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N.O.T.A. Live at the Crystal Pistol LP/CD from Prank - Blasts of melodic energy, swaggered with distortion and noise, thrashed out at top speed. An intense tremor of the hardcore punk explosion, crash landing into a Tulsa, Oklahoma Cowboy bar in 1983 on "Punk Night". No nonsense, straight-forward hardcore punk rock, soaked and steeped in enough rock and '77 catchy punk to surface hooks, choruses and melody amisdst the blur. Recorded live in 1983, this was originally released as NONE OF THE ABOVE ( N.O.T.A.)'s demo tape. BUY LP:$6.75
BUY CD:$7.50
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NAILBITER Abused LP/CD from Hardcore Holocaust LP out of stock
BUY CD:$6.70
NAKATOMI PLAZA Unsettled LP/CD from Brightskull/Red Leader - Indie/post-hardcore/guitar-centric w/boy/girl vocals from Brooklyn, NY? BUY LP:$8.40
BUY CD:$8.40
NAKED N' HAPPY Live CD from Dare To Care BUY CD:$7.80
NAKED N' HAPPY We Strongly Failed CD from Dare To Care BUY CD:$7.80
NARCS Long Hot Summer 7" from Cowabunga Records BUY 7":$3.50
NARROWS Benjamin CD from Wantage BUY CD:$9.10
NATCHEZ SHAKERS Shaker Hymns CD from Arkam BUY CD:$6.75
NATCHEZ SHAKERS / PINE HILL HAINTS CD from Arkam - With neat screenprinted covers! BUY CD:$6.75
NATION OF ULYSSES 13 Point Program to Destroy America LP from Dischord BUY LP:$10.50
NATION OF ULYSSES Plays Pretty For Baby LP from Dischord BUY LP:$10.50
NATO COLES AND THE BLUE DIAMOND BAND Play Loud 7" from ADD Records BUY 7":$4.25
NATO COLES AND THE BLUE DIAMOND BAND NEW! Promises to Deliver LP from ADD Records BUY LP:$10.00
NATURAL LAW Find the Flock LP from Deranged BUY LP:$14.50
NAVIES An Estate CDep from Lovitt BUY CDep:$5.00
NAVIES Two Songs 7" from Lovitt BUY 7":$3.75
NAZI DUST Wretched Hour LP from Vinyl Rites - Certain cities make for incubators of specific kinds of music and Tampa, like Detroit, makes for ugly music. NAZI DUST is a hardcore punk band pulling from the nastier moments of 80's Boston hardcore, mostly SIEGE and SSD. Their recording is raw, their drums are pounding, their guitar and bass are buzzsaws of treble and distortion and the vocals are spit with an unreal amount of venom. Violent music from young men in a violent city. BUY LP:$9.00
NECKTIES MAKE ME NERVOUS Neckties Make Me Nervous 7" from Tiger Force Ultra - Includes a poster and a CDR! BUY 7":$4.20
NECKTIES MAKE ME NERVOUS This Ship is Fucked 7" from Code of Ethics BUY 7":$3.50
NEGATIVE DEGREE NEW! Negative Degree 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
NEIGHBORHOOD BRATS Birth Right 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
NELSON, SEAN NEW! Make Good Choices LP from Really Records - The first official batch of recordings to bear the name of Seattle musician Sean Nelson isn’t a solo album in the classic sense. Make Good Choices includes playing/songwriting/recording contributions from, among others, Chris Walla (Death Cab for Cutie), Peter Buck (R.E.M./Minus 5), Matt Pence & Scott Danbom (Centro-Matic), Howard Draper (Shearwater), Dave Depper (Loch Lomond, Fruit Bats), Rachel Blumberg (Decemberists/M. Ward), Adam Selzer (Norfolk & Western), Steve Fisk (player: Pell Mell, Pigeonhed; producer: Nirvana, Beat Happening, Unwound), and others—with Nelson’s nonpareil lyrics, melodies, and voice unmistakably at the center. Sessions arose over the course of several years, between Nelson and his collaborators’ other projects, with no deadline, no master plan, and above all, no rush. The unorthodox process yielded great results, but required that he take the long view. When he realized he’d been taking it for nearly a decade, it was probably time to write a press release. The songs on Make Good Choices were written and recorded in fits and starts over the past several years when Nelson’s primary bands—first Harvey Danger and later The Long Winters— were, variously, not touring, on hiatus, or broken up. The project was abandoned and revived almost promiscuously, according to surges and lapses of confidence, vicissitudes of scheduling, and, of course, the dismal science of economy. (It’s a long story, but a good one.) Yet the songs stuck around, and as time went by, the material began to feel less like an accumulation of discrete sessions and more like an oddly organic collection unified by Nelson’s irrepressible pop instincts, razor sharp lyrics, and powerhouse voice. And so, yes: kind of a solo record, and kind of not, but more to the point a record—of smart, funny, sad, and true pop-rock songs that peer into the dark corners of the culture, the psyche, and the singer himself. BUY LP:$12.00
NELSON, WILLIE Heroes LP from Yep Roc BUY LP:$24.00
NEO CONS Idiot Circus 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.75
NEO CONS Neo Cons 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
NEON PISS Close the Door/Burn 7" from Vinyl Rites - Two new songs of dark and melodic punk done right. Like later gloomy Damned mixed with good early Damned, some Wipers, and tons of texture and layers to the songs. Their LP on Deranged was one of our favorites from last year and while this record is similar, the guitars are slightly cleaner while the whole recording is a little rawer. It feels nostalgic while being new, and I couldn�t be more excited to have a hand in this one. BUY 7":$4.25
NEON PISS NEW! Neon Piss LP from Deranged BUY LP:$12.75
NERVE AGENTS Days of the White Owl LP from Revelation Records - A RSD 2013 release; limited to 700 on WHITE vinyl! BUY LP:$13.00
NERVOSAS Rev 45 7" from Meth Mouth - Members of New Creases... BUY 7":$3.50
NERVOUS DOGS Shirt from Nervous Dogs Sizes: YM, YL, L! BUY Shirt:$10.00
