chris Colohan **Includes download code! BUY 7":$4.50
PUTAS MIERDAS Extincion 7" from Todo Destruido BUY 7":$6.00
PYGMY LUSH Cold World/Guilt 7" from Lovitt Records BUY 7":$4.75
PYGMY LUSH Mount Hope LP/CD from Lovitt BUY LP:$9.50
BUY CD:$9.50
PYGMY LUSH Old Friends LP/CD from Lovitt Records BUY LP:$11.00
BUY CD:$9.25
PYGMY SHREWS The Egyptian LP from Wantage BUY LP:$10.50
PYRATES OF LIBERTATIA Barmecide CDR CD from Never Give Up BUY CD:$2.80