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Gunmoll/Annalise split 7"
No Idea 128
Released: November 7, 2003
Available in our NEW STORE!

"Two of the better bands around right now: ANNALISE are the best thing to come out of England since THE 'TONE, writing songs that will raise the hairs on your arm and make you remember the good old days. Like THE JAM meets J CHURCH meets PEGBOY. GUNMOLL keep getting better: if JAWBREAKER were from Gainesville circa now, they might sound like this. The whole thing is beautifully packaged. If you have a record player, buy this."
(Andy Darling / MRR #246, Nov '03)

Four new songs, released simultaneously in the UK/Japan by Boss Tuneage, in Australia by Rabbit Records, and everywhere else by NO IDEA. Limited to 700 copies in the USA!

Mike Hale - vocals, guitar
Jon Marburger - drums
Derron Nuhfer - bass, vocals

Recorded December 2001
by Ronny Cates at Rec Room

1. Fantasy
2. In My Place


Ed - vocals
Martin - guitar
Dave - bass
Adrian - drums
Paul - guitar

Recorded January 2003
by Martin Nichols at Whitehouse

3. Look at You, Superhero
4. 16 Botttles Empty


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