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J CHURCH Arbor Vitae CD from Honey Bear - Perfect melancholy pop with bite. BUY CD:$12.00
J CHURCH Drama of Alienation LP/CD from Honest Don's BUY LP:$9.25
BUY CD:$6.25
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J CHURCH One Mississippi 2xLP/CD from Fat Wreck Chords - 26 songs? Holy cow! BUY 2xLP:$13.50
BUY CD:$6.75
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J CHURCH Palestine CD from Honey Bear BUY CD:$11.90
J CHURCH Society is a Carnivorous Flower (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea - All of the classic J CHURCH elements are here, complimented exquisitely by the revamped four-piece lineup. The highlight is the stellar B- side, which is one 15-minute song, made up of several shorter ones. It's a manic ride, full of history, politics, and humanity. Welcome back!! LP out of stock
BUY CD:$3.99
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J CHURCH The Horror of Life (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from No Idea LP out of stock
BUY CD:$3.99
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J CHURCH / MINORITY BLUES BAND 7" from Underground Communique BUY 7":$3.80
J CHURCH / OFF WITH THEIR HEADS 7" from Rock Bottom 7" out of stock
J CHURCH / PLUNGERS 7" from Chunksaah BUY 7":$4.00
J CHURCH / SOUND ON SOUND 7" from Underground Communique BUY 7":$3.50
J CHURCH / STORM THE TOWER LP/CD from Broken Rekids BUY LP:$8.10
BUY CD:$11.30
JABBA THE HUTT action figure! STAR WARS Toy from Kenner - This is the old-school 1980's action figure (not the 90's one!). We have several of these. Very exciting. BUY Toy:$16.00
JACK PALANCE BAND Get This Shit Under Way LP/CD from A.D.D. - Now available on vinyl! Imagine a nation of Homer Simpsons slapping their millions of heads in unison, with the chorus "D'oh!" filling in the echo. That, my friend is the sound of people missing, quite possibly, one of the best, unheralded punk rock records to ever come out of the South (still). Imagine being hugged tightly in restraint, (with guitars and voice that seems to be singing directly to you) while the world is burning. Take all that wanky masturbation of people who can play their instruments and turn it completely inside out: music that displays more and more with each listen. BUY LP:$8.40
BUY CD:$8.40
JACOBS, RACHEL Friend Overseas 7"/CDep from Art of the Underground BUY 7":$3.15
BUY CDep:$3.50
JACUZZI SUICIDE Jacuzzi Suicide 7" from Humdinger Records BUY 7":$3.85
JAGUAR LOVE Take Me to the Sea (SALE PRICE!) LP/CD from Matador - With folks from Blood Brothers/Pretty Girls Make Graves! LP out of stock
BUY CD:$4.99
JAMMY DODGERS Fish 'n' Chips (SALE PRICE!) 7" from No Idea - A brief milestone in the long, twisted musical journey of Chris Clavin (Ghost Mice, Captain Chaos, Operation Cliff Clavin, The Devil Is Electric) that once again returns to the electrified roots of DIY punk rock. Plugged in, sped up, and sung at the tops of their lungs, these minute-long, coffee-fueled anthems will surely whip the heart, mind, and feet into a frenzy of action that will send even the most lackadaisical of punkers scurrying into the streets and infoshops with a revitalized fervor of hope and belief. BUY 7":$1.99
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JAMMY DODGERS Skive Off CD from Plan-It-X/Rock-It Records BUY CD:$4.75
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JAPANTHER Beets, Limes and Rice LP/CD from Recess Records - Described most recently as �art-rock installation paratroopers� and �a studied form of New Wave anarchism� by Flash Art, a �Performance Galaxy� by Vanity Fair, �Super hard, incredibly fast and overall inspiring� by Thrasher, �more accessible than other bands of its genre� by the New Yorker, and �the best band ever, straight up� by Tokion, Japanther (www.japanther.com) has always been a band apart, running the gamut from performance art to punk rock and back again. Pushing parties to the limit ("Lincoln Center punk-rock concert turned mini-riot� -New York Post), Japanther returns in 2011 with Beets, Limes and Rice, a celebration of ten years