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Whiskey & Co. - Rust Colors
No Idea 281
Released: September 7, 2010
Available in our NEW STORE!

Bittersweet, melancholy tales of failed relationships, liquor, and vice - but through it all the raised pint of camaraderie and a spark of hope. Whiskey & Co.'s third album shows a band in fine form, confident, and still playing far beyond their bar tab suggests is reasonable. The dust and rust follows throughout but under it all is a shine waiting to be discovered.

Brian Johnson - acoustic guitar and vocals
Ronnie Holmes - lead guitar
Kim Helm - vocals
Jon Reinertsen - drums
Troy Perlman - bass guitar

Recorded by Derron Nuhfer and Addison Burns at Crescendo Sound Studio, with help from various interns and James Bowman

1. Top Poppin'
2. Beer for...
3. Rust Colors
4. Road to Nowhere
5. Walking
6. Backwards Glance
7. In Spite of Ourselves
8. Rest Stop
9. Long Lonely Nights
10. Catch My Fall
11. Long Way Down

Record is streaming here:


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