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12 AULLIDOS Discography Album LP from Putojefe Records - Fastcore from Spain... BUY LP:$9.00
12XU Comme on perce des boulevards b/w Se Faciliter la tache 7" from Purepainsugar/Puzzle Records/Echo Canyon BUY 7":$5.00
12XU Les Grandes Marees LP/CD from Bakery Outlet/Pure Pain Sugar/Flower Of Carnage - 12xU are a post-punk band from Lyon, France with Julien and Gwen from Da�tro. On 160g black vinyl w/nice pocket sleeve and obi wrap. BUY LP:$12.00
BUY CD:$6.50
12XU / ABJECT OBJECT 7" from Puzzle Records BUY 7":$5.00
1332 Skinless 7" from Prank BUY 7":$3.00
1994! Most Deaf 7" from Kiss Of Death - Lancaster PA’s 1994! are a heavy duo de force. The songs on "Most Deaf" just don’t let up. A plethora of attitude with belted out hoarse vocals, soaring riffs, and grooving tempos make it reminiscent of a lot of the great emocore bands of the 90's. (Yeah "emocore," because that's what kids called it back then, before it became a generic, over produced, over hyped, fashionable, and haircut driven bastardization that everyone knows today.) Time to stop ranting, trust us this is totally worth checking out! *For fans of bands like Portraits of Past and I Hate Myself. BUY 7":$3.75
O PIONEERS / JUNIOR BATTLES 7" from Kiss of Death - O Pioneers are back with a brand new song and brand new members as frontman Eric Soloman has enlisted the help of Toronto, Ontario's Junior Battles as not only the co-inhabitants of this split 7" but also as his new backing band. They sound tighter than ever with this driving, aggressive and melodic tune called "Hey! That's my Blood!" If this is a sign of things to come from O Pioneers, then people who haven't taken notice yet really need to jump on board. Pulling double duty here, Junior Battles contribute "Passing Out" as the song on the flip side of this 7". With varying tempos, catchy guitar lines and soaring dueling vocals, Junior Battles bring their own cool brand of pop punk with distinctive nods to the 90's emo scene. BUY 7":$3.75
O PIONEERS / THE ANCHOR 7" from Kiss of Death - This is a re-release of the split 7” that was originally put out in 2008 on Triumph Of Life Records. Side A showcases O Pioneers in their original 2 piece lineup and the song starts out as a mid- tempo jaunt of punk rock energy before careening down the road to darker and more dissonant territory. This song features Eric Soloman at his most furious and accusatory as he shouts his frustration at people that won’t stand up for themselves. The Anchor brings a couple of tracks of gruff punk featuring bouncing bass-lines and hoarsely shouted vocals to their side of the split. I’d imagine that if Jersey’s Best Dancers and Forever and Counting had a baby, it would look a lot like these songs by The Anchor. BUY 7":$3.75
O PIONEERS!!! Neon Creeps LP/CD from Kiss of Death/Asian Man - "It may sound cliché, but sometimes an album just speaks to you. In the case of Neon Creeps, O Pioneers talk about real life, about meeting real life head on and how absolutely and insanely overwhelming it is. Over a charging melodic backdrop, front man Eric shouts out his frustrations with money, old friends, the city and the various problems that everyone deals with daily. However, the band always pushes through all the bullshit to offer some small kind of hope. Not only are there plenty of “don’t let it get you down” and such offered in their songs, but sometimes Eric gets his way and lets everyone know. As great as the lyrics are, they’re dependent on the music beneath them to validate them, and in the case of Neon Creeps, it never disappoints. O Pioneers brand of punk sounds strangely more uplifting than it does abrasive. While in a way it could be argued that the point was always more about cathartic salvation than any kind of externally-focused confrontation, few bands have managed to make it all sound as personal and listenable as O Pioneers!" --Key parts paraphrased and stolen from the review written by: Marc Z. Grub at PopWreckoning.com BUY LP:$7.75
BUY CD:$8.00
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O PIONEERS!!! Neon Creeps design Shirt from Kiss of Death - Green & white ink on black! Size: YL only! BUY Shirt:$12.00
O PIONEERS!!! Stay Negative Shirt from O Pioneers!!! Sizes: L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $11!) BUY Shirt:$10.00
O PIONEERS!!! / ANNOUNCEMENT None Creeps 7" from Kiss of Death BUY 7":$3.50
O PIONEERS!!! / BY THE END OF TONIGHT Sweet Junk 7" from Team Science/Asbestos 7" out of stock
