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Planes Mistaken For Stars - Up In Them Guts
No Idea 166
Released: July 27, 2004

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Denver, Colorado’s PLANES burn off the fuel of their past in a white hot fury! "Up in Them Guts" is huge, compelling, and immediate. PLANES have taken their exploration further, darker, and harder, while remaining unflinchingly honest. Twin guitars peel off shards of sound, devilish and bold. Inebriated on heat and sweat, this is rockandfuckingroll in a pure sense, distilled from equal parts wonder and apprehension. No pasteurization! No punches pulled!


Recorded and mixed by AJ Mogis
at Presto in Lincoln, Nebraska, 2004.
Mastered by Derron Nuhfer
at Sarlacc in Gainesville, Florida.

1. To All Mothers
2. Belly Full of Hell*
3. Glassing
4. Dying by Degrees
5. Pigs
6. Dancing on the Face of the Panther
7. Say Not a Word
8. No Prize Fighter
9. Spring Divorce
10. A Six Inch Valley
11. Bastards
12. The Last Winter Dance Party

*click to hear!


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