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Onion Flavored Rings - Two Minutes' Enlightenment
No Idea 176
Released: July 25, 2005
Available in our NEW STORE!

OFR hails from San Francisco, and features former members of CRIMPSHRINE, SHOTWELL, MIAMI, MONSULA, ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT, and FUNYONS. Steve Funyon's heartfelt, bitter and cynical songs of doom, science and girls are backed up by a venerable rhythm section: Paul Curran on bass (and backing vocals) and Erick Lyle (formerly know as Iggy Scam) on the drums. What would be jangly folk-punk songs are amplified and rock-ified into power-pop-punk bursts with a unique sound that'll make you dance and sing along!

Erick Lyle: drums
Paul Curran: bass/singing
Steve Funyon: guitar/singing

Recorded by Bart Thurber
at house of Faith, Oakland CA, in February 2005

1. Inconclusive
2. Man without a Heart
3. Virginities
4. Veal
5. Venus
6. Positively Treat Street*
7. To the Grave
8. Down!
9. Hard to Tell
10. Two Minutes' Enlightenment
11. 12:05 Tonight
12. Laughing

*click to hear



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