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Grabass Charlestons - The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd
No Idea 143
Released: October 31, 2003
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"Sweat dripping, whiskey-drowned dirty Florida punk at its finest. Like Tiltwheel, the tones are bright and happy, but the sentiment is dark, ultra-articulate, and sad. Like Leatherface, the guitars weave in tight, then splay apart and shimmer. It's like you're immersed in their songs, filled with metaphoric life preservers and harpoons. Like Dillinger Four, no instrument takes the easy way out. Pure propulsion and fireworks. Like the Beltones, Will is drumming, but he's also singing, and it's catchy, hard-drinking, working class without-the-cliche punk rock. Ultimately -and the final testament- is that the Grabass Charlestons are a band that others will start being compared to. A top-of-2003 for me, no doubt."
(review of "The Greatest Story Ever Hula'd")

"Hell yeah. Some people just have music flying out of their fingertips. This proves that these guys could could beat rocks together and I'd still get excited."
(review of the GC song on the acoustic comp "Experiments in Audio Rocketry")
-- Todd Taylor/Razorcake

GRABASS CHARLESTONS are a touring machine, with complete dedication to the task at hand: be it crafting songs, fixing the van, or printing their own t-shirts! They will play anywhere at any time, go bananas, hang out with you until the wee hours afterwards, and somehow still be the first ones up in the morning with a mop in hand to clean up the mess!

Dave Drobach - bass
PJ Fancher - guitars
Will Thomas - drums, vocals

Recorded November, December 2002 & January 2003
by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios

1. Beer Exile*
2. Young
3. Squidily Diddilly
4. Human Resource Office
5. Jackass with Fruit
6. South
7. Sports
8. Dismember Me
9. Providence Sent
10. Suicide at $8 an hour
11. Going Away Party
12. Cold, Cold Ground
13. Ashes

*click to hear!


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