in the underground and an ultra-contemporary meditation on catharsis and being in love in a time of darkness. Following on the heels of Rock �n� Roll Ice Cream (2010), Beets, Limes and Rice was again recorded in the hills of Los Angeles with producer Michael Blum, who has worked with Michael Jackson, Madonna (Like a Prayer, Who�s That Girl), Pink Floyd and Suicidal Tendencies. From Venice Beach to Rockaway Beach, this new album delivers a new urban punk rock dance sound that bursts with California sunshine and amped-up collaborations with Ninjasonik, Erick Lyle, Total Warr and John McIntyr. Beets, Limes and Rice was written in the midst of "It Never Seems to End," an 84-hour performance piece in Vienna, Austria for TBA 21; in Paris, Venice, during cross-country travel from Juarez to Brooklyn to Bellingham, and lots of airports in between. Beets, Limes and Rice will be released on October 18th in digital and vinyl format from Recess Records, on CD from Japanther's own Tapes Records, on cassette from Lauren Records, and by Seayou Records in Europe. The artwork for the album was created by Monica Canilao, whose art focuses on craft, reclaimed materials, and �the meaning of home, the power of collectivity and the imprint history has left on me.� Japanther is an art project, established by Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek, then students at Pratt Institute. Japanther was featured in the 2006 Whitney Biennial and the 2011 Venice Biennale, and has collaborated with a diverse pool of artists such as Gelitin, Penny Rimbaud, Gee Vaucher, Dan Graham, Eileen Myles, Kevin Bouton-Scott, robbinschilds, Dawn Riddle, Claudia Meza, Todd James, Devin Flynn, Ninjasonik, Anita Sparrow and Spankrock. Japanther has made its name with unique performance situations, appearing alongside synchronized swimmers, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, with giant puppets, marionettes and shadow puppets, in the back of a moving truck in Soho, and at shows with giant dinosaurs and BMXers flying off the walls. BUY LP:$10.00
BUY CD:$8.00
JAPANTHER Beets, Limes and Rice Cassette from Lauren Records BUY Cassette:$5.75
JAPANTHER Divorce / Evil Earth 7" from Arkam Records - Two older songs, re-recorded w/new arrangments - hand- silkscreened covers, very nice! BUY 7":$4.20
JAPANTHER Don't Trust Anyone Over 30 LP from Wantage BUY LP:$10.50
JAPANTHER Don't Trust Anyone Over 30 DVD (SALE PRICE!) DVD from Recess Records - The main feature is a psychedelic trip through the puppet universe of Dan Graham. Based on a late 60?s teen film? and why not?! Do not stop there, though! Mr. Craig Flipy threw together some hefty bonus footy, like a full feature of Japanther playing the now defunct 4th St. Pedro house, Bloomington, etc etc et frikken cetra! DVD running time is approx. 2 hours! BUY DVD:$4.99
JAPANTHER NEW! Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart Cassette from Lauren Records BUY Cassette:$4.25
JAPANTHER NEW! Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart LP from Recess Records - Japanther is the music and art project of Matt Reilly and Ian Vanek, who joined forces in 2001 and have taken on multitude of creative endeavors since. Known for their unconventional live performances, the band has appeared alongside synchronized swimmers, atop the Williamsburg Bridge, with giant puppets and marionettes, in the back of a moving truck in Soho, and at shows with giant dinosaurs and BMX bikers flying off the walls. Having released over a dozen albums in the past decade, Japanther is back with a new LP, Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart, for Recess Records. Eat Like Lisa Act Like Bart opens with the upbeat Do Not Resuscitate, with layers of buzzing guitar, shimmering synth and regimental percussion. The Drums Deliver is braced by a steady drum beat and driven by a wandering vocal line that leads to a sing-along chorus. Green Spray Paint features a toe-tapping rhythm beneath distorted vocals, while 125th and Riverside is a slower jam that trades in fuzzy guitars for bouncy piano accompaniment. Album track Stolen Flowers is a short, melodic cut with fuzzed-out guitars and a driving beat, giving listeners a taste of the bands signature punk rock-infused sound. BUY LP:$10.00