NERVOUS DOGS Avenida Sevilla 7" from Nervous Dogs - "A three-piece from Gainesville in which neither singer can sing, but both do, enthusiastically. Not coincidentally, the band features a cross-eyed, nearly blind billiards amateur, a local pinball hero, and a young man who, at weekend baseball games, has almost hit a home run. Members of the occasionally misspelled GRABASS CHARLESTONS and the often misunderstood FIYA & REACTIONARY 3." BUY 7":$2.70
NERVOUS DOGS Great Doors E.P. 7" from Bakery Outlet - Follow up release to the widely accepted "Avenida Sevilla" 7". Still features the original line-up of Patrick Quinney (Fiya / Holopaw) his twin brother Ryan (Fiya / Reactionary 3), and not- so-third-wheel Dave Drobach (Grabass Charlestons / Stressface) This time the trio bark and howl their way through five tracks, tackling issues such as mystery, wildfires, loss, and anticipation. Fans of the No Idea compilation LP #1 Reason to Move To Gainesville will be sure to recognize the track from this session. Recorded comfortably in Lenny Rutland's beachy St. Augustine home (Jammy Dodgers also recorded there). Download coupons included for the digitally curious. BUY 7":$3.50
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NERVOUS SYSTEMS Needs Medicines LP from Obscurist Press - 10 songs of noisy, beautiful pop @ 45 RPM... BUY LP:$7.00
NEUROSIS A Sun That Never Sets CD from Relapse BUY CD:$13.00
NEUROSIS A Sun That Never Sets DVD from Relapse - Includes tons of videos, plus an entire unreleased album by Tribes of Neurot! BUY DVD:$17.00
NEUROSIS Honor Found In Decay CD from Neurot Recordings BUY CD:$14.75
NEVER ENOUGH Our Will Is Done 7" from Firestarter BUY 7":$4.00
NEVERENDING PARTY Dog Eat Rat Fight 7" from Freedom School BUY 7":$3.50
NEW BLOODS The Secret Life Cassette from Hotsauce BUY Cassette:$5.00
NEW BRUISES Shirt from Kiss of Death Sizes: YL, S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NEW BRUISES Chock Full Of Misery LP/CD from Kiss Of Death/No Idea - Chock Full of Misery, the long-awaited and long-postponed new record from Tampa's New Bruises, is a masterclass in punk rock maturation. From time spent in the '90s punk trenches of the northeast to their eventual migration to the more hospitable climate of the Gulf Coast of Florida, the band would be considered elder statesmen if it weren't for the fact that they're staying up later than you folding records then up hours before your alarm drinking all the coffee in your house. It's been almost six years since the release of Transmit! Transmit!, New Bruises' debut, in 2006. That's a long time for any band, let alone one in a scene with the turnover of contemporary punk. But for New Bruises, it's been time well spent, from recording a series of their own split releases and singles to releasing albums by bands like VRGNS, No Friends, and Bomb the Music Industry! through vocalist and guitarist Bryon Lippincott's record label, Kiss of Death. The life expectancy of an idealistic DIY punk band isn't too great these days, but New Bruises are coming into the release of Chock Full of Misery with even more fire in their collective belly than when they started, and a fantastically diverse record to back it up. While still rooted in the anthemic pop-punk of their '90s roots, New Bruises have cracked their sound wide open on Chock Full of Misery, picking apart each song and putting it back together one piece at a time. The result is a record that hits harder while experimenting with greater dynamics and sonic left turns, keeping the full-steam-ahead feel of early Jawbreaker while infusing it with the nuance of Tim-era Replacements. It's sort of the band's Dear You, but without all the smooth vocals and kids slashing their tires. There's spacious slow-burners like �Five Questions� alongside catchy barn-storming jams like �One for the Looper,� a track-by-track lesson in keeping your sound eclectic while maintaining a darkly distinct tone throughout. They might make claims to being a part time band full of grown-ups with real jobs, but New Bruises spent almost two months on the road last year, and are looking to pile in the van again to spread the gospel of Chock Full of Misery. This won't be a naive and wet-behind-the-ears batch of fresh-faced punks showing up to play your house show and moving on to play bigger and better avenues inside of a year. It will be a band that's been all over North America and Europe, seen the dives and seen the basements, and come back for more. It will be a band that believes in something, not because they don't know any better, but because they've seen it all, and there's no place they'd rather be. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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NEW BRUISES Goodbye Middle Class 7" from Underground Communique BUY 7":$3.50
NEW BRUISES Transmit! Transmit! LP/CD from Kiss of Death - New Bruises "Transmit!Transmit!" delivers aggressive, yet catchy punk rock anthems with a plethora of sing-along parts. Intelligent Social-Political lyrics help drive the intensity of the band. Often compared to the likes of Hot Water Music and Latterman and featuring ex-members of Mid Carson July and The Holy Mountain. LP out of stock
BUY CD:$7.75
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NEW BRUISES / OFFSHORE RADIO (SALE PRICE!) 7" from Yo Yo Records/Kiss of Death - It's an import! BUY 7":$1.99
