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Bitchin' - The Night Life the Tight Style
No Idea 130
Released: July 2002

Available in our NEW STORE!

Old school? New school? Fuck it. School's out, kids. Bitchin' hit like every volume of Skate Rock rolled into one. Two girls and a guy playing music tuneful enough to remember and raw enough to piss off your parents. Scarred and tattooed veterans of the War Against Adult-Contemporary Hardcore. What else do you want from a punk rock record? A scratch-and-sniff cover?

Samantha Jones- guitar, vocals
Caroline Paquita - bass, vocals
Todd Weissfeld - drums

Recorded December 2001, January 2002
by Rob McGregor at Goldentone Studios

1. Bargained*
2. Instro
3. I'd Rather Jump
4. Give and Take
5. Some of My Favorite Badasses
6. The Jungle
7. Puppets and Politicians
8. So Much Water So Close To Home
9. Manual Resistance
10. Note To Self
11. I Don't Wanna
12. Smokestacks

*click to hear!


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