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Crucible/Dragbody split
No Idea 098
Released: February 2002
Available in our NEW STORE!

Limited to 1100 copies! Three colors of vinyl: Brown, Blue, & Gold!
Seven unreleased songs! Metal! METAL! Get 'em before they're gone!

Nerd Alert: 1,100 made, total. Three Vinyl colors: we have 30 of each as of 3/10/03. If you want a SET OF ALL THREE, that will run you $15 and you can have a copy of the CRUCIBLE LP as a bonus. We'll call it the "DRAGIBLE-CRUCIBODY LEGION OF METAL fan club starter set"... or some such nonsense. Stay Metal!

Jason Dooley - drums
Stenvik Mostrom - vocals
Rob Proctor - guitar
Thomas Rankine - bass

1. The Man I Killed*
2. Smile You're On Fire
3. Behead The Romantic
4. My Hammer's Anthem

Dave Crisafi - bass
Tom Messbauer - guitar
Scott Poyer - drums
Mike Rosen - guitar
Scott White - vocals

1. And Then They Came For Me*
2. Unsuccessfully Catching Bullets With My Teeth
3. Wicker

*click to hear!


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