NEW BRUISES / STOLEN BIKES RIDE FASTER 7" from Kiss of Death/Rat Patrol/Yo Yo - Tampa, Florida's NEW BRUISES deliver two clever and catchy songs in their anthemic punk rock style. Still comparable to Hot Water Music, Latterman and maybe even J Church, featuring ex-members Mid Carson July. STOLEN BIKES RIDE FASTER are named ofter a GRADE song and the Italian band play a brand of melodic hardcore similar to their namesake, yet are hardly a carbon copy. BUY 7":$3.50
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NEW BRUISES / THE AMISTAD 7" from All In Vinyl BUY 7":$4.00
NEW IDEA SOCIETY You Are Awake or Asleep CD from Magic Bullet BUY CD:$9.10
NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD Don't Believe LP/CD from No Idea /Jade Tree - New vinyl pressing in stock now, with new 2nd pressing green & purple (instead of orange & blue) screenprinted covers! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$10.80
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NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD New Mexican Disaster Squad CD from A-F Records BUY CD:$8.50
NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD / WESTERN ADDICTION 12"/CD from No Idea - Orlando's NMDS kick out four new ragers, including a cover of "FVK" (Bad Brains), recorded by Matt from Strike Anywhere! San Francisco's WA destroy all with four incendiary nuggets, capped off with their cover of "Rat Patrol" (Naked Raygun). Eight great songs and amazing artwork to boot! Floriduh vs. Californiduh! 12" out of stock
CD out of stock
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NEW SWEARS NEW! Funny Isn't Real LP from Dirt Cult - Imagine Mean Jeans partying with the Black Lips. Jangly garage punk from these Ottawa party animals. The perfect soundtrack to getting drunk and jumping off the roof of a two story house into the shallow end and having to be carted off to the emergency room for a couple broken bones. BUY LP:$11.00
NEW WAVE BLASPHEMY New Wave Blasphemy (SALE PRICE!) 7" from No Idea - Fast & loud from Pensacola, FL! Screenprinted covers (each one different from the next!) and colored vinyl! Here's a nice review from Metal Maniacs (!): "With spastic energy and a tone that'll raise neck hairs, these crazies rip through seven tracks of modern post-grindcore mayhem along the line of Hellnation, Combat Wounded Veteran, and early Orchid, with a nod to the stuff that Rorschach and Deadguy started but Converge got recognition for. The New Wave Blasphemy come out fighting from the get go and mercilessly bash you into the dirt repeatedly until you tap out. A killer blend of ear-bleeding high-end, stop/start grinding powerviolence and a punk rock attitude... and it looks as though I have a contender for the song title of the year: "We'll stab you in the neck because everyone else will stab you in the back." (Not like I really keep track of this for any awards ceremony. Maybe next year.) Get this monster!" 7" out of stock
NICHOLS, BEN The Last Pale Light in the West (180-Gram) LP from Sabot Productions - Originally released on CD in 2008, this is the vinyl version of the debut mini-album by Lucero frontman Ben Nichols. It was inspired by Cormac McCarthy's novel, "Blood Meridian," and recorded with Rick Steff (Cat Power, Lucero) and Todd Beene (Glossary, Lucero). Features Nichols' signature gravelly voice accompanied by his acoustic guitar, complimented by Steff's piano and accordion, and Beene's subtle pedal steel guitar. Pressed on 180g vinyl and packaged in an LP jacket & printed inner sleeve with all-new artwork. Also includes mp3 download coupon for entire album. BUY LP:$10.00
NICOLAY, FRANZ Do the Struggle LP from Sabot Productions - Includes download code! For his third LP “Do The Struggle”, Franz Nicolay worked with producer oktopus, of the innovative New Jersey industrial / hip-hop group dälek, to move beyond the singer-songwriter soundworld to create a dark, explosive, and cinematic opus of personal and political anger. BUY LP:$9.00
NICOLAY, FRANZ Luck and Courage LP/CD from Sabot Productions/Team Science - New solo album; Franz from The Hold Steady / World Inferno Friendship Society! His band on "Luck and Courage" is Brian Viglione (The Dresden Dolls) on drums, Yula Be’eri (World/Inferno Friendship Society) on bass and Maria Sonevytsky (The Debutante Hour) on piano. Other guests on the record include Mark Spencer (Son Volt) on pedal steel, trumpeter Ben Holmes, guitarist Jared Scott (Demander), Ken Thomson (Gutbucket) on saxophones; and featuring cellist Emily Hope Price (Pearl and the Beard), who co-writes and duets with Nicolay on "Z for Zachariah," a love song from a plague to its victims. BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$8.50
NICOLAY, FRANZ Saint Sebastian of the Short Stage 10" from Team Science - Franz from Hold Steady & World/Inferno Friendship Society… includes download code! BUY 10":$11.20
NICOTINE In Punk We Trust CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
NICOTINE Liberation CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
NICOTINE School of Liberty CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
NICOTINE Session CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
NICOTINE Sessions CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
NIGHT BIRDS Fresh Kills Vol. 1 LP/CD from Grave Mistake - Compiles the first two years of the band's existence; including their 2009 demo, the "Killer Waves" 7" on Art of the Underground, the "Self-Titled" EP on Dirtnap / Grave Mistake, and the "Midnight Movies" 7" on No Way Records. BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$5.75
NIGHT BIRDS Maimed For the Masses 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$5.25
NIGHT BIRDS Midnight Movies 7" from No Way Records BUY 7":$4.50
NIGHT BIRDS NEW! The Other Side of Darkness LP/CD from Grave Mistake BUY LP:$10.50