JAPANTHER Skuffed Up My Huffy LP/CD from Recess/Menlo Park BUY LP:$7.50
BUY CD:$11.75
JAPANTHER Tut Tut, Now Shake Ya Butt LP/CD from Wantage BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$9.80
JAPANTHER Wolfenswan CD from Plan-It-X - 10 song full length from NYC's electronickpunks! BUY CD:$5.75
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JAPANTHER / NINJASONIK 7" from Wantage - Numbered & limited to 500! BUY 7":$5.60
JAWBOX For Your Own Special Sweetheart LP/CD from DeSoto BUY LP:$11.25
BUY CD:$10.50
JAWBOX Grippe CD from Dischord BUY CD:$9.00
JAWBOX Jackpot Plus! 7" from Dischord - Re-issued! BUY 7":$4.50
JAWBOX My Scrapbook of Fatal Accidents CD from DeSoto - Includes B-sides and live stuff! BUY CD:$10.80
JAWBOX Novelty CD from Dischord BUY CD:$9.00
JAWBOX Tongues / Ones & Zeroes 7" from Dischord BUY 7":$4.50
JAWBREAKER NEW! Bivouac LP/CD from Blackball BUY LP:$16.00
BUY CD:$13.25
JAWBREAKER Chesterfield King 12" from Blackball BUY 12":$10.00
JAWBREAKER Dear You 2xLP/CD from Blackball BUY 2xLP:$15.25
BUY CD:$12.50
JAWBREAKER Etc. 2xLP/CD from Blackball BUY 2xLP:$15.25
BUY CD:$12.50
JAWBREAKER Live 4/30/96 CD from Blackball BUY CD:$12.50
JAWBREAKER NEW! Unfun LP/CD from Blackball - LP comes with a download code & CD has a 24-page booklet! BUY LP:$13.25
BUY CD:$13.25
JEFFIE GENETIC AND HIS CLONES Need a Wave CD from Dirtnap BUY CD:$8.00
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JENA BERLIN Passion Waits as the Program Keeps Going CD from Watch the City Burn BUY CD:$7.00
JENA BERLIN Quo Vadimus LP/CD from Jump Start BUY LP:$9.10
BUY CD:$8.40
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Automatic (180 Gram) LP from Plain BUY LP:$19.00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides & more) LP from 1972 BUY LP:$16.00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Darklands (180 Gram) LP from Plain BUY LP:$19.00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Honey's Dead (180 Gram) LP from Plain BUY LP:$19.00
JESUS AND MARY CHAIN Psychocandy (180 Gram) LP from Rhino Records BUY LP:$19.00
JETS TO BRAZIL Four Cornered Night CD from Jade Tree BUY CD:$11.50
JETS TO BRAZIL Orange Rhyming Dictionary CD from Jade Tree BUY CD:$11.50
JETS TO BRAZIL Perfecting Loneliness CD from Jade Tree BUY CD:$11.50
JOAN OF ARC Joan of Arc, Dick Cheney, Mark Twain... (SALE PRICE!) CD from Polyvinyl CD out of stock
JOE JACK TALCUM Home Recordings 1984 - 1990 LP from Happy Happy Birthday To Me BUY LP:$11.25
JOEY CAPE & TONY SLY Acoustic Volume 2 LP from Fat Wreck Chords BUY LP:$10.25
JOHN HENRY WEST Door Bolted Shut LP+CD from Ebullition - In the works for what seems like an eternity, Ebullition finally brings the John Henry West discography into existence. John Henry West played 50 shows between the fall of 1992 and the late summer of 1993. Side A of the LP features the 4 tracks from their 7" on Gravity Records, and side B features their songs from the "3/12/93" compilation and "A History of Compassion and Justice?" compilation LP, as well as 2 previously unreleased songs. The bonus CD features the original 6 song demo, their final live show at the Gilman (7 tracks), and a live set that they played on WUSB Radio in July of 1993 (9 tracks). The LP comes with a CD sized booklet with lyrics and photos. Featuring members of other great bands such as Fuel, Navio Forge, Sawhorse, Torches To Rome, Sixteen Bullets, End of The Line, and plenty more! BUY LP+CD:$15.75
JOHN HOLMES El Louso Suavo CD from Devil Rock BUY CD:$6.75
JOHN HOLMES / CANVAS 7" from Devil Rock BUY 7":$2.75
JOHN MORELAND & THE BLACK GOLD BAND Things I Can't Control CDep from Paper + Plastick BUY CDep:$7.75
JOHNNY BODACIOUS & THE BAD ATTITUDES From Here to Outer Space CD from Cassette Deck BUY CD:$5.00
JON COUGAR CONCENTRATION CAMP No More Room in Hell (SALE PRICE!) CD from Recess Records - this is an 11 song cd of the j.c.c.c. last session.these are demos,but everyone from here to stankville tells us its theyre best yet-get it and remember what it felt like to get kicked in the A-hole with a steel toe boot after you farted in jack spralia's face. released in 2000 BUY CD:$3.99
