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Leatherface - The Stormy Petrel
No Idea 266
Released: March 23, 2010
Available in our NEW STORE!

It’s a tall order to describe Leatherface in a single paragraph, given the seemingly monumental footprint they’ve left on our little world of DIY punk rock. They encompass everything there is to love about independent music - inventing a trademarked and unmistakable playing style, influencing and inspiring dozens of bands who have since risen to the top of the heap, and always maintaining their humility and integrity. Renowned for Stubbs’ weathered yet melodic rasp and soaring Gordon Smith guitars, Leatherface (commonly referred to as The Boat) champion the working stiff above all else, a testament to their Sunderland heritage and unflinching perseverance. Var says... This moment is quite literally twenty years in the making for me. What’s the story here? Is it about a kid hearing a band for the first time in 1990? Is it about the impact felt by a vastly influential, yet humbly underground band? Let us just say that without LEATHERFACE there would be no HOT WATER MUSIC as we know them. THE TIM VERSION and TILTWHEEL would have a big problem. And there would be a lot less tattoos of boats. I have reached the conclusion that this is enough. I salute the Boat and their brilliant new album. **Different artwork than the overseas release! **Colored vinyl!


Stefan Musch - Drums
Graeme Philliskirk - Bass
Dickie Hammond - Guitar and Vocals
Frankie Stubbs - Guitar and Vocals

Recorded 7-11 & 21-23 December 2009
by Fred Purser in Trinity Heights Studio.

Stream the record from!

1. God is Dead
2. My World’s End
3. Never Say Goodbye
4. Nutcase
5. Broken
6. Another Dance
7. Diego Garcia
8. Monkfish
9. Disgrace
10. Belly Dancing Stoat
11. Isn’t Life Just Sweet?
12. Hope


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