BUY CD:$7.00
NIGHT MARCHERS NEW! Allez! Allez! LP/CD from Swami BUY LP:$13.25
BUY CD:$12.75
NIGHT WOUNDS Allergic to Heat CD from Corleone BUY CD:$8.40
NIGHTBRINGER Nightbringer 7" from High Anxiety / No Idea - Nightbringer is bastard hardcore. Taking equal parts from the holy trinity of Motorhead, 70s Detroit rock n roll, and Japanese hardcore, they land in similar hybrid territory as later Poison Idea - going back to the raw rebel rhythms that spawned biker gangs in the 50s but cranking it up with speed, distortion, and a samurai's obsession with finding life at the ever present edge of death. If punk started as youth culture, this is the sound of youths misspent in skinhead violence and skateboarding, Hawkwind-ish hallucinogens and of summers and winters in vans sleeping on amps. Carving out a niche in the wilderness to keep the fire alive into their mid 30s, this is mania focused by age and experience, never diminished. Ex Ruination, Earthmover, Life Set Struggle, and introducing Ian. BUY 7":$3.50
NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ Say What You Mean b/w Backyard Coffins 7" from Arkam Records BUY 7":$4.25
NIGHTMARE BOYZZZ Say What You Mean/Backyard Coffins 7" from Arkam Records BUY 7":$4.25
NIGHTMARES FOR A WEEK / NIGHTMARE OF YOU Split 7" from Paper + Plastick BUY 7":$5.50
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE Claustrophobic 7" from Grave Mistake BUY 7":$3.75
NINE DAYS TO NO ONE ARK CDep from Engineer - Recorded at City Of Dis with Ben Phillips. (Converge, November Coming Fire). With just as much creativity infused into the song writing to rival the blunt force of grinding rhythms and machine gun drumming, Nine Days To No One are not afraid to show their brains along with their muscle. Combining elements of Grind, Metal, Jazz, Hardcore and Prog...this is technical hardcore at its very finest. BUY CDep:$5.00
NINE SHOCKS TERROR Zen and the Art of Beating Your Ass LP/CD from Havoc BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.00
NINJA GUN Bus (portrait by Laura Predny) Shirt from Laura Predny Sizes: YL, S, M, L, XL! BUY Shirt:$12.00
NINJA GUN Restless Rubes LP/CD from Barracuda Sound/Suburban Home - On PEACH or GREEN vinyl! BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$8.00
NINJA GUN Roman Nose EP 12" from Sabot Productions - Comes on your choice of Black or White vinyl! Here's a nice review from Alternative Press: "Ninja Gun are something of an outlier in the current punk scene. Though they often tour with punk bands and perform at punk festivals, the Valdosta, Georgia-based quartet have quietly evolved their sound into something much more than a few simple chords and expository lyrics. The band take almost equal influence from ’70s power-pop and classic country, and the end result is often extremely engaging and interesting, such as on the group’s new four-song EP, Roman Nose. The lush production dramatically augments the impact of the instruments; whether it’s layered acoustic guitars and smooth backing vocals (“That’s Not What I Heard”), massive drum fills (“Hot Rain”) or huge, crunchy choruses (“Lepers In Love”), Ninja Gun have never sounded better. The constant is the talented, drawled croon of frontman Johnathan Coody, whose voice carries the title track with a simultaneous sense of vulnerability and aplomb that perfectly suits the song’s weathered aesthetic. If Roman Nose is a precursor for what’s to come on the next Ninja Gun full-length, we’re all in for a treat." BUY 12":$6.75
NINJA GUN Smooth Transitions CD from Barracuda Sound - Ninja Gun is adept at playing down home, punk-influenced rock and roll with heart. Singer and guitarist Johnathan Coody taps into the vein of a great singer/songwriter tradition and intertwines it with a love of classic punk rock and loud guitars. The resulting sound is not quite like anything else, but when you hear it, you get the feeling that you?ve known it all along. The Valdosta, GA group's Southern roots are also prominently on display with some good front-porch-sitting, toe-tapping rhythms and twangy guitars thrown in for good measure. ?Smooth Transitions? offers a good mix of up-tempo rockers and melodic ballads with lyrics that alternately lash out at the mainstream and look inward for answers. BUY CD:$7.00
NITAD Ge Oss Mer 7" from No Way Records BUY 7":$3.50
NITAD Ibland Kan Man Inte Hindra Sig Sjalv LP from Deranged BUY LP:$11.75
NITAD Nu Borjar Minnena Komma Tillbaka 7" from No Way Records BUY 7":$4.50
NITRO TOKYO Hell Yeah CDep from Magic Bullet BUY CDep:$5.25
NO BS! BRASS BAND No BS! 2xLP/CD from Worthless Junk BUY 2xLP:$14.00
BUY CD:$9.80
NO CHOICE Anaesthetize This! Annihilate That! CD from No Idea/Good Music For Good People - "In truth, an album born of sheer frustration! Not only do NO CHOICE question and rage at the the ongoing madness of the outside world, they question the apathy within us that allows the well oiled gears of capitolism/oppression to keep on turning. Whereas their previous highly acclaimed album "Dry River Fishing" had a certain positive feel running through it with placing trust in the people, this album looks deep within us all and asks you to question exactly what you are doing at a time when we really need to be raising our dissenting voices!" - Tidy O'Reilly BUY CD:$7.00
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NO CHOICE Dry River Fishing (SALE PRICE!) CD from No Idea - NO CHOICE are a phenomenal punk rock band from Wales, UK, originally formed in 1981 and existing on and off for over 20 years! "Dry River Fishing" is NO CHOICE's first true album. The band mixes staunch political lyrics with infectious songs that beg you to sing along, all the time directly sincere and without the slightest contrivance. NO CHOICE are the real deal!! BUY CD:$1.99
