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Chuck Ragan - It's What You Will / Symmetry
No Idea 202
Released: October 6, 2006
Available in our NEW STORE!

The Blueprint Sessions

Recorded by Mitchell Townsend.

A monthly series of 7" records brought to you by Chuck and No Idea:

September 2006 ("The Boat" / "For Broken Ears")
October 2006 ("It's What You Will" / "Symmetry")
January 2007 ("Valentine" / "Do What You Do")
April 2007 ("Do You Pray?" / "Congratulations Joe")
May 2007 ("The Grove" / "Above The Flames")
June 2007

-- Colored vinyl for all Subscribers.
-- Strictly limited to 1100, no matter what.

-- All subscribers will get a special SEVENTH record. We will ONLY press enough of the bonus 7" to cover subscriptions. If we get 50 subscribers that's still all we will press!

-- All subscribers will get a "Blueprint Sessions" collection CD at the end of the series with all 14 songs, possibly with bonus songs. We will have to wait and see.

-- Subscribers will also get special bonus things here and there. Some bonus things will be randomly inserted, some bonus things will go to all subscribers. This will be fun and creative... please join us!
(If you join the old fashioned mail-order way be sure to include your email address to be included in all the fun stuff!)

-- FLAT RATE SUBSCRIPTIONS, including First Class / Airmail postage:
-- USA and CANADA = $40.00
-- UK / EUROPE / JAPAN / and the rest of the world = $60.00


1. It's What You Will
2. Symmetry


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