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Unitas - Porch Life
No Idea 096
LP Released: October 2001
CD Released: June 2001
Available in our NEW STORE!

Quote from their first show: "We can't decide if we want to be AC/DC or Uncle Tupelo." That speaks volumes! Ex-Discounters Bill Nesper (drums) and Todd Rockhill (guitar), HWM's Jason Black (bass), and Jason Rockhill (singin') who has for years been the roadie/tour brains behind Discount and HWM Somebody gave him a microphone...and whataya know? HE CAN SING?!
LP is on White vinyl.

Jason Black - bass
Bill Nesper - drums
Jason Rockhill - vocals
Todd Rockhill - guitar

Recorded between September 2000 & January 2001
by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios

1. Who's They
2. Unitas (Picks a) Fight Song*
3. Ballad of the Designated Driver
4. Porch Life
5. Molotodd Cocktail
6. The Opinions Section
7. The Critic Looks in the Mirror
8. Last One Out of Gainesville is a Rotten Egg
9. The One About My Friends
10. The Young Idea vs. Fuzzy Math

*click to hear!


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