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NO CHOICE Logo (1.5" x 5.5") Sticker from No Idea - It's white on black! BUY Sticker:$0.50
NO CLASS Keine Klasse LP from Deranged BUY LP:$12.75
NO CLASS Keine Klasse II LP from Deranged BUY LP:$12.75
NO FAITH No Faith LP from Painkiller Records BUY LP:$11.75
NO FRIENDS Logo Button from No Idea - Black logo on a white button! BUY Button:$0.75
NO FRIENDS No Friends LP/CD from No Idea - So THIS is what happens when you lock Tony (Municipal Waste) and Sam, Richard, and Alex (New Mexican Disaster Squad) in a cement mixer! Right on!! NO FRIENDS seethes and boils with the same unbridled fury that defined mid-80's hardcore while also drawing strongly on the melodic elements pioneered by Dag Nasty and Descendents. Cynical, misanthropic, and critical, this record exists in the grey area between a punch to the throat and a desperate hug from an old friend. BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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NO FRIENDS Traditional Failures 12"/CDep from Kiss of Death - This hardcore supergroup featuring Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste), Richard Minino (New Mexican Disaster Squad, None More Black, Gatorface), Alex Goldfarb (New Mexican Disaster Squad, Gatorface, Virgins) and Sam Johnson (New Mexican Disaster Squad, Virgins) are back with a follow-up to their blistering 2009 s/t debut on No Idea. Their raging 80's hardcore tendencies are still fully intact and even more focused than on their previous effort. This 6 song EP (which rips by in right around 8 minutes) harkens back to 80's hardcore with an equal nod to each coast. Fans of Dag Nasty, Minor Threat and Bad Brains will be equally as pleased as those that lean more towards the western approach of the Adolescents, Black Flag and Descendents. This EP is pressed on one side of an LP at 45 RPM (for maximum sound quality) and features artwork by the bands own drummer (Richard "Horsebites" Minino of the Black Axe). BUY 12":$7.00
BUY CDep:$5.50
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NO HOPE FOR THE KIDS LP from Feral Ward BUY LP:$10.50
NO IDEA Bird Shirt from No Idea - A lovely No Idea shirt, designed by Lauren Denitzio (The Measure (sa) / Black & Red Eye Design). Dark blue, light blue & discharge ink on charcoal grey American Apparel shirts! Sizes: 2T, 6T, S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA Devils Shirt from No Idea Sizes: YL, S, L! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA Horsebites Design Shirt from No Idea - New! Designed by Richard Minino / Horsebites! Four-color print of a cowboy riding an armadillo (!) on Cranberry American Apparel shirts. Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13, and size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA NEW! Logo Sticker from No Idea - These are free with any order...just ask!!! BUY Sticker:$FREE$
NO IDEA Snakepit Space Rock American Apparel Shirt from No Idea - Designed by our good buddy Ben Snakepit! Aqua & black ink on white American Apparel shirts! Sizes: 2T, S, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA SnakepitAmerican Apparel shirts! Shirt from No Idea - Designed by our good buddy Ben Snakepit! Light yellow & black ink on light blue American Apparel shirts! Sizes: 2T, 4T, S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXL for $13!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA Stress Face Logo (Silver on Dark Heather Tultex brand) Shirt from No Idea - Silver ink on super-soft dark heather grey Tultex brand shirts. Sizes: S, M, L, XL! BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA 25th ANNIVERSARY Shirt from No Idea - Multicolored print on natural colored shirts! Sizes: S, M, L, XL! (**NOTE: Also available in size XXXL for $14!) BUY Shirt:$12.00
NO IDEA COFFEE BLEND by Sweetwater Organic Coffee Roasters Coffee from No Idea - One pound of whole bean organic coffee! A custom blend made just for us by Sweetwater Organic Coffee Roasters here in Gainesville! We are so excited!! Full City Roast (Medium) Fair Trade Certified * Organic * Shade Grown Coffee beans are sourced from these co-ops: Apecaform from Guatemala Maya Vinic from Mexico (PLEASE NOTE: Coffee cannot ship by Media Mail (a.k.a. standard mail) due to postal restrictions - please choose Priority Mail when you check out! Thanks!) Coffee out of stock
NO IDEA COFFEE MUG (WHITE) NEW! Coffee Mug from No Idea - We now have MADE IN THE USA mugs! This glorious chalice may be used to hold your coffee... or soak your dentures! Perhaps other fluids and/or solids! Imagine the possibilities! CLICK HERE for a closer look! BUY Coffee Mug:$8.50
NO IDEA GIFT CERTIFICATE ($10.00) Gift Certificate from No Idea BUY Gift Certificate:$10.00
NO IDEA GIFT CERTIFICATE ($25.00) Gift Certificate from No Idea BUY Gift Certificate:$25.00
NO IDEA GIFT CERTIFICATE ($50.00) Gift Certificate from No Idea BUY Gift Certificate:$50.00
NO IDEA HOLIDAY GIFT WRAP (10 sheets) TEN sheets of NO IDEA GIFT WRAP! Gift Wrap from No Idea - 24" x 37" sheets of gift wrap... Folded down to about the size of an LP and stuffed into a re-sealable bag! Fancy 3" round sticker on the bag proclaims the contents! Hours of fun for the whole (extended, distended) family! The art comes courtesy of www.steakmtn.com, purveyors of fine-art garbage for the likes of: Combatwoundedveteran, Atom and His Package, Against Me!, Fake Problems, and many others! BUY Gift Wrap:$4.00
