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The Blacktop Cadence -
Chemistry for Changing Times

No Idea 105
Released: May 27, 2003
Available in our NEW STORE!

We are happy to announce the unveiling of the new and improved, much-sought-after and long out-of-print album by veterans of the Gainesville music wars!

"Chemistry for Changing Times" Trivia:
• Out of print for nearly five years! That's one more year than four!
• All new, elegant artwork and design! Beautiful OPAQUE GREEN vinyl!
• First time on LP! No, it's not a calendar; its a phonograph record!
• Re-mastered in 2003! That's 19 years since 1984! Big Brother, my ass!

Jack Bailey - guitar, vocals
Heather Parker - bass
George Rebelo - drums
Chris Wollard - guitar, vocals

Recorded at Medicine Man Studio
August 14-16, 1997...or was it '96?

1. Last Night... After I Bought the Wine*
2. Slowstep
3. Off-Track
4. Are You My Angel?
5. Forty Two
6. Sinker
7. I Don't Do Well in Social Situations
8. Sad Passing Shame
9. Station Me Wherever
10. Unlucky

*click to hear!


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