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The Holy Mountain - Bloodstains Across Your Face
No Idea 161
Released: June 15, 2004
Available in our NEW STORE!

Nine new songs to hold you over until the inevitable LP! That's right! It's a 12": way too many songs for a 7", not quite enough for an LP. Or you can call it "an LP for those with short attention spans". Either way, you get the equivalent of two chock-full-of-fury 7" records on one handy, convenient 12"... half the flipping, twice the noise! Go!!

Evocative artwork jumps off the cover and smacks innocent bystanders, courtesy of Steak Mtn (Chris / CWV)! They even cover a CRASS song! Insanity!!

Blistering hardcore in the vein of COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN, TRAGEDY, BORN AGAINST, and FROM ASHES RISE (with a tip of the hat to Eighties punk & Japanese thrash)!

THM is the new band founded by Dan (a.k.a. Ponch) from COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN & members of THE BLACKOUT TERROR!! Over the course of CWV, Dan shifted between bass and vocals- in THM, he fills both roles full time!! Recorded by Mark Nikolich at Atomic Audio (FLOOR, COMBATWOUNDEDVETERAN) you know it's brutalicious!!

Ponch - vocals, bass
Eric - drums
Tyler - guitar
Evan - guitar, vocals

1. Recession*
2. The Fury of Men
3. Florida
4. The Living Dead and the Rogue States
5. Gorilla Teeth
6. Penis Jihad
7. 1932
8. Big Hands
9. The Long Yellow Winter

*click to hear


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