NO IDEA HOLIDAY GIFT WRAP (5 sheets) FIVE sheets of NO IDEA GIFT WRAP! Gift Wrap from No Idea - 24" x 37" sheets of gift wrap... Folded down to about the size of an LP and stuffed into a re-sealable bag! Fancy 3" round sticker on the bag proclaims the contents! Hours of fun for the whole (extended, distended) family! The art comes courtesy of www.steakmtn.com, purveyors of fine-art garbage for the likes of: Combatwoundedveteran, Atom and His Package, Against Me!, Fake Problems, and many others! BUY Gift Wrap:$2.50
NO IDEA TURNTABLE SLIPMAT Slipmat from No Idea - It's a slipmat for your record player! It is round! It is black & white! It has a No Idea stress face logo! Perfect, no? BUY Slipmat:$6.00
NO MORE ART Tough To Breathe 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
NO PARADE Ceaseless Fire LP from Partners In Crime BUY LP:$8.00
NO POWER Distort 7" from No Power BUY 7":$4.75
NO PROBLEM And Now This LP from Deranged - Debut full length from Canada’s NO PROBLEM is an absolute hardcore punk scorcher. With two great 7"s in 2010-2011, this album showcases a band at ease with their ‘sound’ - blending hardcore and punk with plenty of big riffs and melodies, not unlike Fucked Up’s pre Matador days. Consistent with their earlier recordings, AND NOW THIS is essentially a hardcore record with melodic punk sensibilities similar to the ADOLESCENTS and the OBSERVERS. Featuring Graeme from the Wednesday Night Heroes and recorded by Jonah Falco from Fucked Up. BUY LP:$12.75
NO STATIK Everywhere You Aren't Looking LP from Prank Records - A chaotic swirl blasting at extreme velocity, the San Francisco Bay Area's NO STATIK's debut 10 -song LP is a torrent of rapid fire drum attack, searing guitar leads and harsh vocals. NO STATIK's sound draws from the fast, chaotic hardcore sound of the 1990's as the band's long pedigree maps DIY hardcore scene of the last two decades - members previously played in SCROTUM GRINDER, MOMENTO MORI, IMPETUS INTER, LOOK BACK AND LAUGH, DESTROY!, ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?, END OF THE CENTURY PARTY, MURDER SUICIDE-PACT, JUD JUD, FUCKFACE, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, SCHOLASTIC DETH, but combines diverse elements of all those past, present and future sounds to ignite another level of sonic mayhem. Bleak lyrics frame this outing, as the single track A-Side has the band again experimenting... with ambient, near-horror movie soundtrack-type eerieness. Recorded at Earhammer and mastered at George Horn. BUY LP:$10.00
NO STATIK No Hospice / Clean Swift Sunshine 7" from Prank BUY 7":$4.25
NO STATIK We All Die in the End LP from Prank - A limited-to-300 PURPLE vinyl re-press of the long sold out debut 12" by the SF BAY AREA'S NO STATIK. This debut 12" takes a straight forward 80's hardcore charge and detonates it with bursts of chaotic 90's hardcore rapid fire drumming, with guitar leads searing and squealing out of the chaos as brutal vocals dredge and nail down dark, pointed lyrics. Six inventive blasts of thick, stop, start and rampage are on the A-side and the B-side is the title track, an experimental track that weaves the band's hardcore attack in and out of an ambient and rhythmic soundscape. Vocalist Ruby was previously in MOMENTO MORI and SCROTUM GRINDER. Guitarist Mark was in LOOK BACK AND LAUGH and DESTROY!. Drummer B was in SCHOLASTIC DETH and END OF THE CENTURY PARTY and currently plays in REPLICA. Bassist Robert was in ARTIMUS PYLE, WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? and is in CONQUEST FOR DEATH. The band has also released three sold out 7" EP's and their recent 'Everywhere You aren't looking" follow up 12" is also slated for a repress in the next few months. NO STATIK recently completed their third West Coast tour. Re-press limited to 300 copies on transparent purple vinyl. BUY LP:$10.00
NO SYSTEM Dead Bands Tell No Tales 7" from No Way Records BUY 7":$3.50
NO TORSO Ready Already CDep from Asian Man BUY CDep:$6.00
NO TORSO Several Brains CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
NO USE FOR A NAME Hard Rock Bottom LP from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$9.25
NO USE FOR A NAME Keep Them Confused LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$9.25
CD out of stock
NO USE FOR A NAME The Daily Grind CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY CD:$6.75
NO///se' NEW! S/T LP from Rotten To the Core BUY LP:$10.00
NOBUNNY First Blood LP/CD from Goner BUY LP:$14.25
BUY CD:$12.50
NOBUNNY Raw Romance LP from Burger Records BUY LP:$13.00
NOFX 45 or 46 Songs That Weren't Good Enough for Our Other Albums LP/2xCD from Fat Wreck Chords - The double CD also includes the 'Surfer' and 'Fuck the Kids' 7"! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY 2xCD:$10.00
NOFX Cokie the Clown b/w Codependence Day & Straight Outta Massachusetts 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$4.75
NOFX Frisbee / Coaster LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.50
NOFX Fuck the Kids 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$3.25
NOFX Heavy Petting Zoo LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Liberal Animation LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Longest Line 12"/CDep from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 12":$8.50
BUY CDep:$6.75
NOFX My Orphan Year (acoustic) b/w Fermented and Flailing 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$4.75
NOFX My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$5.25
NOFX NOFX 10" from Fat Wreck Chords - A 9-song record of hardcore covers! BUY 10":$9.50
NOFX P.M.R.C. Can Suck on This 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$3.25
