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Bridge and Tunnel
No Idea 268
Released: June 18, 2010
Available in our NEW STORE!
Available in our NEW STORE!

**On assorted colored vinyl! (see discography... or order X-# and we will send as many colors as we can) A chronicle of the last five songs Bridge And Tunnel wrote with their original line-up, prior to the departure of bassist Tia. Fusing their vigorously intertwining guitar work with jazzier rhythms harkens back to the early Polyvinyl days of American Football and Braid, while frantic changes anchored by sweeping vocal melodies invoke a strong nod to At the Drive-In. Lyrically, they continue to bare a strong DC influence, expounding a critical and politicized world view while frequently turning the crosshairs on themselves for an introspective self-analysis. Put plainly, these five songs are Bridge And Tunnel at the top of their game.

Jeff - guitar, vocals
Tia - bass, vocals
Pat - drums
Rachel - guitar, vocals

Recorded by Ian Bryn at “Bliss Is It” studios in Long Island, NY. Mixed by Phil Douglas at the Hobo House. Mastered by Derron Nuhfer at Sarlacc.

1. Predecessors
2. Targeting Practices
3. The Staples
4. New Dialogue
5. Room to Let


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