O PIONEERS!!! / SAW WHEEL CD from Team Science BUY CD:$4.50
O PIONEERS!!! / THE MEASURE [sa] 7" from Kiss of Death - The Measure [SA] play a poppy Pogues-style punk with female vocals and O Pioneers!!! play gritty folk-punk with just a two-man lineup. One band is from New Brunswick, NJ and one band from Houston, Texas... One City has produced the great bands like The Bouncing Souls, Lifetime, and The Ergs! The other city has an Astrodome. A perfect blend of Bands! 7" out of stock
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OAK & BONE Oak & Bone LP from Hex Records BUY LP:$9.25
OBITS I Blame You LP/CD from Sub Pop - Rick Froberg (Drive Like Jehu/Pitchfork/Hot Snakes)! LP out of stock
BUY CD:$12.75
OBITS Let Me Dream If I Want To 7" from Sub Pop BUY 7":$5.00
OBITS Moody, Standard & Poor LP/CD from Sub Pop BUY LP:$12.00
BUY CD:$11.00
OBITS "One Cross Apiece" b/w "Put it in Writing" 7" from Stint Records BUY 7":$5.75
OBLIVIANS Desperation LP/CD from In The Red BUY LP:$15.75
BUY CD:$13.00
OBSERVERS So What's Left Now LP/CD from Vinyl Warning BUY LP:$8.40
BUY CD:$8.40
OF MONTREAL Hissing Fauna, Are You the Destroyer? 2xLP/CD from Polyvinyl BUY 2xLP:$14.00
BUY CD:$13.25
OF MONTREAL If He is Protecting Our Nation... CD from Polyvinyl BUY CD:$11.75
OF MONTREAL She's a Rejecter 7" from Polyvinyl BUY 7":$4.50
OF MONTREAL Skeletal Lamping 2xLP from Polyvinyl BUY 2xLP:$18.25
OF MONTREAL The Sunlandic Twins LP/CD from Polyvinyl BUY LP:$11.75
BUY CD:$10.00
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS All Things Move Toward Their End LP/CD from No Idea - OFF WITH THEIR HEADS have kindly gathered together a collection of songs from 2003-2006 and slammed them into the grooves of one disc! BUY LP:$10.00
CD out of stock
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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Cat Breath Shirt from No Idea - White ink on black! Sizes: YL, S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS NEW! From the Bottom LP/CD from No Idea - **Back in stock on LP! In a world where everything is falling apart, it's nice to know someone is worse off than yourself. Ha ha, okay, so I kid. But this guy Ryan must be driving himself crazy, what with all the dire hopelessness and impossibility wrapped up in his lyrics. One can only hope that this is his way of dealing with all the crap humanity sends his way. Or is he a magnet for misfortune? Combine this direct, desperate outlook with upbeat, forward- moving punk rock, and what do you have? A strangely uplifting, energetic rallying cry that - far from bogging down the listener- inspires one to get up off their ass and do something. When I need a pick me up, this is it. When I need to knuckle down & get 'er done, this is it. For you, maybe you need to kick a bad habit: this may not be for you. Or maybe... it's just what you need. (Oh yeah, and I'm pretty sure Ryan is actually crazy. At least, that's what he told me.) --Var. **LP includes a Download Code** BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS From the Bottom design Hoodie Sweatshirt from No Idea - Two-sided print on black zip-up hoodies! Sizes: S, M, L, XL! BUY Sweatshirt:$30.00
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Home LP/CD from Epitaph BUY LP:$17.50
BUY CD:$14.00
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Hospitals LP/CD from Recess Records - "Oh, Fuck yes! OFF WITH THEIR HEADS has stepped up to the plate and delivered a record that rocks with the passion of a thousand Alamo house basement shows. Imagine a stronger MODERN MACHINES,mixed with some DILLINGER FOUR, and then throw in a healthy dose of RIVETHEAD (which this band is ex members of) and you have OFF WITH THEIR HEADS. There is something wonderful and totally punk about jumping up and down while singing songs about misery and sorrow with a smile on your face. This record is so recommended that I can almost guarantee will be on my year-end top ten and its only march." - J. Floyd/ MRR LP out of stock
BUY CD:$8.00
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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS I Will Follow You 12" from Pirates Press Records - A shaped 12" picture disc; four songs! With "I Will Follow You," covers of Cleveland Bound Death Sentence's "Drain" & "East Park River," plus a live version of "Janie". BUY 12":$10.00
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS In Desolation LP/CD from Epitaph BUY LP:$14.75