NOFX Pump Up the Valuum LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Punk in Drublic LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Regaining Unconsciousness 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$3.25
NOFX Ribbed LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Ronnie & Mags 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$5.00
NOFX S & M Airlines LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Self Entitled LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$11.75
BUY CD:$11.00
NOFX So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Surfer 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$3.25
NOFX The Decline 12"/CDep from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 12":$8.50
BUY CDep:$6.75
NOFX The Longest EP 2xLP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords - A collection of 30 EP songs from 1987 to 2009, plus rare & out of print stuff and previously unreleased outtakes! 2xLP out of stock
BUY CD:$9.75
NOFX The War on Errorism LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords - Includes animated videos! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.50
NOFX They've Actually Gotten Worse Live 2xLP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords - 24 songs! BUY 2xLP:$13.75
BUY CD:$8.50
NOFX White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean LP from Epitaph BUY LP:$15.75
NOFX Wolves in Wolves' Clothing LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$6.75
NOFX Xmas Has Been X'ed 7" from Fat Wreck Chords BUY 7":$5.25
NOFX / RANCID BYO Split Series Volume 3 LP/CD from BYO - Each band covers six of the other band's songs! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$10.75
NOISE BY NUMBERS Yeah, Whatever LP/CD from Asian Man - Folks from Screeching Weasel/Methadones/Riverdales & Lawrence Arms! BUY LP:$11.00
BUY CD:$8.00
NOMEANSNO The Worldhood of the World 2xLP from Wrong BUY 2xLP:$17.50
NOMEANSNO Wrong 2xLP from Wrong Records BUY 2xLP:$16.75
NOMOS Nomos 7" from Deranged BUY 7":$5.25
NONA Through the Head LP from Mandible Records BUY LP:$8.50
NONE MORE BLACK File Under Black LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords - Ex- Kid Dynamite! BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$6.75
NONE MORE BLACK Icons LP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.50
NONE MORE BLACK Loud About Loathing 12"/CDep from Sabot Productions - On GOLD vinyl - includes a download code! BUY 12":$6.50
BUY CDep:$5.50
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NONE MORE BLACK This is Satire LP/CD from Sabot Productions/Fat Wreck Chords LP out of stock
BUY CD:$6.75
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NORTH LINCOLN Apology CDep from Salinas - Six songs! BUY CDep:$4.75
NORTH LINCOLN Art of the Underground Single Series Volume 18 7" from Art of the Underground - Leftovers from the AOTU Singles Club! Very few in stock, one per person please! Songs are: "In a Year of Years" b/w "Blame". (NOTE: the box that these records came in was knocked around a little bit during transit, and some of the covers are dinged. The records themselves are fine!) 7" out of stock
NORTH LINCOLN Kids Button from No Idea BUY Button:$0.75
NORTH LINCOLN Logo (7.5" x 1.25") Sticker from No Idea Sticker out of stock
NORTH LINCOLN Midwestern Blood LP + CD LP+CD from No Idea - This is a special deal where you get BOTH the LP and the CD (yes, this includes the CD printed parts too). Whooo! BUY LP+CD:$11.00
NORTH LINCOLN Midwestern Blood LP/CD from No Idea - A few years ago, somebody coined the term "Midwestern beer- belly despair rock" to describe a handful of bands emanating from the greater Illinois/Michigan era, and the moniker couldn't be more aptly fitting for North Lincoln. Hailing from the reeling metropolis of Grand Rapids, deeply rooted in a community that rode the post-industrial wave of collapse and still struggles to keep its head above water, North Lincoln embodies a newer wave of working-class punk rock that ditches the anthemic trappings of Boston and New York and instead builds on the melancholy hymns of luminaries like JAWBREAKER and LEATHERFACE. They've added a healthy dash of HOT WATER MUSIC's hoarsely-shouted defiance to craft their own niche - desperate without implying resignation, helpless without feeling hopeless, downhearted but never defeated. It's furious mid-tempo rock heavily steeped in distorted minor chords, all tied together by lyrics that scrutinize the turbulent personal and social relationships found in their community and, more likely than not, mirrored in our own. LP is colored vinyl and includes a download code! BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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NORTH LINCOLN NL Logo Button from No Idea BUY Button:$0.75
NORTH LINCOLN North Lincoln 7" from Kiss of Death - Three songs! One is a Gibbons cover! BUY 7":$3.50
NORTH LINCOLN This is Gonna Hurt / In Your Hands 7" from No Idea - 7" out of print! ** LIMITED TO 200 COPIES; with screenprinted covers on RED vinyl!! Both songs are exclusive to this 7" and DO NOT appear on the "Midwestern Blood" album. 7" out of stock
