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Good Luck - Into Lake Griffy
No Idea 248
Released: March 8, 2009
Available in our NEW STORE!

CD is self-released by the band.

"Flat-out inspiring, wonderful people who immediately light up a room. Intricate and direct, raucous and thoughtful, noodley and restrained. This record puts me in a good mood. Some days it's all I need to get through. Do you like Paul Baribeau, The Weakerthans, and Bridge And Tunnel? I think that would be a great show. Let's set it up!" - Var. GOOD LUCK are friends who knew each other from playing in past musical projects like MATTY POP CHART, ONE REASON, ABE FROMAN, and MT. GIGANTIC. They used to live in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Michigan before something drew them all to Bloomington. On lovely (and strangely color-coordinated to the LP jacket) various colored vinyl! If you want more than one color, just let us know in your "comments" when you check out... we haven't even unpacked them all yet!

Ginger Alford - vocals and bass
Mike Harpring - drums
Matt Tobey - vocals, guitar, piano, clarinet, etc.

Recorded by Mike Bridavsky at Russian Recordering in February and April 2008.

1. How to Live Here
2. Pajammin
3. Stars Were Exploding
4. Man On Fire
5. Hey Matt
6. Come Home
7. Same Stories
8. Public Radio
9. West Wind Ride
10. Sleep with No Bad Dreams
11. Stone Cathedral Hill
12. Bringing Them Back to Life
13. 1001 Open Hands


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