BUY CD:$11.00
OFF WiTH THEIR HEADS Live at the Atlantic Vol. 2 7" from Sound Study Recordings - OWTH doing what they do best! Two live tracks recorded at the Atlantic in downtown Gainesville, FL. Artwork by Horsebites (www.horsebitesdesign.com)! Limited, hand-numbered vinyl, WHITE or GREEN! TRACK LISTING: 1. I Am You 2. Go On Git Now BUY 7":$3.75
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS Turd Blaster 6000 Shirt from No Idea - Green & orange ink on black! Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
OFF WITH THEIR HEADS / DEAR LANDLORD split 7" from No Idea - These songs and bands dovetail really nicely. Both draw inspiration from the Minneapolis noise of bands like DILLINGER FOUR, with great sing alongs and plenty of buzzsaw spit and bite. Also a little TOYS THAT KILL flavor in there too. Four songs (2 each). Colored vinyl. DL have ex-members of RIVETHEAD (Recess), and current members of THE COPYRIGHTS and OFF WITH THEIR HEADS! BUY 7":$3.00
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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS / DETOURNEMENT 7" from No Idea - When OWTH asks you to put out a split, you don't ask questions... you just do it. Otherwise, who knows what might happen? Each band does one acoustic original and one electric cover song! BUY 7":$3.50
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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS / FOUR LETTER WORD One for the Road 7" from No Idea - Two more from OWTH, plus FLW turn in two melodic, up-tempo songs. Political lyrics with enough harmonies to make YOUTH BRIGADE comparisons, amongst others. FLW have been around FOREVER in the UK and have not slowed down. FLW features Welly on vocals, who has been active on the UK punk scene forever, editing the zine "Artcore" and more recently with his record shop Damaged Records. BUY 7":$3.00
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OFF WITH THEIR HEADS / NO FRIENDS split 6" from No Idea - The melodic blast furnace known as NO FRIENDS tangles with DAG NASTY'S "Another Wrong" and exits, limbs intact! The singalong anthemic assault of OFF WITH THEIR HEADS enters the ring with PEGBOY'S "Field of Darkness" and goes the full nine rounds! BUY 6":$3.50
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OFF! First Four EP's 7" Box Set from Vice Music BUY 7" Box Set:$25.25
OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS Office of Future Plans LP/CD from Dischord - With J. Robbins, Darren Zentek, Brooks Harlan, & Gordon Withers! BUY LP:$11.00
BUY CD:$9.25
OFFICE OF FUTURE PLANS / DARIA NEW! Split 7" from Lovitt Records BUY 7":$5.25
OH-OK The Complete Re-issue LP from Happy Happy Birthday To Me BUY LP:$11.25
OKTOBER SKYLINE That's How Tripods Work LP from Square of Opposition BUY LP:$7.00
OLD DEVIL MOON Midnight and Bright CD from Hawthorne Street - Folks from Suicide Note; compared to Pixies/Jets to Brazil. BUY CD:$9.10
OLD GROWTH Old Growth LP/CD from Bakery Outlet - Old Growth write stripped-down, straightforward, sometimes tragic, songs of life, to which John Magnifico (Twelve Hour Turn) brings full chords from his guitar and rediscovers melody in his voice. John'slyrics parallel his songs - simple in form, but revealing an incredible depth of narrative that could easily be overlooked. Old Growth's sound is something like Uncle Tupelo, or Wire's early rock'n'roll numbers. Luke's (Science of Yabra) bass drives in line with Ben's mid-tempo drumming and backing vocals which fill in the right spaces. Ben also adds a few of his own songs, singing up front while nodding to the Ramones or the Stooges. Old Growth plays punk rock'n'roll - taking theirs and others' past to make tradition fresh: "It was childhood living... I won't take it back, I won't erase." - Rich Diem/Bakery Outlet BUY LP:$8.50
BUY CD:$8.50
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OLD GROWTH Out of the Sand and Into the Streets LP from Bakery Outlet - Include album download! BUY LP:$9.00
OLD GROWTH Owl Button from Bakery Outlet BUY Button:$0.75
