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Combat Wounded Veteran -
This is Not an Erect, All-Red Neon Body

No Idea 127
Released: March 2, 2005
Available in our NEW STORE!
Available in our NEW STORE!

Originally released as a 45 RPM 2xLP Box-set, this landmark (electrically) power(ed)violence document has been re-issued on the staggeringly convenient 33 RPM 1xLP format! Professionally "real" jackets with fascinating, large poster insert containing more art and lyrics than your face may desire! Ultra-limited, in a sense, to 200 copies on Gold Vinyl and 200 copies on White Vinyl!! Feel it... or be felt by it!!

Forty-two songs, ripped from their original host bodies and stapled back together for your listening enter-pain-ment! Includes songs from long out-of-
print 7” records, compilations, and splits with ORCHID and SCROTUM GRINDER, plus a few never- before released nodules.

Your ulcers will never be the same! Witness gigantic slabs of meat! Puke your guts out: miles of them! Explore the vast wilderness of sound and tempo:
fast, faster, unreasonably fast, and mid-tempo, oops, here we are fast again! Horrifying imagery: can you SAY these things? Are you going to hell for
even THINKING these things? The answers are veiled in superstition, fluorescent pink paint, and a bag of indeterminate fluid, dripping into a vast

Instantly recognizable artwork ( leaps off the pages and directly into your cerebral cortex! You can shut your eyes, but it’s too late!
The booklet folds out time and time again. Try to put it back the way you found it, I dare you!


Bill: guitar
Chris: vocals, guitar, microjammer
Davy: guitar, vocals
Gavin: guitar, vocals, microjammer
Mark: drums, vocals, latin percussion, tambourine, microjammer
Ponch: bass, vocals

1. Eat More Blood Money*
2. With Love, Your Mother
3. I Gotta Slingshot, Wanna Get Hurt?
4. Completed in Three Easy Steps
5. Six! Two! Two! Mayhem!
6. Put 'Em In a Bodybag, Johnny
7. The Brown Tie is a Clip-on
8. Dead Parents, Yeah!
9. Kill L.I.N.C.O.L.N.
10. Some People Ask Too Many Questions
11. The Tri Lamb Shadow Kick Meltdown
12. God, Guns, and Guts
13. Put Your Weight on It
14. Ted, Me, and Al Green
15. Dance, Asshole
16. Say Yes to Cathode Ray Rock
17. Cumbersome Ant People
18. We Sticks Butter
19. My Foot, the Catheter
20. ...And Other Sinister Motives
21. Economic Downturn with the Kung Fu Grip
22. Hank Cut Out His Bowels Again
23. I Talk, You Listen (Version Lo-Fi)
24. Rocks in a Blender
25. Kill the Translator
26. Shit x 1,000
27. I'm Sweet, I'm Sexy, and I'm Oh So Chocalate
28. Plastic Bullets are so '84
29. I Hope You Get Cancelled
30. I've Got a Slingshot, Want to Get Hurt? (again, faster)
31. The Rise of a Thousand Prosthetic Limbs
32. What the Hell?
33. Shit 3:16
34. Also comes in Red, Orange, and Fuck You
35. Disembowelment at Room Temperature
36. Black Hair Dye, Aisle Six
37. "Jane, You Ignorant Slut" / Power Failure in the Suburbs
38. Operation: Superimposed Head (Prelude)
39. And When I Swing Around, I Will Destroy You
40. Q: What Kind of a Band Name is Scrotum Grinder? A: A Terrible One.
41. We are Geniuses
42. Asshole Means I am Better that You

*click to hear!

1-11: 11-song 7"
12: unreleased
13: v/a: 403 Chaos -CD
14-18: unreleased
19: v/a: Accidental Double Homicide -2x7"
20: v/a: Better Luck Next Time -7"
21-25: split 6" with ORCHID.
26: v/a: Kill Frank Lentini -CD
27: v/a: Blllleeeaaauuuurrrggh!: A Music War -7"
28-37: What Flavor is Your Death Squad Leader -7"
38-42: split 7" with SCROTUM GRINDER.


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