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Planes Mistaken For Stars - We Ride To Fight!
No Idea 226
Released: December 2007
Available in our NEW STORE!

PMFS has pounded the road (and the road has pounded back) for a decade, never relenting, never giving up an inch taken. We find here: a rusty lockbox, full to bursting with incriminating details, blood and hair samples, and photographic evidence culled from their first four years as a band. Are they Hoodlums? Are they Mountain Men? Do they have your back for life? Perhaps all of the above. PLANES lives in the seconds between a swing and a hit. Join them in the fight!

Contained within are 24 songs, including the entire “self titled” album, “Knife in the Marathon” album, “Spearheading the Sin Movement” EP, “Fucking Fight” EP, four Black Flag covers, plus assorted comp songs and extras.

1. Copper and Stars
2. Division
3. The Time It Took
4. The Past Two
5. Somewhere in September
6. Standing Still Fast
7. Knuckle Hungry
8. Where the Arrow Went Out
9. Staggerswallowswell
10. Fucking Fight
11. The Part You Left Out
12. Scratching Rounds
13. Leaning the Room
14. Pillbox
15. Anthem
16. 66 Crush
17. Fall On Proverb
18. Wasted
19. Police Story
20. Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie
21. Depression
22. Thunder in the Night Forever! (we ride to fight)
23. Earning Ire
24. Bastards


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