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Shores & Charles The Osprey - Ritual
No Idea 303
Released: October 28, 2011
Available in our NEW STORE!

The idea for this split was conceived on the porch of the lancioni household, where both bands spent the better part of 2010 writing, rehearsing, scheming, and putting down many cheap beers. these moments in time yield bonds of epic brotherly proportion. this is our ritual, together. On assorted colored vinyl!

Shores: brian przybylski and john massel. billy and sean join live. (1-2)
Charles the Osprey: derek lancioni and rafael ohli. that’s it. seriously. (4-5)
Beaches: brian przybylski and derek lancioni. (3)
Howard the Duck: rafael ohli and john massel. (6)

1-2: recorded september 19, 2010. “kids” inspired by cto’s  “scimitar children and their rugs”, from the 2010 lp “consider”, friction records. 3: recorded january 2, 2011. 4-5: recorded august 29, 2010. “roux” inspired by shores’ “roux”, from the 2010 lp “coup de grace”, no idea records. 6: recorded january 2 & 3, 2011.

all songs recorded by rick johnson at cold war studios, grand rapids, michigan. shores mixed by rick johnson. cto mixed by rafael ohli and rick johnson. mastered by derron nuhfer at sarlacc. vinyl cut by dave at lucky lacquers.

1. Tipper
2. Scimitar Kids
3. Per Se
4. Sculptor and Father and Sun
5. Roux
6. Patients Don’t Do That


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