OLD GROWTH Under the Sun LP/CD from Bakery Outlet - What a great record! Portland Oregon's Old Growth gives "Under the Sun" as their second full length. It continues the conversation, as band name and cover suggest, of embracing the beauty our flawed origins have given and filtering out the intolerance as best we can so we can return to them without remorse. It is a voice illuminating the pavement and the creation we all continue to have made. It offers light on classic subjects of troubled love, work, habit, time and more importantly the topic of rejuvenation through exposure to natural light and things not constructed by machines. This is no hippie bullshit. Yes punks, connection to nature is the answer. Musically the band carries on with more decisive punk rock'n'roll drive this time still with catch and southern lens. "Under the Sun" is the salve to a double worked under fluorescent lights and a crack in the wall to see your way out of there. --Rich/Bakery Outlet BUY LP:$8.50
BUY CD:$8.50
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OLD GROWTH / 12XU 7" from Bakery Outlet/Pure Pain Sugar - "Old Growth gives 2 new songs splintering in either direction from their full length offerings. Luke sings the aggressive almost Yabra-like "Hey Young" with guitar representing both traditional and indie solos. "A Year in the Dirt" brings additional strings in the way of violin and vocal melody backed by female counterpart to form a perfected midpace pop number. Lyon France's 12XU shows that members of Daitro can write quite a different tune pointing to simplified well formed punk rock the way it was originally recognized some decades ago. 2 straight forward soulful numbers provide a great followup to their own 2 7"s already in existence. One Rick Froberg was commissioned for cover illustration and lyrics come to you in tongues of English and French. Si! I mean Oui! This record also comes with download card for digital punks." --Rich/Bakery Outlet BUY 7":$3.75
OLD GROWTH / SCIENCE OF YABRA split 7" from Bakery Outlet - Old Growth play punk rock'n'roll and hold an appreciation for all those who blazed the way from buddy holly to dead moon. Science of Yabra is post punk that drives not unlike jehu. Both are from portland. They also share a member and a recent european tour, for which this record offering was intended. These are new songs from the bands until each release new LPs in the near future. BUY 7":$3.50
OLD MAN MARKLEY Down Side Up LP from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$11.75
OLD MAN MARKLEY Guts n' Teeth LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.50
OLEHOLE Holemole LP from Underground Communique - Debut LP from this San Fran/Oakland band that plays an EPIC mix of classic DC and East Bay style post punk/hardcore! Ex the Ghost, Burial Year, Quest For Quintanaroo...comes with a CD too! BUY LP:$10.50
OLNEY, GRANT Brokedown Gospel CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
OMEGAS Blasts of Lunacy LP from Parts Unknown BUY LP:$12.50
OMEGAS NY Terminator 7" from Painkiller Records BUY 7":$4.75
OMEGAS Sonic Order 7" from High Anxiety / No Idea - Colored Vinyl + Download Code. "Montreal's Omegas are the best of all possible worlds - raw and catchy as hell but just loose enough, just dysfunctional enough and just smart enough in all the right places, and natural, like very few modern punk bands with 80's sensibilities are able to be. Sonic Order is their second session recorded and mixed by Jonah Falco (Fucked Up). Fans of joyboy unity, street meat and the slam skank - do not sleep on this band!" -- Chris Colohan. 7" out of stock
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ON FIRE This Time It is Forever CD from Magic Bullet BUY CD:$7.50
ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES The Making of a Conversation CD from Eugenics - Re-issued, re-mastered; now includes bonus tracks, photos, etc! BUY CD:$8.75
ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES Where You Are and Where You Want to Be CD from Eugenics - Re-issued, re-mastered; now includes bonus tracks, photos, etc! BUY CD:$8.75
ONE DAY CLOSER Songs of Silence CD from Coalition BUY CD:$6.75
ONE LAST WISH One Last Wish LP/CD from Dischord - 3/4 of Rites of Spring... recorded in 1986, never released! BUY LP:$10.50
BUY CD:$9.00
ONE MAN MACHINE Get My Sound CD from One Percent Press - Totally out there afro-punk, bursting with energy and wit. As many sonic turns as you can fit on one CD. Members of Dark Meat, The Ginger Envelope and The Maybe Warblers. BUY CD:$8.40
ONE REASON All Rivers Run South CD from Plan-It-X BUY CD:$5.75
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ONE REASON Mountains 7" from Salinas - One Reason from Bloomington, IN are liked across scene lines. They play well written, well executed melodic punk songs that draw from Southern and indie rock as much as punk. This is the follow up to their full-length on Plan-it-X and split with Defiance, Ohio. BUY 7":$3.50
