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Trapdoor Fucking Exit - Be Not Content
No Idea 136
Released: February 17, 2004
Available in our NEW STORE!

For those in search of something fresh, innovative, and new... look no further! “Be Not Content” bends and winds, propelling the
listener through dark and chaotic landscapes. Intricate, yet far from alienating, each layer and passage builds to the next, alternately
dense and dynamic. Sweden's TRAPDOOR FUCKING EXIT have already garnered glowing comparisons to HOT SNAKES, BLACK
FLAG, THE STOOGES, and DRIVE LIKE JEHU. More confusing, but nonetheless still glowing, are comparisons to HOT WATER

That big fancy magazine ALTERNATIVE PRESS just reviewed this album and gave it a 4-out-of-5 rating!
"Scandinavia's TRAPDOOR FUCKING EXIT don't nail the sweet spot between the frenetic garage sound of their neighbors TURBONEGRO and the angular hardcore of REFUSED, but they come just close enough to get you on the edge of your seat and wide-eyed at various
moments on Be Not Content. "Everything is Winding Down" is the sound of rock unraveling and winding up again; "God's Forgotten Apologies" is an epic journey up and down Rock Mountain; and "Automathics" feels like a garage door opening and closing on the listener's head with complex, precise brutality. It's hard to take heed and be not content, especially after such an enjoyable beating."

—Randy Harward, AP #186

Jens Aker - guitar
Henke Anderson - vocals
Daniel Astgren - drums
Daniel Fagerström - bass

Recorded April 2002
by Karl Wikman at EAR

1. Everything is Winding Down*
2. Intruder
3. Inherit the Inheritance
4. Here are the Ghosts
5. God's Forgotten Apologies
6. False Pulse
7. Short Term Agreement
8. Killing Time
9. Bastard Plan
10. Automathics
11. Return to Casketland

*click to hear!


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