JON GAUNT & GUERRILLA GRASS split 7" from Jon Gaunt - Jon Gaunt and Gainesville friends play two bluegrass standards and two of Gaunt's original singer/songwriter numbers. Digital download included! BUY 7":$5.00
JON SNODGRASS & FRIENDS More Buddies More Fun 7" from Paper + Plastick BUY 7":$5.50
JON SNODGRASS & FRIENDS Tri-State Record 7" from Paper + Plastick - Features collaborations with Chris Wollard (Hot Water Music, Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves), Stephen Egerton (ALL, Descendents), Brandon Carlisle (Teenage Bottlerocket), & Addison Burns (Chris Wollard and the Ship Thieves)! 7" out of stock
JONESIN' 7-inch Songs CDR CD from Dead Broke Rekerds BUY CD:$3.85
JONESIN' / DUDE JAMS 7" from Dirt Cult BUY 7":$3.50
JONESIN' / SHANG-A-LANG 7" from Dead Broke Rekerds - Jonesin' is ex- Down In The Dumps from NY! BUY 7":$3.50
JOSHUA / NIGHTMARES FOR A WEEK 7" from Limited Fanfare BUY 7":$5.50
JOWLS NEW! Cursed 10" from Tiny Engines - Harkening back to 90's hardcore/noise rock, Grand Rapids, MI based Jowls are a breath of fresh air on their debut as a trio. Originally formed as a duo from the ashes of Victor Fix The Sun the band recorded a demo and split 7" with fellow Michigan rockers, The Reptilian. In late 2011 the duo officially expanded with the addition of bassist John Harmon who played in Chicago noise rock band, Cloud Mouth. With that sprung the Cursed recordings which show a tremendous refinement in sound and scope. Jowls' brand of hardcore is unabashedly aggressive but also flexes a keen sense of dynamics and dare I say, even melody. Cursed is the sound of controlled chaos, of confidence exploding in measured amounts of brain and brawn. This is not aggression without purpose, every note here serves the whole. Every scream and every instrumental explosion serves as a lifeforce, as musical bread for a starved feeding. Jowls is absolutely vital. BUY 10":$8.00
JOY DIVISION Closer 180 Gram LP from Rhino Records BUY LP:$20.00
JOY DIVISION Unknown Pleasures 180 Gram LP from Rhino Records BUY LP:$20.00
JOYCE MANOR Joyce Manor LP/CD from 6131 Records BUY LP:$12.00
BUY CD:$6.25
JOYCE MANOR Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired LP/CD from Asian Man - From Torrance, CA comes the sophomore release from JOYCE MANOR. Produced and engineered by Jack Shirley (Comadre) in Palo Alto, CA @ Atomic Garden. BUY LP:$11.00
BUY CD:$8.00
JOYCE MANOR S/T / Of All Things... Cassette from Lauren Records BUY Cassette:$4.25
JOYRIDE! NEW! Joyride! LP from Lauren Records BUY LP:$10.00
JUD JUD NEW! The Demos 7" from No Idea - GREEN vinyl! Legendary acapella straightedge mosh! BUY 7":$5.00
JUDGEMENT Embroidered Patch Patch from 540 Records - Light grey & silver embroidered logo on a black 3" x 3" round patch! BUY Patch:$5.50
JUDGEMENT Just Be 7" from Prank - JUDGEMENT "JUST BE" was originally released as a CD- Only EP by Tokyo's HG FACT label in 2001. This was the debut release of the Tokyo bands final line up Comprised of Japanese legends Guitarist ZIGYAKU ( GUDON, HALF YEARS, BASTARD), Drummer MUKAI ( CHICKEN BOWELS, DEATHSIDE) and then-new members singer JHA JHA ( LIPCREAM) and bassist SAKURA. Combining the best elements of the band's previous works with an upbeat spirit, high energy drumming and incredible guitar riffs, "JUST BE"'s is another landmark in the band's impressive catalog of now classic 7" EP's dating back to the band's origins in the mid 1990's. This is the first time these four tracks appear on vinyl. Split release with HG FACT released for JUDGEMENT's recent US performance at Austin's CHAOS IN TEJAS Festival. 7" out of stock
JUMP OFF A BUILDING Bird Watching in New Zealand (SALE PRICE!) 7" from Lengua Armada BUY 7":$1.99
JUNIOR BATTLES Idle Ages LP/CD from Paper + Plastick BUY LP:$12.00
BUY CD:$7.75
JUST A FIRE Light Up CD from Asian Man BUY CD:$8.00
JUST URBAIN Guns & Guitars 7" from 540 Records - From Brisbane, Australia; originally released in 1979! BUY 7":$5.50