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NORTH LINCOLN Truth is a Menace (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea - Back in print on PURPLE vinyl! Download Code! "Following in the footsteps of SMALL BROWN BIKE, NL is spearheading the charge to make Grand Rapids, Michigan the Gainesville of the north." -MRR. Rambunctious and exciting, NL are blazing their way out of MI and drilling their way into your brain! In pours the beer, out pours the festival! Infectious little bastards, we had to say yes! "All 12 songs on Truth is a Menace blow through the speakers like wind through a freshly opened window in a tour van. Sure, you can easily spot the band's primary influences- Hot Water Music, House On Fire, Tiltwheel and Leatherface-but that's just part of what makes their songs so addictive. Having been on a steady diet of these bands since the beginning, North Lincoln don't just retrace the diagrams of songs that have already been played. Instead, the group sound like they've been busy on roofs during storms, catching and bottling some lightning of their own. Truth is a Menace unapologetically scorches new ground with anthems of alienation that will both invigorate and inspire." - Todd Taylor BUY LP:$8.00
BUY CD:$3.99
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NORTH LINCOLN Viaje EP CDep from The Support Group CDep out of stock
NORTH LINCOLN / GIBBONS 7" from Salinas BUY 7":$3.50
NOTHINGTON All In LP/CD from Left Off The Dial/BYO - Originally released on CD by BYO Records back in 2007, Left Off The Dial Records is pleased to finally present a limited pressing of Nothington's debut album, "All In" on colored vinyl. Numerous tours across the U.S., appearances at Warped Tour and The Fest, and a recent multi-month jaunt to Europe have spread their message of punk rock n' roll at it's finest to the masses. A far cry from the members' previous works in Tsunami Bomb and Enemy You, these tunes set sail right into the Hot Water Music meets Social Distortion sea of gruff melodic punk meets southern influence. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$10.75
NOTHINGTON One For the Road 7" from Left Off the Dial BUY 7":$3.85
NOTHINGTON Roads, Bridges & Ruins LP from BYO BUY LP:$10.00
NOUN Holy Hell LP/CD from Don Giovanni - Now available on vinyl! With the band Screaming Females, Marissa Paternoster has been known to shred until her fingers bleed. But with her 5-year-old low- profile solo project Noun, Marissa dedicates less time to shrieking and soloing, and more to intricate studio work and lower-key instrumentation. Holy Hell, the first official Noun release, incorporates keys, organs, and toned-down guitars and drums. The result is clearly different than Screaming Females: it’s mellower, more melodic, and whereas the Screaming Females’ songwriting process is a three-way discussion, Marissa writes all of the songs for Noun. Holy Hell features drum work by Angela Boylan (of Cheeky), Miranda Taylor (Hunchback, Black Wine, Full of Fancy), and Jarrett Dougherty (Screaming Females), plus bass lines by King Mike (Screaming Females). BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$7.00
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NOUN Noun 7" from Don Giovanni - Solo project from Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females).  On this 7" she is joined by Miranda Taylor from Black Wine and Hunchback for 4 of the best Noun songs to date. BUY 7":$4.25
NOVICE, THE NEW! What You Want 7" from Dirtnap Records - Dirtnap Records is excited to present the first and last release from Jeff Burke’s (Marked Men/Potential Johns) band in Japan. The Novice was based in Mito, Japan and were active between April 2010 and August 2012. Members included Takahiro Hashimoto and Isao Fujita who have both played in numerous punk bands and Seiko Harada, whose first band was The Novice. Recorded with Fumito Yamazaki from Your Pest Band in April (?) 2012 and Jimbo Kawamata from Firestarter designed the cover. Jeff Burke is one of the most distinctive singer/songwriters in punk today, and this single will be instantly recognizable to anyone familiar with his work. Short, choppy, fast, catchy buzzsaw pop, with the perfect balance of melody and grit. One time only pressing of 1000, all copies come with download coupon. BUY 7":$4.25
NRA Machine CD from Newest Industry - From Amsterdam; compared to Husker Du/Dickies/Naked Raygun! BUY CD:$8.10
NU SENSAE Sundowning LP/CD from Suicide Squeeze BUY LP:$12.75
BUY CD:$12.00
NUCLEAR SANTA CLAUST Nuclear Santa Claust 7" from Don Giovanni - Cleveland transplants in Brooklyn play Ramones and Spits influenced punk that is paranoid as hell. Zach Gajewski from For Science plays bass. BUY 7":$4.25
NUCLEAR SANTA CLAUST Order of the New Age LP from Don Giovanni - Nuclear Santa Claust's 2013 LP for Don Giovanni is inspired by classic punk and garage sounds, twisted into 12 paranoid hook-heavy fast-burners, full of distant, dissonant echo-heavy dual vox, driving double-time drums, and complex lead guitars. Following a self-titled 7-inch, Order Of the New Age is the debut full-length by these three Cleveland transplants now in Brooklyn. Essential listening for fans of the Ramones and the Spits. No song breaks the three minute mark, working within the framework of classic punk to riff on systematic destruction and paranoia in the new age. "Radiation Fall Out" is all noisy layered guitars and melodic riffs. "Numbers Stations" breaks off into a patch of psyched-out guitar feedback space sounds. "Government Issued Acid Trip" and "Summer Vacation" play out fast, full of sharp leads and punchy energy, offering social commentary through the lens of skepticism about the world at large. These are punk songs for the end of the world. BUY LP:$10.00
NUDE BEACH NEW! Nude Beach LP from Mandible Records BUY LP:$8.50
NUEVA AUTORIDAD DEMOCRATICA Nueva Autoridad Democratica Cassette from Todo Destruido BUY Cassette:$4.00
NUN CHUKSKY Nun Chuksky Cassette from Tiger Force Ultra BUY Cassette:$4.20
NY CITIZENS The Truth About... CD from Moon BUY CD:$3.99