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Deadsure - From Your Head to Your Sacrum
No Idea 145
Released: November 6, 2003
Available in our NEW STORE!

"...this Canadian 4 piece rock out 6 tracks over this EP of dark, grooving hardcore that bounces between bar stools inhabited by the likes of fellow countrymen Shotmaker, Hoover and Policy of 3. It's a riotous assault of blistering guitar, strong bass and urgent vocals that move from sung to bellowed without so much as the raising of an eyebrow... Apparently these folks do have a pedigree of being connected to Sparkmarker, which is not something I am qualified to comment on, so I will stick to making remarks about the excellence of the jagged emotive hardcore attack that they crank out to great effect. Deadsure prove adept at swaying into rhythmic grooves that are powered by abrasive guitar and booming bass, before exploding out into the pounding screamed sections. "Fortune" is a great track on here that has an under-stated twinky song with kind of sung/spoken vocals, totally reminiscent of Po3... you probably haven't heard many bands do this kind of style better since the "Dead Dog Summer" LP."
- Andy Malcolm,

DEADSURE's roots in the music of early `90's bands like QUICKSAND, JAWBOX,
JESUS LIZARD, HOOVER, and CIRCUS LUPUS are not surprising, given the
members ten+ year history playing in a plethora of bands! The music they
create is dense and intricate, unpretentious and direct. The vocals and guitars
surge and build along the framework of bass and drums the groove twisting
and locking solidly into place. Dynamically heavy with unconventional song
structures, far beyond cliche. (Possible contemporaries: THESE ARMS ARE

"A decade ago, one of the most-revered Vancouver hardcore bands graced the
stage. They were called Sparkmarker and were led by a furious frontman and
lyrical genius named Ryan Scott. Now 10 years later, comes Ryan and company's
new band, the formidable Deadsure! Seamless sonics, amazing lyrics, solid ethics
and a live show that is unmatched, all converge in a tightly-wound unit. This is a
band that will light the fuse!"
(Excerpt of web-review from

Greg: guitar
Leo: bass
Yancot (a/k/a Ryan): vocals
Emilio: drums

Recorded in December 2002
by Jesse Gander at Rec-Age Recorders

1. The Best Stomachs*
2. Oh 1/Oh 2
3. High Maintenance
4. Fortune
5. I am Southwest (the ground would bleed when the prospectors dug with their backhoes)
6) Never Chop Your Rope!

*click to hear!


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