ONE REASON / BECAUSE 7" from Salinas - Japan's The Because have been releasing incredible 7" after incredible 7" and it's time for North America to take notice: incredibly dynamic and powerful punk anthems infused with rock'n'roll. One Reason from Bloomington, IN offer up one new original and an Erin Tobey cover. BUY 7":$3.50
ONE SMALL STEP Another Shelter CD from Brightskull BUY CD:$8.40
ONE WIN CHOICE Define / Redefine 7" from Jump Start BUY 7":$4.20
ONES TO BLAME, THE The Ones to Blame CD from Goldentone - All-female alt-country from Gainesville; Jackie played lap steel on Whiskey & Co.'s "Nightlife" album! CD out of stock
ONION FLAVORED RINGS Funny 7" from Thrillhouse Records - Five new songs! BUY 7":$3.50
ONION FLAVORED RINGS Perfect Evolution 7" from Thrillhouse Records BUY 7":$3.00
ONION FLAVORED RINGS Two Minutes' Enlightenment (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea - SALE PRICE ON CD!! Back in print on new colored vinyl! OFR hails from San Francisco, and features members of CRIMPSHRINE, SHOTWELL, MIAMI, MONSULA, ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT, SURRENDER and FUNYONS. Steve Funyon's heartfelt, bitter and cynical songs of doom, science and girls are backed up by a venerable rhythm section: Paul Curran on bass (and backing vocals) and Erick Lyle (formerly know as Iggy Scam) on the drums. What would be jangly folk-punk songs are amplified and rock-ified into power-pop-punk bursts with a unique sound that'll make you dance and sing along! BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$3.99
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ONION FLAVORED RINGS Unraveling the Past Cassette from Dead Broke Rekerds BUY Cassette:$3.85
ONION FLAVORED RINGS Used To It CD from Onion Flavored Records CD out of stock
ONSIND Dissatisfactions LP/CD from Plan-It-X BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$5.75
OPERATION CLIFF CLAVIN Who Needs Electricity? CD from Thrown Brick - 19 songs, all acoustic, recorded in 2000! BUY CD:$4.20
OPERATION CLIFF CLAVIN / MAX LEVINE ENSEMBLE 7" from Plan-It-X - A benefit for the Bloomington Bike Project! BUY 7":$3.00
OPERATION IVY Energy LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$18.00
OPERATION IVY Hectic 12" from Epitaph BUY 12":$18.00
OPTIONALS Dead to Realise CD from Poison City - After 2 years in the making, Sydney outfit THE OPTIONALS have finally brought to life their ball-tearing debut album! 13 tracks of driving, melodic skate-rock elevated by the brilliant lead vocals of Johnny Optional. Find it, grind it! Fans of Seaweed, Jawbreaker, Descendents etc. BUY CD:$9.10
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ORCA TEAM Restraint LP/CD from Happy Happy Birthday To Me BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$7.00
ORCA TEAM Take My Hand 7" from Happy Happy Birthday To Me BUY 7":$5.00
ORCA TEAM Vancouver B.C. 7" from Happy Happy Birthday To Me BUY 7":$5.00
ORCHID Chaos is Me LP from Ebullition BUY LP:$10.50
ORCHID Chaos is Me/Dance Tonight! CD from Ebullition - Re-issued in a digipack! Both records together on one CD! BUY CD:$9.50
ORCHID Dance Tonight! Revolution Tomorrow! 10" from Ebullition BUY 10":$10.00
ORCHID Orchid LP/CD from Ebullition BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$7.75
ORCHID Totality CD from Clean Plate - Includes 7" and comp tracks! 24 songs! BUY CD:$11.50
ORDINATION OF AARON Discography LP from Adagio - Gatefold; it's a German import! BUY LP:$16.50
ORDRENEKT Guddommelig Incest LP/CD from Hardcore Holocaust LP out of stock
BUY CD:$7.30
ORGANIZED SPORTS I'm So Proud Of Him LP from Bulkhead Records BUY LP:$10.50
ORPHAN CHOIR Orphan Choir LP/CD from Art of the Underground LP out of stock
BUY CD:$9.80
ORPHAN CHOIR / THE ESTABLISHMENT 7" from Tragicomedy 7" out of stock
ORPHAN CHOIR / WHISKEY TRENCH 7" from Vinyl Addict BUY 7":$3.50
OS ESTUDANTES Perdao 7" from Todo Destruido BUY 7":$4.00
OTTO, KATY With Sunlight Interfering Paperback Book from Kiss/Kill - Poems & essays! BUY Paperback Book:$7.00
OUT COLD / BILLBONDSMEN 7" from Schizophrenic BUY 7":$4.20
OUT WITH A BANG Love My Life 7" from Fashionable Idiots BUY 7":$3.75
OUTLAW ORDER Legalize Crime 7" from Deep Six BUY 7":$4.50
OUTSIDERS The Outsiders CDep from Underground Communique BUY CDep:$4.25
OVENS Beau Goes to the Hospital EP CDep from Risk BUY CDep:$8.10
OWEN / THE RUTABEGA Split CDep from Polyvinyl BUY CDep:$6.00