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Astrid Oto - Discography
No Idea 110-CD
Released: October 2002
Available in our NEW STORE!

Astrid Oto have been busy over the last few years, brewing up a large batch of snotty, fun, stinky punk rock tunes, generously spreading them over five vinyl singles released on No Idea, Broken, Meconium, and even one they put out themselves! Contained herein for your listening pleasure are 18 songs featuring Cindy of Doris zine and the illustrious Aaron Cometbus on drums, lyrics, art, and smelly feet!

Mike - bass
Ed - guitar, vocals
Aaron - drums
Cindy - vocals

1. D.I.Y.
2. Goodbye Elston Avenue
3. Canary in a Coal Mine
4. Miami
5. Torch Song
6. Welcome Home
7. Daniella
8. Can't Farm in the Rain
9. Nasser Pt.2
10. Slumlord Speedball
11. Gold Coast
12. Poor, Poor Ho's
13. El Sob
14. Oh My
15. Apology*
16. Search & Destroy
17. Sirens
18. Bitterness

*click to hear!


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