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Twelve Hour Turn - The Victory of Flight
No Idea 088
Released: November 1999
Available in our NEW STORE!

Refined. Faster. Really fucking good. It is not rock like Hot Water Noodle Music. It is not blender-grind fast like Combatwoundedgroundhogveteran. It plugs up the leaky aquafer that runs between the two. Maybe it's better described as a mutant demon spawned from the likes of Palatka and Unwound. Their combined weight is probably 400 pounds. Totally amazing. Recorded by Steve Heritage, who brings the intricacies into clear focus and cranks the rock up to "eleven".

Dave Diem - bass, vocals
Rich Diem - guitar, vocals
John Magnifico - guitar, vocals
Matt Oliver - drums

Recorded May 1999
by Steve Heritage at Morrisound Studios

1. New Snake
2. How To Build*
3. Second Story
4. I Get Lively...
5. Ghost Kitty
6. New Rock
7. For Want of a Real Whole
8. A Mouth of Suitable Size
9. ...To Bury the Ugly
10. Little One
11. This Papermill is Getting to Me

*click to hear!


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