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Creepoid - Horse Heaven
No Idea 316
Released: March 20, 2012
Available in our NEW STORE!

1st pressing on white vinyl!!

**LP download code & CD include four bonus songs from their out-of-print first 7"

"The Philadelphia quartet’s impressive debut transcends typical motifs—drifting verses cutting to skyrocketing refrains—and discovers true interplay... Lyrics broadly address addiction, innocence lost, ennui, depression, hope and love. It’s aggressive, introspective and a strong opening statement from an exciting band." - Magnet Magazine

Philadelphia's CREEPOID mine the quiet side of breathy acoustic / slowcore, then erupt into heavy, hard hitting distortion, all within the course of their debut album "Horse Heaven," and sometimes within a single song. They are kindred spirits (and tour-mates) with bummercore champions Shores, with whom they'll also be releasing a split EP later next month.

Consisting of members Sean Miller (guitars / vocals), Anna Troxell (bass / vocals) and husband Pat Troxell (drums), and Pete Joe Urban (guitar), CREEPOID will be reissuing their debut full-length album "Horse Heaven" on March 20th courtesy of their new label home No Idea Records. Produced, engineered and mixed by Kyle "Slick" Johnson (Wavves, Modest Mouse, Love As Laughter, The Hives) at Fancy Time Studios in Philadelphia, "Horse Heaven" recalls the likes of Mazzy Star, Goodnight Loving, and the warmest blend of dark, lush, and eerie in an acoustic / electric hybrid.

In addition to being handpicked by R5’s Sean Agnew to be featured in their own episode of Weathervane Music & WXPN’s “Shaking Through” (Watch:, in the past year alone Creepoid have appeared on NPR’s “World Café: Next” and were named The Deli Magazine's "Best of Philly 2011" Poll for Emerging Artists.

We reckon that CREEPOID have an appreciation for Nick Cave, Red House Painters, and Spain, as well as a compulsion for old records, analog recording gear, and late night hours spent in dank basements. Recommended for fans of Sonic Youth, Nirvana, Yo La Tengo, and My Bloody Valentine.

1. Wishing Well
2. Dream Out
3. Staircase
4. Emily
5. Hollow Doubt
6. Grave Blanket
7. Spirit Birds
8. Stranger
9. Find You Out
10. Enabler
11. Horse Heaven


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