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Small Brown Bike - Our Own Wars
No Idea 077
Released: May 1999
Available in our NEW STORE!

Ten songs from these Michigan snowbunnies
Note: Yes, reviewers often use Jawbreaker and Hot Water Music as a starting point. Also Note: They have never been compared to Sunny Day Real Estate, Spazz, Operation Ivy, or Black Sabbath.

Travis Dopp - guitar, vocals
Dan Jaquint- drums
Ben Reed - bass, vocals
Mike Reed - vocals, guitar

Recorded January 8, 9, and 10, 1999
by Tim Pak and Mike Palm at Woodshed Studios

1. The Cannons and Tanks
2. the Cold
3. Running, Swimming, and Sinking
4. Now and Never
5. Expression Eraser
6. In Tune*
7. Curiosity Killed the Cat, and I'm the Killed
8. Atlanta
9. Zerosum
10. Make This a Holiday

*click to hear!


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