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Life's Blood 7" Collection - One of these Best NYHC bands ever, even if they didn't have NYHC pride.

From the top left:

Defiance 7" - Combined Effort - 1st Press - Normal Sleeve, Red Labels, Press of ?
Defiance 7" - Combined Effort - 2ndPress - Normal Sleeve, silver labels, Press of ?
Defiance 7" - Combined Effort - 2nd Press - Jesus Sleeve, Press of ~50
Defiance 7" - Combined Effort Cover with Vermiform address and white label Vermiform record
Defiance 7" - Vermiform - early press - white Fuck NY labels, Vermiform NY address - w/booklet
Defiance 7" - Vermiform - later press - white Fuck NY labels, Vermiform Richmond address
Defiance 7" - Vermiform - last press - black labels, sleeve printed on inside
Defiance 7" - Vermiform - last press - TEST PRESS - new stampers, earlier presses used Combined effort plates. Custom printed sleeve
Life's Blood / Sticks and Stones split 7" - Radcore/Forefront - Reversed labels, Total Press of 2000
Life's Blood / Sticks and Stones split 7" - Radcore/Forefront - Normal labels, Total Press of 2000
Murders Among Us Comp 7" - Combined Effort/Vermiform - 1st Press - Glued Sleeve, silver labels (purple drawn pic of dog)
Murders Among Us Comp 7" -Vermiform - 2ndPress - Fold-out poster sleeve, white labels (b/w photo of dog)


1) Unsure of the total number pressed of the Defiance 7"on Combined Effort. Red Labels are the 1st Press and Silver Labels are the 2nd Press. The cover is a double sided tri-fold with not insert, but may include stickers. The 1st press covers appear slightly glossier. The dust sleeves on 1st press records may include handwritten messages. After Combined Effort folded and Vermiform took over, some covers had the combined effort address covered over with sharpie on the inside and a sticker with the NY Vermiform address on the back cover. These covers have had the new Vermiform press record (white labels) or interestingly 1st press red label records.

2) A small number of "Jesus sleeves" were made for a Life's Blood show at Lismar Lounge in 1988. It includes a one-sided insert and sticker. I have heard that 30, 42, 45 or 50 were made. Regardless, it was a small number. However, it appears that not all the sleeves made were sold at that show and some were used several years later when vermiform repressed the 7" - supposedly when they ran out of their sleeves. Thus, this sleeve can be found with a silver label combined effort record or a white label Vermiform record. Not sure how the numbers break down between the presses. ** It would be an easy thing to fake anyway.

3) A total of 4,166 Defiance 7"s were pressed on Vermiform from 4 individual pressings. Not sure how they numbers break down for each press. However, the earlier pressings should have the original NY Vermiform address. The later pressings will have a new Richmond, VA address sticker placed over the address on the back cover. There may or may not be a Life's Blood booklet or double sided folded insert. Vermiform had new stampers made for what i imagine is the last of the 4 pressings ( in 1996 - see new test press). These records have a printed inner sleeve with the Richmond address and new black labels. The earlier Vermiform covers are blank on the inside and have the NY address. The earlier Vermiform pressings used the same stampers as the Combined Effort presses. Not sure if they ran a new set of tests before the Vermiform white label F NY pressings.

4) A total 2000 were pressed of the Life's Blood/Sticks and Stones split 7". Records have reversed or non-reversed labels. It can include a double sided insert. I have seen one copy of the normal labels with the sleeve colored red with marker. Not sure how the numbers break down for different versions or if they are different presses.

5) A total of about about 2,500 Murders Among Us comp 7" were pressed. Not sure how the numbers break down between the pressings. The earlier combined effort/ Vermiform press is a glued sleeve, while the later Vermiform press has a fold out poster sleeve. Both presses have the same matrix, but different labels. The earlier press has silver labels with purple ink, and a drawn picture of a bulldog on the B-side. The later press has white labels with black ink and a b/w photo of a dog on the B side

6) Life's Blood were also on the "Where the Wild Things Are" comp 12" originally released on Blackout Records. The 1st Press came on black (2000). The second press came on gold (1200), black/gold (1500) and red (300). A 3rd Press on black was intended for 1990; However it is uncertain if that happened and if so, if they are different from the 1st press black. Link Records pressed an unknown number on black for Europe around the same time as the Blackout press. Noiseville records repressed this in 2006 with a different cover: 400 were pressed on clear, 1600 were pressed on clear blue and 100 hand numbered blank label test presses. Street Justice Records from Germany also pressed 500 numbered picture discs. Noiseville Records repressed it again in Jan/Feb 2014 on 140g colored weenil. Life's Blood were also on the New Breed tape comp (700 made in 1989) with Sean, not Jason O-Toole singing. This was just repressed as a 2xLP by Wardance records - 200 have a limited "Wild Style" cover. Life's Blood also had a demo tape. Supposedly, sometime "soon" Prank Records is issuing a 2x12" discography, which should be more complete than the Vermiform CD (2,166 were pressed of that in 1996). It should have all the material listed above plus, the unreleased Don Fury '88 sessions, the entire live set recorded for the new breed comp, and lives sets from WNYU and WFMU (some of which was used on the Sticks and Stones split 7").

7) Members of Life's Blood were also involved with a number of other bands. e.g. Clenched Fist, Born Against, Collapse, Factory, Young(Pioneers), Men's Recovery Project and others. After Life's Blood, Jason O'Toole sang for Factory, which put out an interesting 7" called Empire State in 1990 and My Rifle (which included Lewis Dimmick [Our Gang], Andy Guida [Absolution, Supertouch] and Hopi Klapuri [Our Gang]), which recently put out the 7" on Wardance Records. John Kriksciun also drummed in Collapse with Sean (who sang for Life's Blood after Jason was kicked out - he's on the New Breed Comp) and Sergio Vega (Quicksand). Matt Gard of Radio Riot fame put out the Collapse 7" several years after they broke up. Besides the normal version there is a screened sleeve, which is out of 29. Adam Nathanson and Neil Burke (a short time) played in Born Against with Vermiform head Sam McPheeters and his some of the later offshoots, Young(Pioneers), Men's Recovery Project, etc.

Where the Wild Things Are - 2nd Press Gold /1200


Where the Wild Things Are - 2nd Press Red/300


Where the Wild Things Are - Repress Clear /400


Where the Wild Things Are - Picture Disc /500


New Breed Tape Comp 2x12" - 1st Press Clear Blue - Wild Style Cover /200


Other Life's Blood related releases.


Factory - Empire State 7"
Born Against - Eulogy 7" - Came with Dear Jesus Fanzine #37
Born Against - ST 7" (Industrial Relations Dept.)
My Rifle - ST 7" - Clear /500
Collapse - ST 7" - Screened Sleeve /29
Collapse - ST 7" - Normal Version

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