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I Hate Myself - 10 Songs
No Idea 049
LP Released: November 1997
CD Released: October 2000
Available in our NEW STORE!

After many meetings with the top brass at NO IDEA and the artist formerly known as I HATE MYSELF, the critically lauded "10 Songs" recording has finally become available in the wildly popular, futuristic digital format known as the "compact disc" or, "CD"! For all you analog purists, it's also still available in the archaic vinyl format!

Jim Marburger - vocals, guitar
Jon Marburger - drums
Basser X (aka Steve) - bass

Recorded June 1997
by Rob McGregor at Turd Studios

1. This Isn't the Tenka-Ichi-Budokai*
2. Urban Barbie
3. Polar Bear Summer
4. ...And Keep Reaching For Those Stars
5. Caught in a Flood with the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad
6. Kind of a Long Way Down
7. Not Waving but Drowning
8. Destroy All Monsters
9. To a Husband at War (CD only)
10. Conversation with Dr. Seussicide
11. Secret Lovers at the Heaven's Gate Ranch

*click to hear!


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